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September 25, 2008


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Ankita Vj (India)q

Awww...this was super cute...even i was and am a lover of twirly skirts....blessed with a baby girl recently this year...n rainy season has just started was dreaming to njoy the rains some day when my tiny one grows up a little...n just stumbled upon this sweet memory of yours while going thru all ur archives...it felt like i too want to njoi the rains exactly same way....ohh myyyy when will tiny L grow up...


aw, I love this. Still smiling. God bless you two. :0)

kitschen pink

Well done you for taking the walk despite a few miserly black clouds! All good clean fun!
I so want some of those pink spangly thingy's for my bike! t.x


Precious memories. I hope Minnie Mouse didn't get too soaked!


That was just beautiful. And how great that you've got it all written down to treasure years from now! (I enjoyed Eat, Pray, Love too, by the way...)

Anne Bebbington

Many years ago I used to work with a lady who, when out in that fine drizzle which soaks you through without appearing to be very much, used to raise her face to the sky and revel in what she called 'Sherbert rain' as it made your face feel like your tongue does when sherbert sizzles on it. Ever since I always do the same and my children laugh at Mum and her 'Sherbert rain'. Sunshine is glorious but I've always been a firm believer that you can't get any wetter than wet so once you're soaked through enjoy it too - plus of course any excuse to get into the jimmies and slob the rest of the afternoon away!


Gawd - how do you have time to keep a written diary and blog? I agree with you about being in a similar place. I currently feel like I am swimming through treacle as my brain has come to a bit of a stand still as I make adjustments to my life whilst fitting in lots of things for other people ie the kids etc. I have been a stay at home mum for 9 years. I dont think i should expect miracles for myself overnight. I am going to try to pace myself, whilst at the same time achieving little things - I am trying to step back from the overloading myself with guilt and jobs to do (very tricky). I really want to get on and do all sorts of things but the credit crunch isnt helping as I feel it is the wrong time to branch out and do something really exciting. How did we time all that wrong then?!?!?!? I love the idea of the Fly website. In my head I want to paint all of my rooms again etc but really there is no need as such. I must learn to pace myself but I find it very frustrating. I want everything to be OK straight away. I want to come up with strategies and plans to help myself achieve this. May be we should blog a few things we discover/have found that help us do this. I have done one blog about it today - bit boring - but has really helped me. Ramble, ramble, sorry - Lots of love Emma xxxxx
PS Going to country living fair but on Sunday - think you are going sat - shame!


Lucy, I loved reading about this sweet little day you had with your little girlie. What a dear memory to hold in your heart. Think of how she will remember this too. Moments such as these are such a treasure.


What a great memory to have. Those kind of unplanned moments are always the best. Love the twirly skirts. I was a twirly skirt lover when I was little too.(still am in fact!)


Getting really wet when its unexpected can be such fun. After the first few drops of rain you realise that its unavoidable and let yourself enjoy it. The rain is rejuvenating I think. The warming up afterwards is also lovely.


What a fab memory, I have one similar with a walk we decided to take in the Lake District last year, where my little one decided to go paddling through a little stream in the middle of the path in bare feet in the middle of October.

She loved it!

Vanessa x


It's those little moments in time that make big happy memories. Her swishy dress is so pretty what a bargain!


Awww, fab, fab post - what a wonderful memory. I too loved swirly, floaty dresses - in fact still do, which is suprising when I live in trousers!

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