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September 02, 2008


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Writing icing is very appealing to all age groups - give a bunch of twenty year olds a batch of uniced ginger biscuits and a packet of writing icing and marvels will occur! (one of my friends did an anatomically correct and labelled drawing of a butterfly. Which she then refused to eat, because it was too pretty)

I have so enjoyed reading your blog - it's colourful, interesting and fun.


Oglington Fartworthy, the best name I ever heard.


Go with those emotions is what I say!
We're brimming over with them here, different reasons as you know, but it's important to just let them run their course as it's what life is all about and they are part and parcel of all life's milestones.
It's a lovely idea to spend a while reflecting on what has happened during the hols, especially with photos of scrummy cakes and chocolate dusted coffee.


Sounds like the perfect rainy day! Looking forward to hearing more about your hols.
Andrea does sell the little glass pots with red lids, they come in a set of 5 and cost £7.95 plus p&p. Let me know if you want any.
Big day for my baby girl tomorrow, school starts, there's no denying it now. Tissues at the ready!
Julia xx


Sigh. You always paint such a happy idyllic picture. Your children are very lucky to have a mum with such an enthusiastic happy and colourful outlook on life.
And that coffee looks amazing! Do you want a job?!x


I've tagged you! xx


I just recently found your blog and it's lovely!
My daughter and family also love 'Nanny Mcphee' -- she has been on a quest to find good pics of this granny square afghan so she could make one like it for her little girl. I'll be forwarding your blog to her -- I know she'll love it too.


There is an award for you on my blog to collect :-)

That looks like the perfect summer your such an inspiration I didnt do half the things we planned!!
Lesley x


Hey Lucy! I missed you and your colorful world of words and photos. Your lovely unique personality always manages to put a smile on my face. Welcome home.


Sounds like the horrible weather didn't stop you guys from having fun! We had a fair bit of 'crafty' things as well - notice I said 'had'. Quite a few bits seem to have already disappeared... hmmmmm, wonder how did that happen? lol. Are those icing pens really good? A while back, I think I made a mistake and bought a (bigger) tube of 'design icing' and I thought it was rubbish. Didn't realise there were 'writing' ones instead.


it sounds like a wonderful summer, can I come to your house next summer, I'll bring my own crayons promise?
Nanny Mcfee is one of my all time favourites too, wonderful colours, and I love the decor of the house espcially the hall way, my husband isn't so keen!!! I keep telling him it's the inspiration for our next house!!

French Knots

They seem so little when you leave them at the school gate don't they.
My two go back tomorrow and the house will seem really empty, until I get back into the rhythm of my days alone.


your rainy days sound lovely, and so filled with colour, and I love the way you have reflected back over the summer, for some closure.
glad this mornings school drop off was easier, my two ran off without so much as a backward glance, so now I feel bereft and that they don't love me, so you just can't win.......


You certainly know how to fill a day with activities. I have lived my summer through reading your blog. It has made me feel inspired, motivated and happy so thank you for all that. I am now inspired to make frothy coffee with a sprinking of chocolate!

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