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October 08, 2008


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Don't want to put you off, but survey in Saga magazine (August) warned that wicker trolleys ladder your tights (Another thing to worry about in old age!)
But it was written by the rather glam Emma Soames ... so if she's seen out with a trolley, I reckon it must be OK! Personally, have always looked forward to trad-style trolley accessorised by a fat, grumpy Pekinese on a cushion on top. And a blue rinse. And Dame Edna specs.


I say yes to the shopping trolley. All of these are so cool and not at all like the granny ones of old. It's funny that I have the oppersite thing with my other half. I have to stop him from buying all our fruit and veg in tesco when we go there because I have a lovely veg stall in the village where I work and have started shopping from there as it is mostly local produce.
By the way, made your banana loaf recipe the other night and it's delicious. Am taking a good chunk of it over to my Sisters tonight as she had a baby this morning. Don't worry, this is not the only gift the new Mum and babe are getting! Just an extra!


oh i did a post about trying to buy more local produce etc a while back but then ended up back at Tesco/Sainsburys etc purely for convenience so thank you (and J!) for pricking my conscience!! i love the paris blue one and living near a market town I could get away with it so i would go for it !!! Lesley x


A big YES from me.
I have been using one since my dad bought me one for Christmas, at my request, nearly 2 years go which means I was 38 when I started to use one.
The children also love to help pulling it along which can be helpful, at times!
Anything to stay away from that dreaded Tesco is a very good thing in my book.
Let us know what decision you come to.


I am currently on the look out for a lovely trolley. The other thing about the market it is - I buy six large bags of produce from the veg/fruit stall. Then I collect by car later. They just hold it all for me - they are glad of a big order. It adds up size wise because of all the cabbage, root veg etc. By the way point out to J - do you think the oranges were grown in sunny england - no! They flew in like a tourist from Espanola!!! Love Emma x


I think it is great that young people are finally accepting the logic of the older generation. Actually the grannies who now use these trollies were young when they first started with them.You have the environmental debate on your side as well as your hubby so I say go for it. People will know you are not a granny by the way you live the rest of your life. Instead of being a follower be a leader in fashion - others will be game enough to follow you if you are brave enough to carry it off. All the best. Cherrie

Mrs Be

Hi, new to your blog + enjoying it. I say yes but then I have a shopping trolley like the one you favour (I would've gone for the cheaper habitat one but there's not one close enough round here).

I haven't used it yet round town because I keep forgetting. My only worry is that it'll enable me to buy *more* stuff!

The main reason I got it was for family outings (five children=lots of food/stuff). Course, it's me that pulls it (too flowery for Hubby)!

As long as you go for a funky one I think you'll be fine.


It's easy for me to say as I'm not the one who will be using it but I say yes. A shopping trolley is the best solution. I like the one you picked out or the same design in pink. Maybe you will set a trend in your area and rather than be seen as an old lady you will be seen as a trend setter!


Hi Lucy, Go to Englishwillowbaskets.co.uk because they have just that, willow baskets on wheels. I personally think these to be lovely!! And so useful.


I vote YES, as long as it's a funky style (what else would you get!!!). The way I see it it's good for the environment, local economy and your back. Someone's got to be a pioneer and maybe you are the Funky Shopping Trolley Pioneer for Yorkshire!


I have to admit I did a mental cringe when you said "shopping trolley" because I remembered a friend of mine who lived in Philadelphia and had no car and used one of those metal ones WHEN SHE WAS 19. THAT took guts.

That being said, I looked at the ones you suggested and picked the Paris Blue one even before reading you liked it too (feel like I know you! Weird.). I think you should go for it. I know Kathy up there says No, but I disagree. Those points by J are real and so are the horrible creases in your hand that come from carrying all those virtuous shopping bags!

All THAT being said, I have just announced to my husband that I am going to start riding my bike to pick up small things and therefore I want a basket for the front of it.

So maybe I'm just a big dork.


I think the CK ones look gorgeous! I have one from habitat but I'm not happy with it. Yes, it folds into a little bag but it has a soft back and when you load it with stuff it bulges downwards, making it really hard to drug. So I would look for one with the metallic support mechanism at the back.
Hope this helps!


i love those bag especially the ladybird one...i never seen one like these in america..it looks cool..i vote YES..


Hi Lucy, A friend of mine has a shopping trolley and I died laughing when she used it - it looks like a suitcase on wheels. However, the CK ones are very nice but... sorry but I say no. Hope you don't mind. Kathy PS. V. jealous of your CK Tesco (aah I said that word) bag the green and rose one - haven't been able to grab one so far. PPS. Having a go at the sweet and sour sausage recipe tonight.



The bags are gorgeous!

I would use one if it meant NOT using the car. Luckily I still have a child in a pushchair to pack my shopping in but I can see me having one in the future!

I think Habitat do / did do them.

A big YES from me!

Andi xxx

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