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September 01, 2008


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How sweet you Little Man is! Those daffodils looked absolutely stunning in their simplicity & the coloured glass. That did sound like a tough day, touched my heart too. Xx


Lovely to have you back Lucy, I missed your lovely posts! Sounds like you had a fab time, I don't get bored by holiday snaps so show us as many as you like...
September is one of my favourite months, I've had enough of summer now and want to get wrapped up in warmer clothes and get cosy in the evenings. Happy Birthday to your little man, I remember my boy (who's nearly 20 now)being mad about skateboards for quite a few years, it's good to seem them out in the fresh air burning off some energy.


Ahh first of all, happy belated birthday to your Little Man!! Glad to hear that all of you (esp you!) had a fab holiday. I'm so glad you were away for a week - gives me less to catch up on your blog lol. I've been away for 2 wks and I actually thought about your blog while I was away, thinking... 'gosh, I'm gonna have so much to read on Lucy's blog when I get back' lol !! Anyway, welcome home!


Welcome back! Luckily I've been on hols at same as you (in fact near Bridport!) so it's been lovely to get back into work and have you're fab blog to cheer me up (my little man back at school today!).
Hope Thursday is not too traumatic - and can't wait for holiday pix!


glad you are back, and that you had a lovely, lovely holiday!


Hurrah, you're back! So sorry to have shattered your fridge fantasy! Happy 6th birthday to your little man. First day of school for my baby tomorrow - I'm still in self denial! Looking forward to those holiday photos.
Julia xx


oh lucy, youve made me cry, what an emotional post!...hope the little people settle into school ok...and bless, little lady's first proper hair cut!

anyways, its LOVELY to have you back, i have SO missed reading your blog while you were away!

oh and i SO feel the same as you during this time around, i dont like that summer is over and the darker evenings are coming but at the same time its a new season to look forward too - weird, eh.



Beautiful ring Lucy, and very lovely indeed to have you back. Tea time just hasn't been the same without your inspiration!
Glad you had a wonderful holiday x


what a lovely holiday it seems!!! we have had birthdays and about to go back to school for one and a new starter for No2 child around here so I may be a sobbing wreck in our Tesco on Wednesday morning as well!! How did your little one manage his first year as he must be one of the youngest? I ask as mine was only 4 last Tuesday so will be the youngest in his class and as my blog keeps going on about it I am quite bothered by this!! hopefully by the time he is 6 I will be ok with it ? :-S Looking forward to the holiday blogpost!!
Lesley x


Oh Luce I have missed you, I did manage to read a couple of your blogs from Florida but with me away then you left as soon as i came back its ben ages since i had my Luce fix :-). So glad you had a nice time away and your little man had a fun birthday he has the same shoes as my little man who would have liked the shoes with a hidden toy much more!!!. I also now have reading glasses (hmmmm must be since i am now 40!) anyway makes reading your blog alot easer now. So lovely to have you home back in Attic 24 xxx lisa x


So lovely to see you back and hear that you had such a great time. Very much looking forward to seeing your photos and reading about your hols.
A belated happy birthday to your little boy, I bet he was very tired this evening after the first day back at school.
Will be thinking of you as the week goes on and your little girl begins school too. Proud and emotional moments.
Thank you so much for the lovely comment you left on my blog before you went away. It was incredibly kind of you to take the time and say the things you did. All was very much appreciated and very much needed.
Take care


May I first say how great it is to have you back here in blog world as I have missed reading your daily musings.
It sounds like you had a great holiday even better with the dry weather can't wait to see the photo's.
Today must have been hard and Thursday I can just amagine how this is going to be as my little guy starts school on Friday and I've been really emotionally about it for the last few days. I'll be thinking of you on Thursday. Hope all goes well.


Welcome back Luce - really missed you! But so pleased you had such a wonderful time. Am thinking of you this week and sending lots of hugs to help you get through it.
Sal xxx
P.S. LOVE the ring!


How wondeful you are back, great to see that you and the family had such a brillant time, you do sound so excited. Must wish your little man Happy Sixth Birthday - yes it does get scary that when they are small you just don't quiet see the change in them, then one day you look and they have grown. And you wonder when did that happen. My youngest started secondary school last week and next week my eldest starts a PLC course in college, tonight he is at his schools debs, he looked so handsome. We may just enjoy them when we can!!! Look forwrd to your holiday photo's!!!


I have missed you! I am so looking forward to hearing all about your holiday! I didn't have one ths year so I have to imagine what it's like! I had the new school shoes trip out today ready for schools return on Thursday. I love the posy your little boy got for you. He even went to the trouble of getting a colour matching glass! He is definitely his Mum's child!


Great to have you back, you've been missed!
That's great that you really truly enjoy your holidays, fabulous times spent doing wonderful things with your loved ones, what could be better? You've a tough week ahead of you but I'm sure looking back over your holiday snaps and all your happy times will cheer you up no end. I can't wait to see them. x


what a lovely holiday, and how lovely to be home too! I loved your tidying comments, I'm really hopeless at it, but I just love having a tidy house.... Hope that the return to the school routine goes smoothly, take care. x

Rosie Graham

So glad you had a great time on holiday. Give the children a week and they will be desperate to get to school each morning. You brought back great memories of when one of my sons got skateboard, it was special, just for him and he was so excited.


What a wonderfullu joyful post! Glad you had such a wonderful time, looking forward to seeing your pics. Happy birthday to your little man and hope he had a good first day back (it's B's turn tomorrow). They really do shoot up don't they, love your dandelions! I get daisy buttonholes whenever we visit the playground and I wish, wish they'd last longer. I want to cry when he presents me one with that huge grin.
Lovely to see you home.

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