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September 24, 2008


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I just found your blog and loved it, specially the photos (I love photography and interior decoration). You seem to really enjoy your life as a stay-at-home mom and that´s wonderful!

I just wanted to say I stole your picture with the book Eat, Pray, Love (which I also read and loved) for my blog...I hope you don´t mind! You can visit my blog but unfortunately it is in Portuguese :-0


kali @ poppy lane

hey lucy hon.
you know i'm currently grappling with my last year of my 30th decade...it's the first time in my life that i've actually worried about my age!
still, we're all in the same boat and i've decided that i'm not going to let it worry me anymore!
you are such a beautiful creative soul ~
those flowers and tray are stunning, thank you for brightening up my computer screen with such delight :)
xox, k.


The flowers are beautiful and I love that tray as well. I've just one hotspot and thats my house. I'm constantly in a state of trying to tidy and reorganise. I;m off tosy so think I'll take some inspiration from you and perhaps tackle the piles of ironed launry that collect in my bedroom and actually show them the inside if a wardrobe.


I'm feeling a little bit of the same about the age thing. This coming year is my last year of being 30-something and I'm wondering if I'm doing what I ought to be. My kids (almost 10 and almost 13) are needing me less and I'm thinking I'd like to "contribute" more $$-wise to the family but don't know how to do that.

Oy. Cleaning up my MENTAL clutter is HARD. Good luck with yours!

kitschen pink

breathtaking flower pics. just beautiful! more of that and less housework I say! t.xx


Lucy I am the clutter Queen and know that I would feel so much better if I could be rid of it! It has been my mission this week to start to remove it and so far I have emptied out a bag of old clothes/ironing and dealt with it. One job down, One thousand more to go. Pretty flowers. My Mum used to have that tray and matching coasters!


I can honestly say that my mind feels less cluttered when the house is less cluttered. It just makes me feel calmer.
As to 40, yep it is a bit daunting. I was 40 in July. Life has been a bit upside down for other reasons, but I don't feel any different...... yet!
Lisa x

Alice C

Well, I hope that your sink is SHINY and you are dressed to your SHOES. And no slouching with slip-ons either, Ms. Lucy. Now that you are nearly (cough, cough) yrs old it is about time that you learned how to do up your laces.

What does the future hold for you? If you are not sure check out the picture of flylady on the front page of her website and be afraid! Do not allow her to take over your life.


I know all about what time the sun rises these days!!! With a little monkey that likes to begin her day and mine at 5am I have no choice in the matter! I hate it now I have to spent almost 2 hours in the dark with her before it's a 'reasonable' time to start everyones day.
If my mind is feeling a little 'jumbled' I always have to de-clutter and have a sort out before I can think straight again!
Looking like you do, you have absolutely NO WORRIES about approaching 40! You still look 10 years younger than you are anyway.
Jane. x


I had the best time having my 40th and 1 mth in i love being 40 i feel grown up (strange i know) I feel settled, happy,and loved something i wasent at 30! There is a reason your fab at 40 you know ;-)


ah, that flylady sure knows how to get you going, once you've waded through the ten billion emails she sends you each day....

love the flowers, a real shower of brightness!

hope the planning for being 40 also includes fun stuff like cake, as well as a tidy house!


I can only really clean my house when I have a deadline to work towards - this week it's the Macmillan coffee morning here on Friday, at all other times we appear to be sinking amongst all the crap we (well actually I) accumulate. I know life feels easier when the house is tidier and I always tell myself it'll stay that way, but it never happens. But listen, you're happy, your children are happy, what else matters?
As for being 40, jump in with both feet and enjoy. I've got 2 years to go and already my friends are totally fed up with hearing about the big bash I want!
I hear you're interested in the course Kathy mentioned - me too, wouldn't it be fab to have a bloggers get together!
Julia xx

Daisy Steiner

Good luck with FlyLady it really does work to follow her thinking. I hope it works for you, but as others have said don't let running your house take over.

French Knots

I was 40 a few weeks ago and it's no different to being 39! I think 40 has a air of being 'grown up' about it - whatever that is.
I wouldn't like to count how many hotspots I have in my house, I can cope with llow level clutter but once it gets past a certain point I have to have a blitz.But don't let the Flylady interfere with your creative time!
Lovely photos as always.


Hey don't worry about the housework Lucy, you know what they say,'dull women have immaculate houses!' That means I must be ultra exciting and artistic!!!
My mum always worries about getting her housework done instead of sitting and sewing. I alway tell her that when she pops her clogs, no-one will remember her for always having her ironing done by Tuesday. Wouldn't it be better for people to remember her for her beautiful embroideries!

As for being 40, ask yourself, am I happy at this moment in my life?... There you go then! Being 40 means you stop taking as much crap off everyone. You know whats really important in your life, so embrace it girl.


Hi Lucy

Dont feel too bad about the housework. I know a blogger who is extremely prolific in her arty farty stuff. Before I knew her personally I asked her how do you keep your house going and do everything else. She answered by saying do you ever see a long/wide shot of one of my rooms? She only shot tiny parts of her life that were so inspiring but left out a whole load of secrets! Another blogger I know when I asked her about her perfect lifestyle answered she would like to have cleaner skirting boards! Show off!!!! There must be a balance - something I hope people like you and me are trying to achieve.

Love Emma xxxx

PS Dont fear 40 - you wont feel any different! Well, may be hung over the next day and that is about it!

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