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September 11, 2008


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oh how I love Barter books!


These photgraphs are great! I've never heard of Cragside before, and such a shame that is! You couldn't be more right, it is indeed very grand and yet very cozy and somewhat comfortable in a warm and soft sort of way. What a lovely holiday!

kitschen pink

Dahlias and Lemon cake! you have found heaven - and taken some fantastic photoes whilst you were there! Accomodation list please! t.xx


Please can I come with you on your next holiday?? It all sounds delightful, my kind of vacation. Wonderful pictures, fab descriptions. Thank you!


French Knots

I still have a stack of my Little Grey Rabbit books from when I was a child, so sweet!
We visited Barter Books years ago (pre children!) and spent hours mooching there. Looks like a splendid holiday.

Rachael Rabbit

The fisherman's hut literally looks like an upside down boat - is it? Little Grey Rabbit obviously makes my heart skip a beat ;-) Wonderful photos - I love the look of the tree house!

Anne Bebbington

Lovely, lovely, lovely pictures - my favourite is the upturned boat/shed with Lindisfarne castle in the distance - brought back happy memories of by-gone holidays - thank you


I love England! Though I haven't ever been there I long to visit. While I want to see London, my real goal is to visit little villages and the coastline. Someday...

Holy Island is mesmerizing to me. SImilar to another in France (can't remember the name)? I've seen time-elapsed film of the tide coming in and it's neat to see.

Thanks, Lucy!


oh I am so pleased you found barters! I sometimes take a sneaky half day out of the business and drive up there (takes me about 40 mins) and just potter, buy boos and eat their lovely homemade cookies! Its fab isn't it? Just wonderful. Lucy chick, send me an email to sarah@theraads.com and I'll share my pancake recipe as requested on my blog.

reading all your exploits has made me want a little northumberland break myself. we stayed in a nice b&b in Bamburgh once and I have been spending so much time at cottage in n yorks had sort of forgotten how lush Northumberland really is - thanks for reminding me!

S xx

S xxx


I looked at your photos and tried to decide wher to run a way to? I thought the bookshop looked a fab palec to hide in but then decided it would be in the boat/house thing!


Oh how I enjoyed your trip- it may be the closest I get to a holiday for a while. I read your cake tour with some fascination! Raspberry and white chocolate muffins eh? Interesting...
I know exactly what you mean by the booky smell as well. Have you ever been to Hay on Wye? You must! Book paradise. Thanks for the tour Lovely Lucy x


Another enjoyable reading foray into your holiday in a snatched quiet 10 minutes complete with a cuppa and home baked biscuit from your recipe! Sometimes escaping into someone else's lovely world is just the boost I need, especially when such fab photos are there to be shared.
Lisa x


I've enjoyed all of your posts about your holiday, but this one struck a particular chord. Such beautiful scenery, and that book shop!! Some of my ancestors came from Northumberland, and I'm rather fancifully thinking maybe this is stirring something in my DNA! Also wanted to say it meant a lot to hear about your humble upbringing and how it obviously didn't "scar" you, as my children are living a similarly no-frills childhood. My hope is that they grow up with the capacity to find beauty and delight in the simplest of things. I think you have mastered that ability, and I so admire you for it!


St.Cuthbert's Beads, coffee cake and castles, books, fishermans huts, sea, a big house, a tree house etc. Your holiday sounded delightful! Thanks for letting us have a glimpse of the wonderful days that you shared with your family.

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