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October 24, 2008


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Joyce Turner

Nice to see Midwinter's red domino loved by so many. Has anyone got six tea SAUCERS they would like to sell. I have rest of tea set but no saucers!

Zelly May

I have half a set of these plates saucers cups sugar basin milk jug for coffee and tes lots of different bits!! from my great great auntie May. I love them. I used to look at them in my mums cabinet when I was a little girl and now I've been married my mum has given them to me I have them on show. Today i bought 2 Mugs just the same from Marks and Spencer and put them next to the rest of them. Looks great! xx


so gorgeous!! thanks for sharing the walk-it was invigorating and wonderful. i'm glad you are feeling better! jkj


Great find! For some reason, my eye quickly read the tag to say, M. de Winter plates. I may just have to think of them as such from now on. :~)

do you mind if i knit

Luuuverlyyyy! Yummy! And every time you use them................. the joy!


I love these's plates, I've been looking for some for years, at a good price! I'm so jealous :(


They are lovely!! You lucky girl you!! x


They are lovely!! You lucky girl you!! x


They are lovely!! You lucky girl you!! x


They are lovely!! You lucky girl you!! x


Love it! And them.


Being greeted by those plates this morning made me think happy thoughts....same thing with those coloful beads the other day. Lucy, you are a such a colorful lady.


oh they are lovely plates to say the least - i love red polka dot things - have a growing collection and these would add to it nicely!! lucky you :-)
Lesley x


Lucy, just spent a lovely few minutes catching up on your blog. I always seem to gasp with delight as soon as the post appears on my screen and today it was such a treat. How lucky to have found such beautiful plates. There will be many a blogger dreaming of them now I'm sure.
Love the post on your little man losing his first tooth. I was wondering how old my daughter would be when she lost her first milk tooth, now I know, thank you.
Jane. xx


hi. i just found you via amongst the oaks and had a wonderful visit on your blog! i love your textile art and photographs. i used to live in essex a lifetime ago. your posts took me back to my own travels and fun times. i will revisit you! jkj


I love your new plates. You are so lucky to have such great places to treasure hunt in!

kitschen pink

Oh you lucky thing! We love red domino but it is usually far too expensive! Getting them that cheap just about makes up for having to put up with abuse to spend your hard-earned pennies! Norfolk can be very similar! I once bought some Pyrex from a woman who said "Would you believe that some people actually like this stuff?" - I kid you not.. how's that for sales patter?! t.xx


oooh, where in Yorkshire would this place be then? Our local-ish antiques place closed down (as I found out when I went to buy a new old desk)


Lucky you, even the Oxfam shop down here knows to hoick up the price of 1950s Midwinter!


Very nice plates. Red and white is always a classic combo!


You did indeed do very well as I have been mooching eBay for these in recent weeks but they've all been too expensive. I remember an old "aunt" of mine, back in the '80s when I was little, still had a completely authentic '50's kitchen, pained red, the drop-front dresser, the lot, and loads of this Red Domino. I absolutely loved it back then, shows how your tastes stay with you. She's sadly died since and the house changed hands. I can't imagine it looks the same..
Have a great weekend.
Hen x

Daisy Steiner

I love those dishes! Very beautiful and very stylish.


Great plates and dishes Lucy! I love the shape of them. The sellers didn't try too hard to sell them did they! Funny old grumps!


Delightful plates, and a delightful account of the crusty vendors who sell them! And I love the fanciful name of the pattern...


In case you don't know - probably better not to put them into the dishwasher, if you have one, as sometimes old plates get the pattern "sandblasted" off in dishwashers!
Lovely plates, though!

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