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October 02, 2008


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Ah yes, if I had just read on a bit further, I would have discovered this lovely post describing the rag balls (I've made a few myself for the kids to play with) and the charming pink cake stand (not a bowl). How lovely!

july lloyd

hi your blogs are fantastic have you ever thought of writing a book your colourful life as inspired me thankyou so much for such a wonderful insite into your life. July x

kitschen pink

OH you lucky girl! Love that flower coursage! Oh and Lavender in white ric rac! how lovely.
The high-street would be a duller place without the bargain joys of Woolworths


Heartskipping moment... it will have to wait, I'm straight off to Woolworths for some bowls!


Hi Lucy

In the past I've found a few surprising things in Woolworths, and their spindly plants in plastic bags grow into the most amazing shrubs.

Talking of plants, roses should really live outside, so don't be alarmed if it makes out it doesn't like you. Plant it in the ground - you'll probably find there are actually 4 or 5 separate plants in the pot - and you'll be rewarded for years. Both my Mum and I have one from the same pot which I split and planted 15 years ago. It keeled over in the house within days of a friend giving it to me so outside it went. Split, planted, put back in a pot to move house 3 times and still they survive.

I think yours will surprise you!

Good luck!



Love that mouse. Those crocheted flowers look great.


Hello again! I recieved a lovely thank you letter yesterday from a friend and i was so excited opening it and taking in all the words which were written down! I spend a big part of my day on a pc, most of which is work related so to receive an actual hand written letter was wonderful so I can only imagine how nice it would have been for you to receive a package. Lavendar is such a lovely peaceful fragrance.

Nicola xx


What lovely things to receive in the post and such cheery bowls too! - I would love to send you a birthday card Lucy, as I know your B.D is coming up! - please could you e mail me your address? - My e mail is [email protected] - Natalie x (P.S - its a new e mail)


what a lovely parcel to receive :-) i cant think of many things I prefer than a parcel arriving for me :-) lovely lovely bowls I shall have to pay Woolworths a visit i think.....
Lesley x


Hi Lucy, I am so glad you liked your parcel!!! Next time I'm going to see if I can get away with the crumpled up newspaper!! Seriously though, it was great fun putting the stuff together, only wish I'd been a bit more organised about sending it out earlier!
Take care,


Oh, Lucy, I had to laugh when you said you'd even get excited to receive a wadded-up newspaper, just because getting parcels -- any parcel -- is such fun. I agree completely! (And hey, I could send you a crumple of small-town American newspaper if that'd float your boat...) But yes, getting something lovely is the BEST! In fact, I just blogged about such a thing myself (Hi, Lisa, if you're over here!).

Tara Thayer

Hello from New York...I just wanted to say that my three year old Anna has that exact same mouse in the flowery corduroy dress. We bought it in Nantucket in a bookstore and named her Theo. I think I love it more than Anna, actually.
And, I love your blog; I check it every morning! Thanks for the inspiration.

Mary Poppins

What a lucky girl, Kims delights are beautiful I too love my lavender and have some on my bed, it is so calming I love the bowls and well done on the crochet X

Pink feather paradise

I love gifts in the post too... I can't remember the last time I received a hand written letter in the post either.
Woolworths can definitely spring a few surprises every now and again, and those crochet flowers are beautiful, you are sooo clever I can't follow a pattern when I crochet I get all muddled!

Cheers Alex


What a lovely gift to receive made out of beautiful fabric too. I buy miniature rose plants and when they finish flowering I put them in pots outside and they continue flowering every year.


Oh gosh, you are a girl after my own heart! That surprise package sounds just lovely!


Hi Lovely lady! I just stumbled upon your site via Lavenderhouse and have started to make the double crotchet jar cover! Today I spent a delicous morning at a friend's house for our sewing session and on her floor was a rainbow too! Happy days ! love Sal x

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