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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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October 27, 2008


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The one picture with all the circles pre-hexagon all lined up in rainbow order in a big ring is just SO BEAUTIFUL! I love amazing photography *and* gorgeous crafts and this is one of those rare times that both are fully expressed in one photo! I've been meaning to learn how to make hexagons because I love how they look in a blanket and I think your blog is going to be the final push for me to jump in and do it. Thanks (:
p.s. - awesome tissues


I love tissues boxes,when I find nice one (sometimes only kleenex)I don't resist I buy about 5 or more and people look at me ,they think I'm mad. The reason is that in Italy , you can find only ordinary boxes and never colored ones!!! Love your blog. it reminds me when i was little girl and live in UK.
Marigio from florence.it.


Hi Lucy!

Thanks so much for the mention, I am honored. :~)
Your blog is so cheerful and bright, and such a joy to read. I covet your dishes and linens. Can you tell me a little about those darling fabric balls in the striking pink glass bowl? What a wonderful combination of colors there!
I can't wait until I finish my own ripple blanket so that I can curl up under it.
Thanks again, you totally made my week, possibly even my month. :~)


I just love your blog and your baked goods and your noteboards, and your projects. I have been trying unsuccessfully to find the pattern for your lovely crocheted hexagons. Got as far as the Japanese source for the blanket itself. Surely it is possible for someone to print the crochet instructions for a hexagon. The hexagon itself is not copyrighted, is it? I've been trying to reproduce from the pictures of how to crochet them together but it's tough going since I'm from the granny square school of crocheting. And that was twenty years ago.


Hi Lucy

Thanks for the lovely comment today. I have a whole little bag of snippets of yarn. I love the mix of colours. I think you might be my long lost twin sister that my parents didnt tell me about!

Love Emma

PS We would be non identical I am blonde and fat!


I just found your lovely blog over at henhousehomemade - I love all your crochet works!


what lovely yarn.The blanket is growing well. It will be stunning when finished.


Hi Lucy
Just wanted to let you know that I have tagged you over on my blog :o)




Your posts are always so lovely - I enjoy your blog so much. It looks like a truly wonderful weekend.


I love your domesticated Sunday! Your crochet is gorgeous;-)


Dear Lucy,
I love reading about your day to day life, makes me feel normal. Bread looks great, wool delish and even your basket of clean washing to be folded.
With Smiles

Frugal Trenches

What a wonderful post. There is something so wonderful about realizing a house is actually a home and a home is somwhere we should take comfort in just being!

Alice C

Happy Monday to you, Lucy!

In fact may the whole of your week be blessed with good things because I am thrilled to be described with such an adjective. I may have to rush off and show the Much More Wonderful MrM.


Lovely post Lucy I loved your homely photographs. Naturally your blog is going to repeat it makes it real and true your blog is always a pleasure to follow repeats and all!
Happy half term!


How lovely and peaceful to see life thru your eyes, dear Lucy. I feel warm and cozy and wrapped up in delicious domesticity right now...and, I, all of a sudden, feel the urge for a delicious cup of hot sweet tea.


what a lovely post Lucy :-) those type of pictures are the best kind I have a folder full of them now after doing just a couple of days! think i will do another day next week :-) I spent nearly 10 mins trying to decide on a box of tissues yesterday as they have such lovely designs on them :-D we have made cookies today as same as your banana bread they were eaten whilst still warm from the oven - lovely! enjoy half term :-)
Lesley x

Daisy Steiner

A lovely heartwarming post. That bread is mouthwatering.


I never tire of your 'repeat pattern' posts Lucy. I love it when you talk of the 'locust children' and of what you have baked and of your wool purchases. I enjoy reading about your hexagons, granny squares and ripple blankets. In fact reading your blog is like a big comfort blanket to me!


What a lovely Sunday you enjoyed and a day still full of so much colour.
I love sneeking off to bed with a good book to browse through.
Isn't it great now the clocks have gone back AND it's half term? that means we can get into our P.J's even earlier!!
Have a lovely day with your children.
Jane. x


Such a lovely post. You've inspired me so much this morning. Today is the start of a new chaptor for me as it is the first day without full time employment and all the possibilies that brings stretching ahead of me. But I do need some motivation not to be thinking 'I'm unemployed' and more 'I'm freelance'! Your domesticated post has made me feel very positive this morning. Enjoy the week with the little people. I'm off to meet my Mum for a coffee now. Long time since I've been able to do that on a Monday morning!

Mrs Be

Ah thanks for the link. Your photos are lovely, I love looking at "domestic details" as it were. My fave homely pics that I pore over in mags and books are well ordered utility romms (so unlike my own) and kitchens.

That book looks interesting, perhaps one for the Christmas list.

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