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October 29, 2008


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Alice C

When you set up Bloggers Anon I think that you had better include me in the first cohort. I know exactly what you mean about the 'brushing your teeth' thing.

On the other hand ...it is not such a very terrible vice to have - the compulsive recording of a happy family life.


I wish I had your problem. I can't seem to get a regular rhythm going on my blog. Anyways, I'm sure glad that you have the problem that you have. :~)


Lucy........... you're suffering............. what about all your readers who absolutely depend on your dollop of cheerfulness each day............. Try explaining that to your Hubby........... our happiness is in his hands!!!!!!!!!!


Poor you. I would be feeling very edgy and grumpy. My answer would be...to go out!! and find something fun to do instead. Beck

kitschen pink

Oh no no! I barely manage to tolerate beautiful boy when he gets felt pen over my work table which then wipes off onto my fabrics! Husband's not allowed at all! He has the effect of hitting a room like a hurricane and what is it about men and sewing scissors! WHY oh WHY do they have to use them for DIY?! t.x


How funny, I can imagine just how you feel, he's invading your space here! Blogging is addictive, mind you I fall into the lazyitus camp at the moment, just can't get motivated to write about anything. Hope you get back into your attic very soon.


tee hee, my hubby is working at home today too, and I've just thrown him off the computer for half an hour because "I just HAVE to check my emails, and see if everyone is ok", no chance of staying on long enough for a post though, and the little ones are nagging me to take them out.....

Daisy Steiner

Bloggers anon really needs to be set up me thinks.

Jeanine Reese

I am so glad that you post every day, I look forward to "visiting" with you every day!
(never left a comment anywhere before but just wanted to cheer you on!)

Jeanine Reese

I am so glad that you post every day, I look forward to "visiting" with you every day!
(never left a comment anywhere before but just wanted to cheer you on!)


tut tut mr attic husband - do you not know what Lucy's daily posts mean to us? :-D at least you were able to throw us a lifeline Lucy - can you imagine the stir of unrest around blogland if you hadnt posted AT ALL.... it doesnt bear thinking about
;-) I am in awe of your blog stamina anyway :-)
Lesley x


My husband's the same. He calls me Dr Blog. The fool.


This has made me 'unlurk', Lucy! How about those of us who figure out the time difference between where we live - Australia - and you 'over there' - and heave a sigh of relief because we know that your blog will likely be welcoming us with a shiny, colourful new post first thing in the morning? Puts a little sweetness into the start of a fluro lit work day, it does! Attic24 Addicts unite...LOVE the little mouse, by the way....Lynda :)


Men...I don't know!!! I think I have Kathy's lazyitus too, love reading everyones blog but hate doing my own! I'll look out for the recipe tomorrow - I'm liking all the cooking ideas on here x


Look forward to more recipes from you when you are allowed back on 'your' computer, upstairs in 'your' attic! Just to let you know, Lucy, I am making your fishcakes this evening, and the risotto at the weekend. I wish I had known last week that you had a banana bread recipe because I was looking for exactly that recipe somewhere, anywhere, last week, and failed.


Hi Lucy, Perhaps there is a group for those who like reading blogs but cannot keep uptodate with their own blog, lazyitus perhaps? Look forward to the recipe tomorrow. Kathy


You have got it bad Lucy. I get jittery if I cannot read blogs let alone blog myself! I hope the muddle sorts itself out soon! x

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