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September 10, 2008


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Hello...I am a newcomer to your blog, and after poking around and enjoying random posts I have finally begun reading right from Day One. It may be Some Time before I catch up to 2012, but I have to ask a question here and will wait to see if you will somehow know. (I don't have a blog, and such details are a mystery to me!)
In the first picture, what are all those front-end-loader-type dealios lined up at the base of the fountain/pool? Are they toys? Tools? Either way, why are they there?? I LOVE all your photogs of flowers and water and ripples and rooflines and such, but those odd little trucklets have jammed themselves into my mind and I can't seem to dislodge them without help. (Please help? Thank you!)
(from New England, USA)


I'm backtracking again on your lovely blog as I sip earl grey, you falling into the dalias made me laugh!

Beautiful photos.

I'm making a Granny stripe blanket atm and loving the colours. It's challenging my colour comfort in an enjoyable way.


Fab pictures...know what you mean about a addled brain...I think 6 weeks of kiddiewinkles at home has seen to that! Pictures are beautiful. I to love Dahlias they so remind me of my grandmothers country garden. Looks like you had an amazing summer visiting such lovely places.
Jane. x


The photos (and the colours in the photos!) are just amazing!


The photos (and the colours in the photos!) are just amazing!


So pretty! I love the blue trim on that house.


You're nuts, Lucy, your garden photography is great. LOVE LOVE LOVE the dahlias---esp. the ones with the cupped petals (the pink) ones. They look otherworldly or something. I wish they were perrenials!


Hi Lucy

Fab photos. I love dahlias darling (something a few friends of mine say to each other). What camera do you use? Looking to change mine. It is gradually falling to pieces - yet only just over one year. I have taken loads of photos though so I feel like I have actually had my moneys worth. Love Emma x

kitschen pink

I'd pass you the smelling salts but I need them myself! I'm in Dahlia heaven! t.x


Wow! Completely gorgeous fluffy flowers. Loved them. I think that first set of blue ones were Lily of the Nile (Agapanthus). I enjoyed my visit to your blog :)


Dearest Lucy, the photos are amazing!!!! I referred to you on my blog today, please check it out. xox Tamar


Wonderful colours! The Dahlias are fantastic. I would have liked to walk through those gardens too.


Wow! The colours are fantastic.Your crochet is so cute and the colours do reflect the beautiful gardens. just the refreshing images I needed on this drizzle day.


your crochet flowers are beautiful, what are you planning to make with them?


Beautiful and vibrant photographs. I especially like the one of the fountain that looks like the stem and bowl of a wine glass! I can't believe that dahlias ever went out of fashion. They are so vibrant and very now. If dahlias look like 'floral fireworks' then your crochet flowers look like catherine wheels!


Your photos are a delightful burst of colour that has brightened up my coffee break those Dahlias are so stunning and I love your crocheted flowers.


Lucy, I am loving these scenery photos. I'm especially drawn to the close-ups of the flowers. You do such an amazing job capturing the details with your camera. What a delight sharing your crocheted flowers to the real flowers. Very, very pretty.

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