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October 23, 2008


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Sally W

I think they are great fashion accessories. Very pretty!

Mothers Birthstone Necklace

Beads are really beautiful. Necklaces are lovely.

silver bracelet

Nice Idea.
great & nice jewelery . what a fantastic products.

kitschen pink

Lovely lovely jewels! I'm off to BHF! t.xx


Great disappointment in the VH household, no gorgeous necklaces in our BHF shop, only old biddy ones!
Have a lovely weekend
Julia xx


Those are the hands of a hard-working Mum........... and anyway, don't worry, everyone will be looking at your lovely ring, not your hands, which really aren't horrible at all ............it is a close-up photograph after all............. and they'll be admiring your treasured knecklace.......... which is a great find.............


Gorgeous Beads, so bright and cheerful, and the ring, my my.. delic..
Your hands aren't that bad, I am starting to get age spots on mine, but its only the right hand which is the drivers side window of my car. Love your blog check everyday
With Smiles
Kathryn in the Loft


I'm a huge fan of cheap'n'cheerful. Love the neclace, it's so pretty.


I have also just commented on the state of my hands in a blog pic! I love your necklace and ring though, very beautiful and juicy looking. Plus, content yourself with your neck, that is NOT the neck of a 40 year old! :-)

Rachael Rabbit

I wish I could make such pretty things - my only attempts at bead work have been rather disastrous!


Who's gonna be looking at your hands when you have that gorgeous necklace round your neck. I'm beetling off to our BHF charity shop tomorrow, I have to grab those gorgeous goodies!
What is it about hands once you hit 35, I'd never used hand cream in my life until I reached that little milestone, has anyone worked out how to do a cosmetic "handlift" yet??
Julia xx


Ha Ha, my hands are the same, they seem to look far worse when the weather gets bad too!! LOVE the Jewellery! x


Lucy you really make me laugh about the macro close up of your hand! I caught sight of my hands the other day and under my kitchen light I could see age spots beginning to form, so my hands are dry, wrinkly and spotty too!!! Thanks for coming to my blog to check on me. I am fine but still dealing with upredictable computers!


great ring, you've never catch me showing my hands in a photo, wrinkles and terrible fingernails......


oh, my hands are as bad - best get my own winter magic cream out again!

Love the beady necklace - it does look edible too!

Alice C

Yew fule..
you should have asked your daughter to model it and then told us it was your baby soft skin (due to eating carrot cake regularly).

We would all have believed you.

Mrs Be

I've tried twice to comment and will look very stupid when they all appear!

Can't remember what I wanted to say but love the ring! Your blog is bad for my bank balance!


They look lovely. Gald the tooth fairy arrived at your house. She was 2 days late at ours!

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