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October 08, 2008


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María Xi

Those are chilean oranges.
Your blog is beautiful.
Greetings from Santiago de Chile


This is such fun!
We could all start a new trend here.
I am definitely in the Yes Trolley. What you save on fruit and veg will help cover the cost of a colourful one. :)

We didn't have a car when I was little and Mum had one of those tartan jobs, not pretty but we all wanted to pull it and climb in it!

I guess you have to plan your shopping route well and not buy your eggs before your veg!

I really wish I could have one now (a pricey one ;) but I don't have any shops in walking distance.


I am a thirty something and had a trolley when I was a twenty something. I bought mine from Habitat years ago when I didn't have a washing machine and used to go to the launderette with it. I used to get scowled at by old ladies. I think they were jealous of my funky thing. I think they're great!!! Though, go for something with a really sturdy bottom as a lot of weight and the wheels can collapse.


oh my goodness! you HAVE to have that shopping trolley! I adore it! The others are a bit pricey, but precious indeed. I, too, always feel sooooo guilty at the supermarket instead of going to the fresh, open-air market and just making a day of it! However, here in the states Whole Foods is a supermarket that sells local stuff, so it slightly dimenishes my guilt, only slightly though because its just not quite as pretty as the farmer's tables, etc. I'm proud of you for making the extra effort!


Oooh, I wonder what you will do. I have been toying with a trolley for a while, I know that they are becoming more popular in New York and feel certain I would be at the very forefront of a trend... but living in North Wales, it could be a very long time before the trend hits us here (indeed, if ever) and I have been assured by all local friends and family that I will look ridiculous. Is it not ridiculous to ruin my back by carrying bags?

I hope you do get one and please report on the subsequent reactions, that way I can live vicariously through you.


ooo, Lucy, I can SO see you on a bike with a willow basket in the front! good idea Alice!


I have a bad back so a trolley is essential for me, I'm 34 by the way. My family come from Venice and everyone has a trolley there because of all the steps everywhere and getting on and off waterbuses is much speedier with a trolley rather than loads of bags. I think they are rather cool! Why not make from some hemp or wool or a patchwork of old upholstery fabric you own funky trolley cover! x

Alice C

a bike!
with a willow basket!


I think you are crazy if you dont have a trolley, I have a blue cage see,through one. After pulling my neck out some years ago from carrying too much, I dont care what others think. Don't be caught up in the Paris blue scam, anything with the name Paris in front of it seems to go up in price from the norm immediately..
With Smiles


How could you NOT get one???? Us creative individuals ae the trend-setters of the future, so GO FOR IT GIRL! If I lived back in the UK where everything is "local" then I would not hesitate - but now being here in Australia, with everything SO far apart, I couldn't consider walking to the shops which are miles away...and I'm insanely jealous of not having a reason to purchase one!


yes from me - alot more stylish than they used to be!!...ive got a buggy for my shopping now..lol..but i might think about getting one in a couple of years!


Good evening Luce.

I must admit I did "choke" on my cuppa (accompanied by a slice of your delicious & fast disappearing carrot cake) when I read the word "shopping trolley" - I have vivid memories (that led to nightmares) as a 14 year old "forced" by my mother to pull ours when doing our shopping & hiding behind aisles when I spotted anyone I knew. Oh the shame I used to feel! And the arguments it used to cause between us sisters as to whose turn it was!! Back then ours was of the tartan variety though & I was only 14 so I am sure you can sympathise!

But on saying that, WOW, I love the ones you have found, how cool are they. So cool in fact that I WANT ONE.

p.s. Don't tell my mum I just said that xxx


I love the funky shopping trolleys. There is a long thread on the forum at www.moneysavingexpert.com about them. I was without a car for a month recently and would have loved a trolley then. I still might get one in an effort to save on petrol costs, but sadly I would only be able to walk to Tesco in one direction and Sainsburys in the other!


mmm - tricky one - love the trolleys but would I use one myself - not so sure - yet!! we do a compromise ie drop by the smaller local shops by car but on way home from work so yes using petrol - but would be making the journey anyway but still using the local shops. If I wasn't using the car would definately be buying a trolley though as it's a really pain dragging bags of heavy shopping home. Oh how I miss the days of having a baby in a pram - solved all sorts of shopping issues.

Pink feather paradise

Definitely yes, go for it! do men feel like Wally's when they drag their golf clubs around a well groomed field? No...! so why should we feel embarrassed while saving money, supporting local small retailers and screwing up the MD's new company car....Be a fashion leader not a sheep...Do something different and be proud!
I am now stepping down from the soap box...He he!
and I am going to make a date with our local market too!
Cheers Alex

Anne Bebbington

This is the dilemma that hits you once your children are inconsiderate enough to outgrow that wonderful useful pushchair with the basket underneath - as a long term sufferer of back problems - I'd say go with the trolley especially as they come in such trendy versions


Oooh, I LOVE the expensive ones in particular, very funky! and you could get away with a more pricey one because it will, ahem! last longer. Honest!
I must admit I don't know if I would be brave enough to pull one along personally,( I worry far too much what other people will think, a trait that I hate in myself) but loads of my customers use them and I think they're great! very practical, and you can even sling your handbag in them as well.
Br brave, dear girl, the markets need people like you to keep them going!xxx


yep - get a funky one and you will be the envy of many a young and older lady.
If I didn't drive to work past the supermarket, then I would buy one. The more expensive ones might be better in terms of being a bit more sturdy - you need to try one out really.
I think (don't quote me on this) that Ikea also sell them - Swedish design and funky!



Hi. New reader to you but I've been snooping around for a while but not commenting.

I am 29 and my husband is 26 and we have a shopping trolley and we love it! We have a big, practical pink one from IKEA (I tried to find a pic for you but I had no luck). We don't have a car and we set quite an amount of pride in us being able to manage without driving all over and the trolley helps us do big grocery shopping walks without having to carry it all.

Of course it happens that people stare a bit when my husband walks alone with a big, pink, flowery trolley but as we figure it it's their problem. I'm actually very jealous at your possibilities to shop food in such a lovely way and if I were you I'd get a trolley and use it with pride!

Good luck with your decission and thank you for giving me nice things to read about.


I am in the no camp. Shopping trolleys are for old ladies!


Yes, go for it. Looks great. does the handle adjust heightwise by the way/


I would be sorely tempted to get the Ruby one even though it is probably one of the most expensive. Doesn't matter what age you are - go on and start a trend and smile to yourself when others follow your lead!!!


I vote yes..... Well I have to, I'm 32 and am the very proud owner of a very groovy trolley!!!
PS It comes in handy for when my 3 year old has "broken feet" .... I just drag him (literally) to the shops


I share your predicament as I don't drive and find it difficult trudging home with heavy bags of shopping. I say get a trolley and take an old person with you. You can then make out that the trolley belongs to the old person and they get to have a nice accompanied walk out in the fresh air too!


Don't want to put you off, but survey in Saga magazine (August) warned that wicker trolleys ladder your tights (Another thing to worry about in old age!)
But it was written by the rather glam Emma Soames ... so if she's seen out with a trolley, I reckon it must be OK! Personally, have always looked forward to trad-style trolley accessorised by a fat, grumpy Pekinese on a cushion on top. And a blue rinse. And Dame Edna specs.

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