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September 23, 2008


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Lucy @ Attic24

Hi Rose...
I found the original pattern via Anna Maria Horners blog, the links are still in her sidebar and working as far as I can see....
try this...

hope this helps, the stitching-up diagrams are there.

To: [email protected]

Rose Holman

HI, I downloaded the free PDF to make this pincushion ages ago and now I cannot find the instructions for sewing it together ANYWHERE on the web, it seems to have disappeared from the better homes and gardens website. So I am left with the PDF of the pattern but no way of knowing how to sew it all together, don't suppose you have the instructions and they are simple enough to write down? Please please please with a cherry on top? I am a big fab of your blog!!!!



ely fabric...and the pincushion are wonderful too. I am a sucker for pretty fabric and will buy it for no reason...then have to use it to ease my guilt!


If you would open a little Etsy dream shop of your own and sell these cute little wild flower pincushions...I may have to buy one from you, Lucy.

Lace hearts

Not only did you get me making birds last week, to the expense of the housework, you've now had me ordering that lush fabric. I think I'd better stop popping into your blog! lol. x

Sarah S.

Oh what a lovely pin cushion!


Oh Lucy your pin cushion is so beautiful. I love the rose in the centre and the fabric combo is stunning. I've been away for a few days and have just checked your blog this morning. I love the tiny patchwork one too. How clever you were at 13.
Your new fabrics are gorgeous. Thanks for the shop link. Can't wait to see what else you do with them.

kitschen pink

Oooh! Smily happy fabrics. Temptress! I'm off to take a look at the sale! t.xx


Love the pin cushion!
I'd use the fabrics to make a simple quilt/throw. I've just made one mixed with plain fabric, fleece backed and buttons on the corners of each square iykwim. I have a photo on my blog.

do you mind if i knit

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous................ lovely, lovely, lovely................. and all absolutely delicious! That's all there is to say really!!!!!!!!!!! XX

kali @ poppy lane

miss lucy! evil temptress indeed....whhhhaaaaa...your fabric and cute pincushion are just too much this early in the morning for me!
i'll come back and dribble some more when i've recovered a bit.
xo, kali


That is lovely fabric...and the pincushion are wonderful too. I am a sucker for pretty fabric and will buy it for no reason...then have to use it to ease my guilt!


Oooh, OOOH! Make a patchwork apron!! Then you can wear it every single day and smile with pleasure at your cleverness. Yes indeed, that is what I would do. Alas, I struggle to sew a button on though.Instead the lovely List Writer makes me beautiful aprons to wear to work each day. They are reversible too!x


Are you some sort of "evil temptress"? That is a beautiful pile of fabric. I still haven't got round to doing the birds yet and now you tepmt us with more things!


This is in regards to your very funny "Twig Project" post. I believe I have the answer for your balancing problem. If you want to give me your e-mail, I'll send you pictures and explain how I did it without having to glue the birds. BTW I just discovered your blog and am enjoying it.


Lovely pin cushion Lucy - there is so much work in it and the fabric is so pretty - How about making some baboushka dolls with your new stash, you could do them in reducing size, each in a different but co-ordinating fabric? - Natalie x


Such beautiful fabrics..I'm going to take a peek at the website now...I love the pin cushion, you can use the petals for needles as well.
I love the idea of making a cushion like it, that would be lovely.


oh that fabric is gorgeous! quilt I think!


There is nothing quite like the expectation of a package coming in the mail especially if it's some new fabulous fabric. Love, love, love these bright colorful fabrics, Lucy. And thanks for sharing the pincushion directions. My little pincushions are store bought...I never made a homemade one before but it looks like I'm going to now. Enjoy your day!


The little pincushion you made as a girl is very dinky. I think your flower pincushion is great. Why don't you scale up the pattern and make a super dooper cushion for the sofa/chair etc?


So i sit down for a lovely computer browse while my littlies are - finally- asleep - find your fabby blog..............and spend money at the fabric shop!!!! All excited about my parcel of yummy fabric now, thank you for cheering up my afternoon.

Where can I get the pattern for the delicious pincushion (cannot wait to make it!)

Thank you

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