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September 26, 2008


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Roseberry Crafts

OMG, how do you do all that and still have the time and energy to create such beautiful breakfasts and blog about it!? I have four to get ready for school and whilst our mornings generally sound very similar (except I have 4 uniforms to hunt down and the shite on the dining table is usually mine left from my late night crafting antics) but I'm afraid the breakfast thing is a shambles! Every morning I tell myself the next one will be organised! Who am I kidding?! You are amazing!


Being a full time mum is the hardest and most tiring job I've ever done, Saying that it's also the BEST job ever!
Just read your previous post, how lovely, it's moments like that, that you treasure as a mummy forever don't you? and it's so wonderful how you record them for your children to read over in the future and know how precious your time spent with them is.
What a lovely mummy you are.
Jane. xx


I hardly have time for breakfast normally but have indulged this week whilst on my hols in Dorset (loved it by the way :-) )
definately will be breakfast inspired from now on !
Lesley x


I'm in agreement with you, I need a breakfast too or else I can't function. And I'm a creature of habit it has to be weetabix, sometimes with a piece of toast to follow. My little ones have weetabix each week day and toast and natural yougurt flavoured with a small blob of jam if they are feeling particularly ravenous. At weekends though are allowed coco pops, oh the delight in their eyes on a Saturday morning!
Lisa x


ooooh Lucy, you are making me sooooo hungry!
Your breakfast looks yummy and as always your blog makes me truly happy:)

kitschen pink

I think where we go wrong in this house is that we bring the beautiful boy in bed with us when the alarm goes at 6am and then we can none of us bear to leave our warm nest - so by 7'0 we've achieved nothing and it's a mad panic from there on in! But I'd rather have those warm cuddles than breakfast any day! t.x


First 75 minutes, good grief I'd have to go back to bed until lunch time if my first hour or so was that busy!


This weekend for a chilly evening treat go and try the Chocolate Cheesecake Muffin recipe we found
eat one lie back and die happy :D


Breakfast is the best meal of the day! My current favourite is porridge oats made with water until thick. I then pour it into a bowl and let it cool for about 10 minutes. I then put on a sprinkling of sugar. I don't like to put the sugar on when the porridge is hot because the sugar melts. My family think (know) I am totally mad but I love my frugal breakfast!


I clicked on that link of the breakfast pictures...and now I'm hungry!!!amazing, mine seems boring now.


Yummy...this looks good. I always have to eat breakfast too....have to have protein or I get cranky. You sure get a lot done in a morning...where do you find the energy?


wow, that is one seriously impressive morning routine, the house fairy would be proud of you!
my littlest one loves ready brek, but boy does it make a mess everywhere when he does it himself!!!


Please tell me you don't have napkins with your breakfast, I'm feeling seriously inadequate! Sounds much the same as this household, apart from the desire to do homework bit, how did you manage that!
Loved the last post about rain, having children has finally made it acceptable to run through the rain with totally unsuitable clothing whilst laughing hysterically - hurrah!
Julia x


Hi Lucy

Read Lace Hearts comments on my reinventing post. You get blamed for someone taking some time off LOL!!!!

The list in your current post proves how efficient and brill you are - flipping show off!

Love Emma xxxxx


Ok, now you're just bragging! It's 7:30 here in the states and I'm in bed listening to Howard Stern and reading blogs after being dragged out of bed by my son to take him to school early for band, while my daughter is making her own breakfast (what it is, I don't know).

But tonight while everyone else is sleeping, I'll be baking bread. I wish I were a morning person.


golly! please please tell me that you don't maintain this everyday... surely sometimes the kids must pull you out of bed and tell you to get up and make their lunches! i agree i must have breakfast to start the day off well but today it was eaten whilst standing up in the kitchen finishing off icing fairy cakes(with kids) for the Mc Millian coffee morning this morning. icing sugar and covered are two words that spring to mind! I am very impressed by your routine... note to self.. must get up earlier!
have a lovely day,
love ginny x


oh my goodness i really must get more organised - you are such a good influence. Unlike your little people my little man was obviously born with a teenage gene as I have to wake him up every morning at 8am otherwise he would sleep till lunchtime I'm sure. Each morning I tickle him until he finally gives in and opens his eyes then each of his cuddley toys (including clifford the big red dog which he's had since he was 2) have to greet him. Once this regular routine is over he immediately changes from giggling little man into unpredictable 8 year old (going on 15) boy which means a variety of excuses as to why he doesn't need to wash before school/ which ailment is most likely to mean he doesn't have to go to school and what's for breakfast.... still I wouldn't miss it for the world and dread the day coming when he is obviously too old and too cool for silly playtime wake ups.

note to self must set alarm for two hours earlier and see if I can match your list of chores done instead of leaving it till we get home from work. Although can I ask what time you go to bed cos if I start getting up in the 6's I'm sure I'll need to be in bed much much earlier than I am at the min.

take care



Wow you cram alot into the morning routine.I love the look of your breakfast, I also have to have breakfast but I now wait till school run has been done and eat mine when I get home.
Have a good weekend, I hope you get to have a lay in at weekends.


Hello Lucy!
I've been reading (and loving) your blog since a week or so before you went away on holiday and I keep meaning to comment and say hello. So, what what has finally prompted me to do it??? A bowl of Ready Brek!
I just had one too. I sprinkled some muscovado sugar on mine today - but snap with the banana!
We are very fickle with breakfasts in our house too, we'll probably be back on weetabix next week.
I do associate Ready Brek with the Autumn and back to school, I often had it for breakfast when I was little and I was quite sure I had a glowing orangey warm outline! (don't know if you remember the advert- you'll think I'm mad if you don't!)
I'm trying it out on my Little Person (10 months) she's not keen so far and has wiped it everywhere. I'll have to clean up soon before it cements itself onto the table!
Oh well! There's always weetabix!
Hope you have a lovely day.


Oh my goodness I feel quite exhausted after reading that list! You do all that by 7.30?!! We don't have kids yet and it takes us all the energy we can muster just to get up, in the shower and dressed by 7.30. That's when gorgeous fiance leaves and I do then achieve quite a lot of jobs before 8.30 when I have to leave for work, but even so, I do feel put to shame by your list. Maybe it's having the little people that spurs you into more action than I can manage. Lovely looking breakfast by the way. I'm into breakfast smoothies at the moment which are very yummy.


Morning Lucy. I too have to have my breakfast in the morning, I can't function without it but I have to have it as soon as I get up. I couldn't do all you do without having had my breakfast first. Have a good weekend. Nicola xx


Wow, that is soooo spooky, I was making packed lunches this morning thinking "I should photogragh this and blog about our little morning routing" well you've beaten me to it. I'll try and get mine in next week. love Fi x

Rachel L

Good lord, how on earth do you manage to cram all that lot in BEFORE breakfast!! I can't even begin to function properly until I've had mine!

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