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October 03, 2008


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You are a star, I used to make this regularly with my Mum and wanted to make it for my family. However, checking my be-ro book it's not in the latest addition but now I can make it.


Still loving this recipie after all these years! Hubby's birthday cake tomorrow, thanks for sharing.


Hi this is years ago but I've just found it !! Can I use melted butter instead of oil? I can't digest oil and never use it


Self-rising flour가 없다면, 중력분 1컵(120g), 베이킹 파우더 1 tsp(4g), 소금 1/4 tsp(1g)
[출처] 셀프라이징 밀가루?|작성자 다홍


Hi, how much of FLOUR ???
A french admirer of your blog....... somewhere close to Versailles.

Claire Hayden

Hi Lucy, Yesterday I made the carrot cake with orange frosting recipe you have on your blog and it is SUPER DE-LI-CIOUS!!!! Thank you for sharing it. Amazingly a few pieces left but by the end of today it will be all gone - yummmmmmy! Good Luck in all your new adventures. Claire from Reading :-)

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I thought this carrot cake was okay, nothing spectacular though. I made it for my husband for his birthday, he LOVES carrot cake, and he thought it was just ok too.


IVe made this cake today and it's really yummy!!! Thank you very much for the recipe! :o)


I'm a bit late to the party, but have just made this cake and it's really delicious, and so easy. The frosting, which I much prefer to the cream cheese version, could have been a bit more orangey for me, but to be fair, the orange I used was rather ancient! Thank you for the recipe.


Although I'm not into carrot cake lover but looks yummy. Thanks for posting, I'll try this soon.


Hi Lucy.
I just found your blog a few weeks ago and have yet to find another blog that is such a nice combination of colour, home life and crafty goodness!
I'm writing here because this post really made me laugh. :-) out comes the bero book then. Thanks.
Leanne in Scotland. x

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MMMMMMMM!! Yum! Love your blog. Keep the great tips comming, please....!!

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The inner core of the cake looks so fine and high of quality. I love it!

- Tera


Sounds Delicious. This is one of the best carrot Cake. I think you define very well in the above pictures. I will tried it. Thanks for sharing.


Dear, Lucy

yet another lovely recipe on your blog! i tried it yesterday and i can't tell you how happy i and all my family were! this is the best cake i have ever made and we all enjoyed it very very much! since we don't have oranges in this time of year here i used lemon instead(: the sour icing worked brilliantly, my mother said it makes the cake quite spicy(: thank you again for sharing such easy and dalicious recipes with us!

P.S. My photo of the cake isn't nearly as beautiful as yours but there it is:
(I used ordinary white sugar)


My,my I just discovered your link and am having so much fun. The wonders of modern technology and YOU!!!! Thanks.
Do visit my flickr page


just baked the carrot cake and it is delicious!! thank you for posting. i re-read your post again and realise that it's a be-ro recipe. My mother in law bought me a wee booklet in 97 and i use it a lot... this recipe is not in it though but the moist orange cake is.. may give that one a whirl.... just made a crumble too... me and baking.. just like buses... none for a while and then two or three come along at the same time.


This is uncanny. DH and I were just saying at the weekend that it was annoying that despite carrot cake being one of our favourite cakes I had never made it. And the whole reason was I didn't have a decent recipe. So thank you so much for this, I'll definitely be trying it.


Now there is a recipe fit for a steaming cuppa. If the kids weren't in bed I would dash to the shops RIGHT NOW. Have set my alarm for the morning.

You are naughtly Lucy, very clever, but naughty, love a salivating Maizie xxx


This cake is a must try. I like the look of the frosting. I have never made frosting this way before and it looks so much nicer than cream cheese!


This looks so delicious.


oh, my mum has a bero cook book, it is the oldest tattiest thing, but everything she makes is heavenly......... your carrot cake looks divine!


It looks scrumptious...and would be a wonderful birthday cake for my mother ~ who loves carrot cake and who's very nostalgic about Bero cookery books (she was born in Scotland and used to bake from them as a girl.)

By the way, you sent me a lovely email, an embarrassingly long time, ago about my crochet daisy blanket and I wanted to say thank you. I've been looking through your blog too ~ it's a delight!

Happy weekend!


Now that really does look tasty.

kitschen pink

Isn't it bliss when you find a recipe that works without any tweaks! I use my Bero book all the time - they'll send you one for less than £2.00! I also have the one's that belonged to my mum and my gran! I'm trying to ignore the recipes for cake at the mo but now I'll have to bake something or I'm going to be craving for weeks!! t.x

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