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September 29, 2008


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Ankita Vj (India)

Wow...this post seems like my thoughts put into words...mess n cleaning n.decluttering.n.yankee candles everything...


I know that this comment is very late (I'm, possibly rather sadly, reading your blog from the beginning) - but I wanted to draw your attention to the Yankee Candle Fragrance of the Month, on their website.... 'Garden Sweat Pea' .... hmm sounds yummy, lol


I confess here before you all now that I am completely crubbish at housework. I figure my kids will remember us making stuff and cooking and reading and howling with laughter over something on youtube rather than whether my skirting was spotless.

I hope.


Gosh we are never totally tidy, especially as we are in DIY hell at the moment. I love things clean and tidy but other half is a messpot. Oh well!

Saw this site on Decor8 today and thought of you:


Enjoy x

kitschen pink

I think the fly lady needs to get a life - I grew up in an immaculately tidy house - my heart would still sink at those words "Clear it all away now". A bit of mess is the sign of a happy and creative home! The cobwebs, dust and washing-up are just side effects. I'd rather have a happy home than a tidy house any day! t.xx


I completely understand about the candles - it's really possible to get carried away. Once a year I manage to get to the Yankee Candle factory store in Deerfield MA where it all began - needless to say my collection of candles is growing faster than I can burn them, but I don't let that stop me when the new fragrances come out!


Hi Lucy - It is no wonder you feel disorientated, but I am sure you will get used to your change in roles soon, and as for the housework, it never gets 'done' really does it? Things will always need cleaning and life is too short to worry about it - Natalie x p.s - Love the crocheted plant pot covers!


Good on you, a little Errol Brown whilst tidying sounds good to me!!
Went into Body Shop the other day and it smelt GORGEOUS! Apparently it was an oil from their new Christmas collection - Vanilla Spice..Just the job for snuggling in your pretty P.J's (in your V.tidy home) during the cold winter nights


oh no not the fly lady, don't do it... spotless sinks just lead to trouble. My motto is with housework is to "aim low" that way it is always acheivable and makes you feel good when it is done, rather than feel bad when its a mess!


My house is absolutely filthy, with the added feature of having five trillion books (and quite a few mags) stacked here, there and everywhere. I keep telling myself I'm building really good immune systems in my children (and truth be told, they hardly ever get sick -- ha!). One tip: I discovered that my boys like to wear the microfiber dust mop pads like skis and swoosh around the rooms in them. It's a start...


So you filled your house with tarts then?!!! Good! My house is still a mess after 10 years as a 'housewife'. Today I tackled a hotspot but I don't think I'll be shining my sink tonight!


I once had a neighbour who would not let her little girl do anything messy at home ..like painting, crafty things etc..and another who would not let her children have parties because of the mess! I wanted to bang their heads together!! ;-)


Life is too short Luce. A mum who is relaxed and happy is better to come home to than one that is obsessed with polishing and stresses every time someone sits on her plumped sofa cushions.


Hi Lucy

Had a great day out of the house on Saturday and then spent Sunday torn between enjoying the nice sunshine (for a change) and doing some stuff round the house - putting up a heavy shelf that I couldnt do by myself so it meant the kids were not climbing trees or paddling in freezing cold water. Moral of the story - whatever we do I think people like you and I never think we have got it quite right. At least we think about it!!!!

Have a great week. Love the flower pots.

Love Emma xxxxx


I fell off the fly lady wagon too. And my house is usually cleaned in the two days before my period when things MUST BE SPOTLESS OR ELSE. You know the feeling I'm sure.

I'm not sure more kid fee time is actually the ansewr to a cleaner house. If I have a few hours, I want to settle down to something big (which usually involves making more mess) rather than fritter it away with domestic duties.

I think the only answer is a cleaning lady. Shame I haven't got one.


am in a cleaning frenzy myself today... must be a nesting, autumnal thing.. or a ... fed upness with living in a mess, which is probably more like it... there is also another reason why i need to clean as we may have some small visitors soon... fingers crossed!
have a lovely day and don't forget to work a bit and then reward yourself with one of the jobs you do enjoy.


This made me laugh ... oh, I thought Flylady had changed my life, I became quite obsessed with her - and, for a while, I (more or less) stuck to it, jumped up with a duster whenever an e-mail arrived. But then I slipped and found myself stacking up emails thinking I'd catch up tomorrow, or sometime. Until I had a great long to-do list of about 1500 emails cluttering my in-box. So there was even more clutter in my life! And then I deleted the whole bloody lot!
So I think I have come out the other side of the Flylady experience. But I still wish the house was tidier and cleaner!


Don't worry about housework - my mother-in-law always says 'put some salt on it - it'll keep'. I'm always feeling stressed because I haven't done this or that (and no-one notices when I have done it). When actually a day out with friends would do me much more good than attacking yet another pile of ironing. Sorry Lucy, I'm encouraging you to rebel!


I too get moments of nesting-urge when my period is due. Unfortunately they are usually the only moments I have! When my kids went off to school I started working a few days a week which actually made me more efficient about keeping the house clean (less time, more gets done). That being said, I also did a fair amount of reading which was WONDERFUL. Now that I work full time, I have someone who cleans my house twice a month. THAT IS FANTASTIC. The house is clean but the clutter still rules.

No answers here, I guess. Do what you can when you can.


Ive just done a similar post and yes, i think your right about the change in "employment status" mine are both now are in school and you just made me realise maybe thats why I feel like i should be doing more? I need help to get kickstarted though as have so many things its hard to know where to start! helps to know others are in the same position! although I much prefer the cushion plumping LOL
Lesley x

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