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October 28, 2008


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Bonnie Slager

Lucy, I love this board! Awesome idea!


I am also one of your silent readers. I stumbled across your blog accidentialy last week, and have been spending all my free time reading your blog from the very beginning (and noting down your mouth-watering recipes) :) When I saw this post I just had to stop and say hi and also to say how gorgeous your little magnets and noticeboard are. If only I could be as creative as you! Where did you get these gorgeous magnets from?
Estelle x


Hello. I have been lurking here a while but today, I saw this tutorial and thought of you. http://allthingslovely.typepad.com/all_things_lovely/2008/11/cute-covered-magnets.html


Gorgeous! The colors just make me so happy. I love how you created something that goes so perfectly with the magnets that you found. Quite ingenious!

kitschen pink

Oh far too pretty for party invites and school reminders! Put those on the floor! I made one similar with a drab cork board but, much as I love bondaweb, it didn't occur to me to iron a pin board! I just used fabric spray glue (it did mean a bit of boring masking off around the painted frame). I keep mine in the workroom and have yet to fill it with anything as I enjoy looking at it too much. Not very useful methinks!! HA! t.xx


I love visiting you Lucy even though I don't always comment....and I should,I know, but I'm more of a listener than a talker so I guess if we met in real life you'd be chatting away and I'd be enjoying your company :)
Love the noticeboard, funnily enough I picked one up at a boot sale back in the summer and it's one of my projects to do this week while on half-term. I planned to give it a similar treatment with fabric and paint, hadn't thought of pretty magnets but you've given me an idea.......have a good week and a a huge THANK YOU for writing such a gorgeous blog.
Gill x


Dear Lucy,
Your notice board looks lovely. The magnets are stunning.
Kathryn in the Loft


Great Job Lucy - the noticeboard looks great, I may have to copy that one! - Natalie x


Lovely magnets....what a great notice board :)


I am one of the silent readers, too! I came across your lovely blog a few months ago and enjoy catching up with your news. Your photos are always a delight to see and your new noticeboard is lovely. I promise not to be quite as silent in future...


Hi, I LOVE that memo board! What a great job you have done! They would make perfect Christmas Pressies....if only the magnets were not quite so expensive!! x


bee-yootiful Luce, clever girl x

do you mind if i knit

Those magnets are like sweeties...................... delicious looking.................. But what you've done with that notice board is superb! I'm afraid my radar started to buzz, and I started to think............... now Lucy should be selling these on etsy! Just a suggestion................... What do you think?!!!!!

Daisy Steiner

They are some pretty magnets!


perfect :)


Hi Lucy,
Love your magnets and particularly your pinboard, you clever thing! I know well the "I went into the shop for X and I came out with Y which is three times as expensive and not something I actually needed at all" scenario!
Hen x


The magnets are really unusual. They remind me of glass paperweights. Great job on the noticeboard. You have a really well organised corner of the hall!


Love the magnets!
I have an old notice board out in the garage ..you've just given me an idea!! ;-)


Lucy what an amazing make over, love the fabrics and the magnets are beautiful even if you do have to starve for the rest of the week.

Mrs Be

Hi Lucy, lovely noticeboard and gorgeous magnets.
Deb x


oo lovely makeover well done :-) half term here and I now have a pile of things I suddenly NEED to do and no time to do them! oh well roll on next week!
have a lovely wee if its half term for you too :-)
Lesley x


Great magnets and the notice board looks brilliant, love the fabrics you've used.
Yvonne x


Hi Lucy,
I have to admit I am one of your silent readers although I have commented a few times! The noticeboard looks absolutely gorgeous and the magnets are fab! Hopefully I will be commenting more often, I don't know why I don't as your posts are always great.
Gemma x


Hi Lucy, what lovely magnets and you have done a fantastic job on the noticeboard, really gorgeous. I love the fabric. I too hang up the boys' artwork which is in my kitchen covering a rather nasty RSJ. Really looking forward to meeting you at Country Living. Kathy PS I "called by" to your blog earlier but you werent in so to speak, and I love reading your daily blog - for me working from home I get rather lonely and believe me, your blog cheers me up; like a virtual friend! so ThaNkS

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