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October 20, 2008


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Rosa (larosanga)

I really love your world!! Plein of colors and beauty.

Frugal Trenches

Oh I can so related, I like nothing more than an at home weekend with a good magazine (Country File or Coast) and a long walk!
Your blog is lovely!


Lovely weekend indeed! I am also getting better at it myself. My 8yr. old son is every other weekend with me so we always have a major mess in the living room when he is here! Lots of pens, pencils and paper (he loves to draw and is very good at it too). Playmobil, wild animals and dinos all over the floor. In the evening it´s time to watch our favorite DVDs in my bed. And now and again I even bake some muffins :-)

kitschen pink

I have very mixed feelings after reading this post!! We very rarely go anywhere at the weekend. Shopping is strictly field sales or auctions, out of the house, usually means in the garden. "Untidy" means you cannot walk from one side of the room to the other without performing acrobatics and generally both the lighting of the fire and the opening of the wine would happen a lot lot earlier in the day! So I'm thinking this is all good? Also if we were to stay in our pyjamas we'd have to keep locking the door to the garden as neighbours are in the house before we hear them - most children know to ring the 'Fawlty Towers' bell on the hall cupboard, most adults know to make a beeline for the kettle! So we are 'At home', but sometimes it feels like the world tends to want to join us here! Lovely post. Thank-you for pointing out how important it is to think of the day to day things! t.xxxxx (LOVE your mantely piece bits and bobs!)x

Sylvia C.

Great post. Makes me feel all tingly inside.

Sylvia C.


Oh Lucy, I can't believe it.
Where did you find "Chorizo de Pamplona"?
It's so weird to see it in your blog!


You wont take your family life for granted because you are the one who works hard to make it work.


Looks like my kind of tea, he can do my shopping anytime :-)
Lisa x


Dear Lucy,
Looks so cosy your lounge room. Your fire & picnic look so inviting, bet you felt rested on the Monday.
Kathryn in the Loft


Have to say I haven't popped by for a while........

I think there is nothing better than having a weekend in the house. I love it, just chilling out all weekend, that is a perfect weekend for me.

Gill in Canada


"...homely, relaxed, bright, and warm..." Yes it is. May I come over for some tea? I feel much the same way about our living room. We are in desperate need of new furniture, but we will wait until the youngest is in the double digits at least.

I think this is such a wonderful post about the simple pleasures of home and family. These are the things that matter most in life, and the things that wrap us up in happiness. Thank you for sharing. :~) Oh, and we spent the whole day in our pj's yesterday. It was wonderful.


Do you think you would notice if I borrowed your two adorable children for a weekend. Our house seemed very quiet, tidy and dull this weekend.

Daisy Steiner

Sounds like a lovely weekend to me.


we never really do this i always seem to be running around like a headless chicken cramming stuff into the weekends so thanks for the idea to take time to do this once in a while!! i love those tins but they never have them in our local tesco :-(
Lesley x


I want to come and live at your house it looks so cosy and warm with the lovely fire burning. FAB x


We don't have children yet but we still love stay at home weekends. Especially in the winter it's lovely to be cosy at home. I very much appreciate our lovely home life too.

Mrs Be

Hello, sounds like a lovely ordinary weekend. Does make me wonder what your friend does at weekends, I'm not sure I'd have the energy!


Hi Lucy,

Just thought I'd let you know that despite the poop that's going on in my life right now your ramblings from the attic are still my daily treat and I love escaping into Lucy's world each day.




After your post about the market and the evils of Tesco I was relieved to find two references to the supermarket in this post! Thank God I am not the only weak one.


Apart from one mad children's party we did the same, mixed in with a dad and son trip down to Owxich beach armed with a bucket to collect Mussels! We had them for tea and yes we lived to tell the tale! I think quite a few locals foray there for moules, very sweet and tasty. I made felt jewellery whilst the kids mad glitter soup( don't ask) and hubby tied flies for fishing. yay for log burners, homemade cake, crayons and toy cars


I was thinking as I read that you sound like you try not take it for granted. Because, really, it goes by so fast and suddenly your almost 13-year-old is more interesed in Rock Band, YouTube, and girls. My 9 year old daughter still LOVES these kinds of weekends. She craves them and I think, after reading, that I should institute them at least once a month. The week is spent running running running and everyone, I think, would benefit so much from comfy pj's, warm blankies, and a snugglefest.


Hi Lucy, We love to have at home weekends too. This weekend we had a friend come up from Hampshire so even my oldest son (14) stayed in to see her. We did have a very blowy walk on the beach in the afternoon and tea in the beach cafe at the De La Warr Pavilion. Then home to more tea and cakes made by oldest son, chocolate sponge and your lemon cake. He had printed off the recipe himself! It was delicious.

Pink feather paradise

I love stay in weekends, I also have a red coffee pot exactly like yours and a smaller orange one, ideal for one cup of tea.... and what a lovely picnic... yummy chorizo and french bread......mmmmmmmmm

just how a family weekend should be



Hi Lucy, what a lovely weekend, I think staying in is the new going out. I HATE going out on a Saturday evening - this is the night my hubbie always cooks and we watch Merlin/X factor and read the papers. Oh and eat chocolate and drink wine too! Love it. Love the picnic - looks lovely but; did J go to the supermarket and not the market?!!! Lovely post, again. Really looking forward to meeting you at CL Kathyx


Sounds like a great weekend to me. My son is now old enough to make his own plans at the weekend (to an extent) and you do have to make the most of having the little ones around when they are young.I love it when we are all doing something together. I've also got the Tesco cake tins....very similar to EB, cheaper and just as cheerful.

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