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August 11, 2008


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Just to let you know, I read your blog with the same enthusiasm - my escape!


Just by chance I found your blog and especially this post of the Country Living. Your pictures here immediately stroke my eyes, simply because this is the CL issue I am loving so so much. The colours, the fabrics, the combinations, it´s gorgeous and I so much would love to have every single monthly magazine made like this. So, here I´ve started and now I am sitting in front of my screen for more than an hour, reading your words, admiring your crochet blankets with their charming colour combinations, wonderful recipes and little peeks of your daily life at home. I have enjoyed it so much, this all is extremely what I love and for such a long time was looking for to find in blogs again. Inspiration, fun and happiness, wit and the normal, daily life and 'madness'. I am completely overwhelmed and have to bookmark you in any case, so be aware of a new, completely enchanted reader.
Have a lovely weekend with lots of new things to share next monday,
best wishes from Germany,


I am a fan of CL too,and when my copy arrives,I make a cuppa, and I escape into the pages of wonderful colour.My cuppa is always made useing a teapot and Yorkshire Tea (no tea bags allowed in this house) I may have to start saying brew !{:>))


Ooh, it WAS worth the wait, got very excited when i realised I had missed two days worth of your blog!!!
Also found the Semillon Sauvignon Blanc quite inspiring...;)


Oh my, I am drooling over those photos!!! it takes forever to get CL here, I just got the August issue, but the one you blogged about looks like heaven!! I know just how you feel about having to have the perfect time, spot and coziness to be able to sit and read it. What little joyed we have:)

Julie Alvarez

What a fantastic way to describe this simple pleasure (we all have our own, pretty much like this one) and drive us with anxiety through your tale until the end as if it was a Hitchcock movie!


Sorry I appear to have written the first part of that message in some strange present/past tense - what can I say, my brain's scrambled, it's the summer hols!


Glad I'm not the only CL obsessive weirdo out there! I used to get all twitchy if I leave my new and unread CL about and a friend starts leafing through it, now I just tell them not to let me see it or point anything out in it, in fact just to put it down actually! Fortunately they're used to me by now! My copy came through this morning and it'll stay in it's bag until the weekend.
Julia xx
ps. Oh how I miss the phrase "fancy a brew?", it just isn't used down here.


I hold my hand up! I'm a CL subscriber too! I want to climb inside the magazine pages and live there.

Hexagons are looking good Luce. x


Ha ha! When I was 40 I saved up 4 copies of CL to read on my birthday on a beach in Cornwall in April. It was bliss!!!!!!! My friend Marilyn owns the house with the blue wooden stairs going over the bench. it is beautiful but they do jazz it up for the shoots. I normally have a subscription for CL and it is has run out - it shows you how distressing/tiring summer hols with the kids can be I had completely forgotten that the new CL would be out. Normally I am waiting to pounce on it and deal with it in a similar manner to you! Love Emma x


Hi Luce
I've deleted your email what a plonker!The T&J dvd's will be on Santas list definitely. Anything that mummy and daddy can enjoy to is a bonus! Had a browse round the dot com giftshop so much nice stuff don't know which doormat to go for their all so nice! I have changed my comments setting so hopefully it will work for you next time. Ps I'm really enjoying your daily posts I have a mid morning coffee break especially to read your post!! If I don't always comment it's because I'm dealing with my 3 and 1 yr old!! Love Sarahx


Forgot to mention we've been to Seatown today and had a great day, stopped off at West Bay for some chips before coming home. Just wondering what your thought are on the new apartments there. Not a favourite of mine I must say.


Lucy, I posted the recipe you wanted for the Chewy Chocolate Cookies on my blog. Enjoy!


I used to subscribe to CL, but gave up when I had a years worth of unread magazines stacked by my bed. This co-incided with becoming a mum, no real surprise then that my time was suddenly full of things a 3 year old needed to do!
I made the oaty biscuits you gave the recipe for and they are delicious, will become a favourite here I'm sure.


Hi again,
I just had to let you know: tonight i was looking through my old CL's and in the one from october 2007 i saw a picture (on page 83) that reminded me of one of your pictures from this post !! And you know what? They are the same, just another tablecloth, hahaha. Isn't that funny !
Greetings, Janneke.


that is laugh out loud funny! I have a similar reverence to the arrival of CL and Delicious magazine. I sort of tease myself with them for a while and then create the perfect time to 'view', usually involves earl grey tea or nice red wine, maybe something to nibble on, peace and quiet (no TV/ bloody awful Playstation noise in the background) and, now don't laugh, I usually light a candle to create just the right mood - eek! i think I am as mental as you are!


Hi Lucy CL should employ you to sell their mag after reading your blog you could get anyone to go out and buy it. we've got the T&J DVD's Little ones love them.
Wish I could crochet It seems to be a lot quicker than knitting. Love your crafting, photo's, words well everything on your blog. Joanne.


Thanks for the sneeky peek at CL. I'll most certainly be heading out to buy it on Thursday. I may have to check out those Tom & Jerry DVD's as well. It's great to get tips on how to keep little people happy!


I don't subscribe to CL but reading your blog is just as inspiring, I love the stories you weave! And it's the simple things in life that make me happy too, what a blissful way to spend a day.


This was truly delightful to read this morning, Lucy. You have such a way with words as you tell your story. Wonderfully colorful and cozy pictures. You are on my list as one of my favorite blogs to inspire serenity.


I just must let you know how i adore your blog !! The way you can write your stories, it's fantastic. Here in the Netherlands you can also buy CL, not in my little village but in a nearby town. So whenever i get the chance i buy one. I like your "hexagons". At the moment i am trying to knit a patchwork blanket, pffuuh, but after that one is finished i would like some crochet..... So please go on with your lovely posts, i read every one of them !!
Greetings from the Netherlands.


BLISS, indeed!


Lol, my CL has just come through the letterbox as I was reading your post. I'll be saving it to later when little one has gone to bed. Hexagons looking great.


Love CL but dont subscribe so will have to wait for my copy I have that mug on the front cover £1.99 from Summerfields! Will make a note of the Tom and Jerry dvds and I'm after a doormat for my new summerhouse those are gorgeous think I will be purchasing one too!!
Ps well done on completing you blanket it's really beautiful!

Rosie Graham

That sounds like utter bliss.

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