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September 19, 2008


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swing machine

that is so funny and butifull


Hi Lucy, I love reading your blog. The colors you put together really enlightened me. I look forward to reading your blog. Question: Where did you get your twig trees that you have on your mantel? I love the way you decorated it mini hearts. It's so lovely.

Thank you.

Susanne Ferreira

Hello lucy, Just found your BLOG in the 2012 New Year!! I can relate to your photos as I too see the world that way, colours, textures, groupings etc. As I happen to read some of your older posts I found we had something else in common; the love and frustration of trying to male the Spool Bird
mobile. LOL, most of my birds are sitting in a basket waiting until their day to be added /attached/glued or sewn to a branch. This year I will try again.


I hot glued mini clothespins to the bottom of the birds to look like feet, making adjusting on the twigs/brances oh so much easier. Balancing the twigs is a nightmare I'm still working on.

Lace hearts

You see, these are addictive, you norty person. You shouldn't have posted. But I put two and two together when stopping by LavenderHouse's blog this morning, that it's your fault my house is such a mess this week! lol! Thanks for such a lovely blog - you're great fun to read. Caroline x

do you mind if i knit

That's very entertaining Lucy! It looked fabulous as a mobile................ must have been great to wake up to those birdies every morning while it lasted! Could you do a sculpture piece instead............ I mean have them all sitting on the twig, which is propped up by a stick, with a driftwood base, and then this sits on a window sill?
Or maybe you're well and trully fed up with them by now!!!!! XX


I think your birdies are sweet little twitties, but what I would really like to do is jump into that cute little box of buttons and play.


I think the birdies look great perched among the foliage!


Thanks to share this idea! I agree with you about the
Chain-Of-Influence, it¡s amazing! I think I will try this project too, it seems so nice.


Hi Lucy, me again. I was just wondering if you ever got my email with my address on for your giveaway? My email plays up constantly and I suddenly remembered that I won your giveaway and then went into panic mode about whether you'd sent it and it hadn't arrived, or you thought I hadn't bothered sending my address, or that I was just plain rude and never replied. Let me know.
Julia xx

Rosie Graham

Great post, had me laughing as usual, try 3 twigs, give it a bit of balance. I like to embroider those birds and stuff em with lavender. It's a great pattern.

Kali @ Poppy Lane

haha...loved this post, and the birdies..they're quirky and tweet!
xo, kali


Mmmmm those things always look Oh So Easy. Personally I think they used a lot of smoke and mirrors. It does LOOK like the birds are just randomly placed here and there but I think it was really a very carefully measured, gram for gram, feet of absolute precision placement.

You did a trerrific job and I love them all over the house ... very tweet!! (sorry :D)


Burn the twigs on the fire and perch the birds around the house! Great post Lucy, had me giggling as usual!
Julia xx


I think that they are fab, and as already said I think that they would be a great Christmas idea! Def keep going with trying new ways to do it! Have a good week-end! Andrea x


As lovely as these birds are maybe you should get some christmassy ones ready to be perched in the christmas tree or to peep out of the mistletoe or even a bird wreath -- ok I'll shut up now :-)
lisa x


Oh you do make me laugh! They are fabulous, really good fun. You have the patience of a saint!! I love the box of buttons as well..xx

Kitschen Pink

Twigs are tricksy things. I recommend you go into the woods with digital scales, a tape measure and an axe and do a proper job next time! t.xx


how cute are they!!!...even w/o the perch, they are really nice just sat around the house!...well done!


I really should do this project considering Jasper's addiction to twigs and sticks (well branches that we drag home from the woods!)We once did quite a good project involving paper parrots that we put in our lounge window. That was lots of fun. I love birds and butterflies. Sad muppet that I am.

Love Emma x

Alice C

The little blue bird looks so sad and abandoned as if it knows that it got the poor deal in life and all its friends are having twiggy fun. How could you be so crewel?


Oh no after all that work (I was waiting for you to say that the cat got them, that's what would have happened in this house!). I love them, glad you've kept them and you can just keep moving them around, shame about the twigs, are you going to try again I wonder?


Well, I just love the birds on their own so wouldnt worry too much at least you tried! I am just impressed you could make the birds - I cannot even sew a button on :-D
Lesley x


oooh! I saw this project and fancied having a go myself, however I think your version of events made it much funnier. and your birds do look very sweet, where ever they perch.
love your button tin , they look like thoose little sweets, the sherbert ones in the twist clear packets, buggar, what are they called?!!!! oh well , friday brain meltdown has struck!!


So cute it's a shame about the twigs but they still look lovely just perched around the house. I might try the pattern, I'm always looking for new things to sew!

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