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September 18, 2008


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My loved inspiration: Marie Claire idees and Idees magazine.Have you ever have a look at them?


Yet another book on my Amazon wish list! Loving your blog, you should be writing your own book. I have Flea-Market style, one of my favourites, worth treating yourself to.
The crochet is so pretty!


I recently bought that book Luce, it's good and very inspiring! I love your sunrise photo BTW.


Hello *nervous* long time reader first time poster. I think 'Flea Market Style' is one of my favourite books but I love all Emily's books and her style / shop (Caravan). Recently I bought a vintage tailors dummy form her shop and she delivered it to my flat in Brighton herself! I was so amazed! She is a very lovely person and we had a long chat. Enough rambling from me, just to say love your blog and all the gorgeous things in it :) x


I've only recently discovered your blog (via hexagon love) and just have to say what a delightfully cheery place you've got here! Your crochet circles are simply gorgeous, I love the colors you use. Looking forward to visiting often.


I love this book. I think you would also like Bazaar Style. I think it is so funny as the pages with the little low bed and stripy cushions and pillows is one of my favourite from the book. I have bought the book this year so I am sure you will be able to get hold of it. I think I might do a bit of a thing about some books that we might all like! Love Emma xxxxx


Wow, your views are spectacular! It really was a Gorgeous day here as well today, if we can go through the whole of Autumn with days like that I won't be complaining! I am sooo jealous of your Crocheting, it is all so neat and tidy, I have a problem with my Tension whilst TRYING to Crochet! The Book looks excellant, let me know if you manage to track down a copy?! x


Oooh! Your Thursday looks full of colour and joy. for me, Thursday is just the slide into Friday! Lots to do and the realisation that it can't all be fitted in!
Still, plenty of time to find blogs like yours and languish with a gin and tonic looking at your photos. Not a bad way to spend a thursday after all!


I know this book! I love it! it's so me too:)
Your crochet is amazing!

French Knots

There was a smell of auntum in the air on the school run this morning, and we've had a lovely warm sunny day too. Perfect!
That books looks super, our library never has anything that good!


oooh, yet another cool book! I bought the last one you recommended from amazon and love love love it. Please stop now. I am going to run out of money!x


i do so love visiting your blog!! lovely crochet - with the children at school i have put it on my list as a "must learn" item!
lesley x


i visit you often as your blog brightens my day..
i love your pictures, so full of colour and love x
and as for your crochet - LOVELY!
t x

kitschen pink

Oh good grief! THANK-YOU for the warning that I had mistyped my url! I dread to think how many typepad sites I've done that on - I clicked the link and the first word I saw was 'armageddon'! Sorry if I scared anyone! all sorted now. I need tea and cake to recover! :-) t.xx


Your little knitting and crocheting group sounds so like so much fun. Wish I had a group of friends here in the US to do that with. You do sound like you are having the best kind of day with a decorating book, a salad and fresh air...continue enjoying your solitude ME day.


Our weather down here is perfect too starting off just as you describe this morning. My drive through the Oxfordshire fields was gorgeous. Your knit and natter group sounds so lovely. The one thing I regret at the moment is that as I've recently moved out of London, apart from my Sister who is near I don't have any like minded friends in the area. The office girls are lovely but not very crafty, creative, cath kidston, country living types. I think that is why I love the blog world so much although I would love to go to something like your knit and natter group and actually meet some like minded people. Difficult when working full time and planning a Wedding! That book has been on my wish list for ages as has the flea market one. I'm sure it is available to buy new. I've definitely seen in in Waterstones if not on Amazon. Enjoy the rest of your Thursday. x

kitschen pink

Yes you most certainly can say your crochet is looking fabulous since you are clearly correct! With knobs on! (lunch looks scrummy too!) t.x


Hi there, feeling v. much better today...and so much positive again. Amazing what a cup of coffee and a browse around the charity shops can do! Flea market style is lovely too, in fact I bought it for my sister last year. The books I adore are by Jane Cumberbatch who has a website (I think it is called purestyleonline). I so wish I could meet you all at your knit and natter; sounds like a perfect and inspiring way to meet on a Thursday. Kathyx


This is what I love about blogging..you get to see so many different ideas photos and opinions..your circles are just beautiful (oh how I wish I could crochet)your view is glorious and the book looks wonderful..I'm now going to put it in my Amazon basket for another day too..(or my own teetering wish list!) , Yes, I think you would like flea market style ..it too is a colourful collection of old junk finds mixed with new..not quite as pristine looking as in your book mind you..more 'bazaar' style..I quite like books by Liz Bawens..country in the city and simply country are lovely if you haven't read them already..gosh all this waffling and I havent even said hello yet.


Thursday looks a lovely day for you, its a clean up day for me! I should have read you post first before I started.

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