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September 12, 2008


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I love the way you & J create so many Happy Childhood Memories for your Little People. That is no small thing. X


Hi! I just found this blog when I was searching like crazy for limpet shells with holes in them. Do you have a lot of these around you? I found some similar when I was in Spain and they work really well for a macrame jewelry craft that I do. Would you ever consider selling these sort of things? I know this blog is 2 years old as well so maybe you are not in the same place. Thank you!


Love these pictures of the shore...and all the treasures you found...I too am a collector of Sea Shells since I was about 3....Still have all of them..from Hollywood Beach,Florida


And Chin Chin to you both, I am writing from downunder, I have come across your blog, I was looking for periwinkles for my book for my family, we have them here as well, and here we are, great blog, I also love the beach, I swim everyday in our local rockpool smack bang on the beach, you are very creative just like my neices. Some of my ancestory comes from Northumberland, good to see the otherside of the world having something in common. Cheers


Beautiful images and lovely tales!! I wouldnt mind spending a few days there myself.

kitschen pink

HOw is it that the seaside treasures are so valuable - we have them in treasure dishes all over the house and not a one cost a penny! Beautiful post. Beautiful pictures! t.x

Alice C

Sometimes a blogger writes a post that encapsulates everything about themselves and their blog. I feel that this is what this post is.

I really love this post.

Thank you.


Lucy that is just the most lovely holiday post, thank you.


What a wonderful summer holiday you have had. I just love the beach pictures and the treasure that you found. thank you for sharing your lovely family time with us!


Lovely, lovely photos, Lucy. You all had quite a memorable time. I, too, have lots and lots of seashells collected from my trips to the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, as well as the Gulf of Mexico. Also, bought a book about shells and sealife along the Atlantic. Someday I will have to take a few photos to post on my blog of my bathroom I decorated with a seaside theme. Anyway, your holiday pictures are a sweet escape for me this year because I will not be able to make it to the sea for quite some time. So, thank you so much for sharing your relaxing sea holiday.


You found such wonderful treasure. I have never found sea glass on a beach and would love to do so one day. The limpet shells will make a great mobile or even a bracelet come to that!


Chin Chin....
Ahh rockpools..shells...seaglass..makes me want to pack up the car and head for the beach in the morning! I love huge deserted beaches and I love them even more on cold days,all wrapped up in warm coats, hats and gloves...I can't believe all your shells and what a great idea to get a book on the seashore. May just have to copy you with that one!!!


Hi Lucy,
Ooh i get so excited when i see all the treasures you found. Want to go to the see rightaway :) I also have dishes, boxes etc. with all kind of things that i find. When we go for a walk in nature i always walk with my nose towards the ground, haha. I work as a volunteer in the herbgarden of an old monastry and sometimes you find parts of dishes but i also have found some little bones !
Have a wonderful weekend,


Hi Lucy
Lovely beach pictures, I also have loads of shells and pebbles in my house, although sadly, Filey beach is not great for shell collecting. I can't wait to see that mobile when it is done, which reminds me, you still haven't revealed your twig project!
The contents of your beach bag look essential to me, which also reminds me, I want to hear more about that humungous hangover you had on Sunday! - Take care love Nat x


oops my first comment didn't appear only my spelling corrections.
i think this post is heaven... all those shells with holes in ready to be strung up with twine or made into jewellery and the sea glass and pottery.. as i said... heaven x


that should have said beeper and oven... can't you tell i am multi tasking!

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