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October 14, 2008


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Just have to say that I think you are very good at this blogging business. I am referring to in particular the way you always provide links to the places and things you talk about. This habit of yours just makes spending time at your blog so enjoyable! Your blog is like a very good book and I so look forward to visiting you and your charming family every few days!!!! xoxoxox

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So fun to spent some time In your Blog.Good to see There are cards to open, and delightfully wrapped presents too.Paper and string and pretty things.
Then there's a delicious breakfast to enjoy, and preparations to be made for the day ahead.


I'm sorry that I missed your birthday! Happy Birthday!!! What a wonderful way to spend such a special day. I dream of being able to go overseas again one day and visit places like your RHB, a very dream-like place it seems. Glad you had such a lovely day. :~) Isn't it funny how we miss the little ones just when we are getting some valuable adult time?


Wow, I love Robin Hood´s Bay. Been there twice with my ex-husband. I don´t think I told you before but he is from Yorkshire like you. Except that he is from a very ugly town!!! So ugly be came to Amsterdam and never went back, he´s been living here for 20 yrs. now. Guess the town.


Lovely post and what a fab way to celebrate your birthday. I live not so far away from RHB but it's years since I was last there. I may just have to make a visit.

Sew Recycled!

What a lovely way to spend your Birthday, happy belated from a fellow Libra!


Ahh 40, the hair thing is to do with age not beer, yes bad hair days will follow more often than not. As for being tired, yes that too is to do with age as is the feeling of being a little under fit, no amount of gym workouts will help.

On the bright side, wisdom comes with 40. The realisation that bad hair days come and, thankfully, they go! Being unfit just means you sit a little longer to notice the view.

Happy 40th Birthday.

Thanks for taking us with you to Robin Hoods Bay. What a beautiful place and I didn't get our of breath once, I didn't get to taste the cake either, but I did enjoy the view.


Oh happy, happy birthday! What a treat. Beautiful scenry, presents, treats and weather. You lucky spud!
Many happy returns.


It looks like the perfect place to celebrate your birthday. I'd really like to go there one day. Glad you had a great time!



I really dont know. I just feel like something is going to happen and I am determined it is going to be good not bad! I feel like I might be taking charge of my life again - you know rather than it being totally kid orientated!

Love Emma xxxxx

PS sorry it isnt more exciting.

Even the news wasnt so gloomy today!


I enjoyed your decription of your unruly hair, it made me laugh. Oh my Lucy, what beautiful photos...and what a lovely place for you to visit on such a memorable birthday. I am so happy you so graciously share your cozy home life with us. In fact, I love it!


Thanks for inviting us to tag along on your birthday weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed it, all that sea air and exercise has tired me out though. Glad you had a memorable birthday. Fi x


I'm turning 40 next November, so I think I'm gonna make a birthday celebration like yours. Do you mind it?


Sounds like the perfect birthday to me, sticky up hair or not. You must be pretty fit to walk 10 miles!!
Lisa x


sounds like a really fantastic day, and I'm very impressed by the long walk.

do you mind if i knit

That's a lovely Birthday story Lucy........................ what a wonderful time you had.....................


Sounds like you had a Wonderful Birthday! And the pictures are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


Anne Bebbington

Lovely post Lucy - RHB was often a holiday destination as a child and my parents stayed there for a week earlier this year - you've brought back some lovely memories with your photos - will have to consider returning if only for that walk. Did you pack a hat? It could have been a real hair saver :o)


I love this post Lucy. I think it is one of your best so far.... Did you manage to walk off your hangover?! I love the bit about the ducks. Do you think they lay in wait and then jump out in front of passers by?!!! Houses on hill tops please me, as do cobbled streets and autumn sunshine. I am glad you enjoyed your birthday. I have enjoyed re-living it with you.


So glad you had a fabulous birthday weekend - sounds like the perfect way to start a new decade! RHB looks like a 'must visit' to me. Photos gorgeous as always.
Sal xx


Thanks for sharing your weekend with us. Sounds absolutely fab! Love the sticky up hair story! Love all the RHB pics as well. I'm feeling all Yorkshire nostalgic now. Very impressed with the 10 mile walk too!


Ten miles AFTER THAT SORT of exercise which causes hair stickey upey!! Go girl!! I did laugh about the comment of being unfit and so ate more chocolate!! It sounds a perfect weekend. Thank you for sharing it. Kathy


lovely pictures almost felt like we were there with you :-) although maybe not on the ten mile walk! major respect as the young ones say nowadays..........
glad you had a lovely time with lots of nice memories !
Lesley x


mmmmmmmmm - you naughty girl. That sort of hair is caused by friction!! You know four poster bed, birthday, beer, and s e x!!!

Ha ha made me laugh!!!


all i can say is TEN MILES??????????????????????

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