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October 06, 2008


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Hi! Thank you so much for inspiring us to make beautiful things!!!
I have a question, probably a bit silly, I am trying a hexagon pattern out and after round 2 my circle curls slightly upwards. What could I be doing wrong? Could you please help with this?

Jerri Bagley

I live in a climate quite similar to yours. Pacific Northwest, so Love, love, seeing your bright, cheery projects. Let me tell you, they have given me the gumption to crawl out from under the blankets, and do some cheery of my own.:) Thank you so much for sharing! Pacific Northwest, being in Washington state.


I love this blanket! The colors just pop out and look like they want to dance! I'm just reading back trying to catch up. :)

Cecília Gabrile

Hello Lucy! Where can I take the recipe of this flower so colorfull!! I loved them. I´m writting to you from Brazil.
Thankyou. Cecilia

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Impressive blog! -Arron


hi..I'm newbie at using crochet,,ur blog really really interesting n inspiring..I want to make a hexagonal blanket too..after my square project first
thanx a lot :)


I have just discovered your fantastic website whilst I was searching a crochet pattern for hexigon'African Flower' for my blanket project. I am wondering if you can help with this particular pattern.


Hello Lucy! I recently stumbled upon your site and fell in love with your work. I became obsessed with making colorful little circles and beautiful hexagons and my blanket went together easily. One question for you, does this blanket have an edging? My outer hexagons tend to curl and I was thinking a border would help. Any suggestions? Thanks for all your instructions and inspiration!


how many hexagons make a queen size blanket?? If I did the math right its like about 800!! I was never that good at math... so If you would kindly let me know it you know!??


I love your hexagon blanket ! Thank you for sharing - You say you used 16 different colors- how many balls of each yarn did you need? And how much for the finished edge? I am going to start my own blanket- I am soooo inspired by yours!


I am just so in love with your hexagons. I know I've said it before, but every time I see pictures of your growing blanket, I am just filled with the excitement that all of those beautiful cheerful colors give me. Wonderful!
I for one would be very happy to have a tutorial from you if you decide to give one. I just like your pattern so much better than the other ones that I have seen out there. Happy hexagon-ing!


So I guess it's a hexagon blanket next for me! I've made a granny and a ripple too. I've been so busy lately that I haven't been blogging or crafting much. :( But you continue to inspire me so much!


You make me want to drop everything and start a hexagon blanket right now!

do you mind if i knit

I remember you were wearing that gorgeous jumper when you came to visit................ and I remember thinking how beautiful it was............... and how expensive it looked!
The blanket is going to be fantastic................ it already looks lovely..............


I'm in love with all those colours, beautiful beautiful hexagons, I can see why you're addicted!


love love love your crocheted afghans puts me to shame I shoud be making my own too.

Barbara Webb

Hello again,
I truly love you use of color. It really brings light into ones spirit. When I finish with my afghan, I want to try and use the colors you use. Mine are so plain and bland. Could you, as someone earlier suggested if you could mention the yarns and colors for your projects?


What Fantastic blankets you make. I love your jumper too. I love reading your posts, your sound like my cup of tea.
With Smiles


As always, I love your colours. I was so happy when I noticed you used the word 'jumper'. In Australia we say 'jumper' as well.
Yours is the only blog that I have seen that word used. Most say 'sweater'
an American term. So anyway yaaaaay for 'jumper'. I love it.

kitschen pink

Oh those colours! 4 pictures up would make the most wonderful screen saver! it would make me smile every time I peeked it! Oh the lure of a new project! So tempting! t.xx


What a happy post, so full of color! The blanket is AMAZING.


Love those beautiful and cozy looking works of art.

Daisy Steiner

Gorgeous. I wish I had talent like that.


great photos! in cafe tomorrow if you get chance to pop in for a capo!
c x


Love your hexagons! There's nothing like a colourful blanket... I'm quite a fan of hexagons myself. Found a pattern for them here once: http://sunshinescreations.vintagethreads.com/2007/08/j-is-for.html

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