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October 21, 2008


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Love the flowers but also the cushion in the background! First spotted it in your previous post and wondered whether it was OK to ask about it. It has reappeared and reminds me a bit of the paper weaving we did as children, so I am going to ask is it fabric or tapestry?
Your postings are a favourite stop for me before doing any computer related work! Please don't stop.


Fantastic colours for this time of year, I am very jealous...glad you survived the fall! x

kitschen pink

Amazingly beautiful photoes as ever!! How very clever of you not to use the camera as a landing pad - a finely honed natural instinct to keep it high and safe - you could be a danger-sport photographer with instincts like that! t.xx


Ah the joys of PMT..... My wee man made me a bookmark this morning after he woke up at 6am! I thought he was quiet and was expecting beheaded action men or room devestation, but no I got presented with a lovley bookmark he made from paper!! Ahhhhh. Long may it last though I'm sure the days are numbered how quick do they grow???


I love your bracelet, what a sweet Little Man to have made that for you.
Pleased to hear you are still in one piece after your slip up.


Coming here first thing in the morning is always a way to brighten my day. You are such a wonder, Lucy, because you manage to take little windows of your life and to capture the beauty of every small little detail and make it a treat to peek in from the other side. The flowers, your little slip on the flagstones, your living room photos from yesterday....all of it beautifully ordinary, and so beautifully you. You are such a charming and delightful personality....I wish you lived next door!

Pink feather paradise

I think I am embarking on a PMT week of snapping at the smallest things, mind you if they just left me alone to crochet and draw I would be more than happy!

What lovely flowers and a young jeweller in the making... I am still not a true blogger as I went out with Danny man to feed the ducks and go to the market and forgot my camera completely! doh!
Alex x

Mrs Be

Beautiful flowers (and bracelet!). Glad to hear you didn't hurt yourself but did chuckle that you managed to capture it1


only a true blogger would manage to take a picture of an almost accident i think:-D lovely colours how nice to see such vibrancy at this time of the year - the bracelet was very impressive !
Lesley x


Gorgeous flowers! Our garden has just about had it as far as flowers go but I did manage to find a few roses and lots of rose hips to pick on sunday to add to some crysanthamums I salvaged from a previous jug of flowers. They're not quite as bright and cheerful as your lovely posy. Thinking of tripping, I managed to trip up the stairs on Friday night in front of my future in-laws and the really bad thing is the trip was alcohol induced! I had just lost my job though so I think it was a valid reason to have a few too many glasses of wine. And the in-laws thought it was very funny luckily!

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