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September 13, 2008


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I love to come and visit your childrens childhoods!

and wow those skies are amazing - every photo we have from our trip to scotland has a grey sky...


Abbsolutely stunning photos especially the sunrise ones, it makes sense to get up early to see that view.
I decided to blog so my children would have something to look back on rather than just photos.


Gorgeous photos as always Lucy - I have tagged you (6 quirky facts) but don't worry if you have already done it/don't want to do it! - Natalie x

Forgjengelige ting

I've looked through all your blog - almost - and it brings back so many good memories from our time in England, that I,m almost in tears!! The scenery, books, toys, narrowboats, activities, flowers, everything!!
Thank you for sharing! I would like to link your blog to mine. Is that ok?


I totally agree re: the blogging thing. I use mine like an online recipe book cum set of happy memories about the food I have made, discovered and eaten.

Your little ones will have such fun reading the blog when they are older.

Love S x


I know what you mean about your own childhood. I look at the old photos of my mum and dad and they looks happy and sooo cool. I was there in the photos but I don't remember any of it and I want to.


Thank you for sharing your holiday, I loved it too.

I understand what you mean about recording your childrens early years. I think that's what first drew me to scrapbooking, I can record every detail for them to look back on. I have added CD's to their albums with music from that year too.


Lucy, you should TOTALLY frame, in a 4-picture matted frame, those 4 sunrise photos! BEAUTIFUL. It would look so cool.


Hi Lucy.
Thanks for sharing all your holiday memories with us this week. The photos of the sunset from today's post are stunning.
I'm with you wholeheartedly about why it's important to record the day to day happenings of family life.
I'm lucky in that there are lots of photos of my family when we were younger, always someone around with a camera and I got my first one when I was 10 and have loved taking photos of everyone and everything ever since, you'd think I'd better better at it after 30 years practise!
Also my wonderful dad had a cine camera so we've got another way to relive those childhood memories. Unfortunately the next time we do watch them it'll be without dad there to enjoy them too.
Another reason I feel so strongly about recording as much as possible is that my two children are adopted and they have very little from their first few years so I want to preserve as much as our family life for them as I can.
Take care
Lisa x

Alice C

You have exactly the same rationale as me for blogging. The difference is that you have started ten years earlier in their lives. Keep writing Lucy - it is indeed a precious gift to them.

Kali @ Poppy Lane

It's been fun seeing your holiday snaps and hearing about your summer break.
Thanks for sharing.
I too wish I could have the opportunity to look back on those childhood years that have flashed by way too quickly and 'see' my parents for how they were back then.
Magical and precious beyond belief, indeed!!!
xo, Kali


Thank you Lucy, those photos, all of them, the whole weeks worth, have been just fabulous. And you are right about your blog really essentially being just for you and a memory box for your family. We that come by and peek through the window of your life and who you allow through the front door are visitors and very grateful ones too, but it is good for us to keep at the fore-front of our minds that we are doing this just for us because then we write what we want to, instead of playing to an audience which tends to become false and not who we really are or what we are about, what we believe. Thank you for sharing your holiday with us this week - God bless.


Hi Lucy
Thanks for delurking, great to hear from you and for the lovely comment that has made my day today. I sure will let you know more about the cross stitch kits as soon as they are available. Its lovely to hear positive comments about them.
I loved your seaside photos, its an area I don't know at all, but I have seen photos of the castle before and been mesmerised. Thanks for stopping by, hope to hear from you again.x


Well said! You have lucky children.


Lucy, as always what gorgeous pictures you have posted. I particularly LOVE and I mean LOVE to the extent that I was nearly crying at the sunrise part 1! I think that it is inspiring what you are doing with the blog. The LP are so very lucky to have this and I'm sure in years to come will appreciate it so much. You give them such wonderfully fun filled days. Thank you for sharing your family life with us it is always a joy to read. Nicola xx

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