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August 21, 2008


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Jennifer R.

I know that you wrote this blog a few years ago, and you may not get this comment, but I just wanted to let you know that I actually cried a bit. What you did for your kids was soo sweet. It just makes my heart soo happy to know that there are people like you that do these things for your "little people". I love it. Thank you for sharing this.

I love your blog. I came across it a few weeks ago and have been trying to read from the beginning. You are soo creative and thoughtful. Thank you.

Oh, and I do have a blog, but it is very new. I can't even remember what it's called, but when I get home, I will make another comment and share it with you. :-)

Nohemi Tutterrow

Your pictures of the beautiful outdoors are just perfect. The scenes are so serene. You can almost hear the sound of the wind blowing. Regardless of the little rain you mentioned, I think the timing is just perfect for a barbecue.


We too have been lucky enough to come across a money tree it was at A waterfall in the lake district. Forgotten the name now! Had always wondered what it was but now i know so thanks! x

Rosie Graham

That was wonderful!


Hi Lucy, thanks for the comment – glad you like the sewing machine cover. The ‘welcome’ banner is from some prim clipart I purchased online a few years ago and I can’t remember the name of it now, but if I can find it again, I’ll let you know. The pictures of your walk are lovely and I bet the BBQ was delicious – appreciated all the more after a walk eh? I have a friend who lives in West Yorkshire, so I know how lovely it is to drive through those beautiful rolling hills. I have to be careful though – so busy enjoying the scenery sometimes I almost miss the bends!!! LOL. The flower garland is really sweet by the way. I’m loving blogland, but, oh dear, I’m spending far too much time at it, to the detriment of my sewing and we can’t have that now can we? :o)


Dear Lucy,
Another beautiful story...and i don't mind about the scenery pictures at all ! I love them as i love your way of doing things and tell us about it:)
Groetjes, Janneke.


Fab day out, you make every day seem special you clever lady!. When my daughter was younger, about 7, we found some coins on some steps near to our house, she thought it was great finding a couple of pounds. Every time we used the steps after that we secretly dropped some coins for her to find and told her they were the "money steps". For years she believed they were special steps and often talked about them to people, we of course have never confessed!


ooh I Love your blog. i bet you are really good at bedtime stories, you have me gripped, when i read your blog. I can't wait for the reaction of the coins either!!

Alice C

I rest my case M'Lud.

As the witness has shown - when blogs follow life the most magical of posts materialise!


what a lovely day you had! I too can't wait for the little people to find the coins in their rooms - I am hoping they are of the chocolate variety!

S x


Spectacular scenery and lovely photos! And what a cool money tree to come upon in the woods! The Money Tree is one of my fave children's books (I even did a blog post about it), but it was a very different sort of money tree. Worth checking out!

French Knots

I've not heard of a Money Tree before but I love the idea of leaving a little offering and making a wish.
Have they found the coins yet??


What a great day you all had. Lovely photos. That's the first time I've seen a Money Tree, thanks for showing us that. Bet you climbed straight into your P.J's when you got home!!


Lucy, I love the scenery posts! It allows me to make believe I'm there.

Love the barbeque! It make me think how lame I was when my kids were little--they were lucky if they got a bag of crackers!


Love your scenery pics , you can show as many as you like. Isn't the money tree just great - I've never heard of them before. What a great day you all had.
lisa x


Lucy i'm so loving your post's, they full of magical adventures. My little guys loved the sheep when we were in the Peak District, we even ended up buying a book called know your sheep. Your little ones do really well with all the walking. We training ours to do more walking ready for our hols next year. Look forward to reading another great post tomorrow.


I've never heard of a money tree before, what an exciting discovery to be made on a woodland walk. And what a wonderful dicovery your children will make when they find those coins. You are a fab mummy for making such magical memories for them both.


Hi Lucy, pop over to my blog. I've got something for you. Tracey


thankyou for such a beautiful post, I love the scenic ones, and the barbecue looked very yummy indeed! and I have never seen a money tree like that before, what a wonderful day out.


I love your outdoorsey posts just as much! The countryside looks so beautiful where you live I've never seen a money tree before how wonderful your bbq looks great I shall have to get a portable one.


What a great post it was magical indeed am really enjoying your adventures, you are making up for the lack of outings we are doing, much to my regret, as the summer has once again past us by and two of mine are back to school next week and my oldest starts college the following week and fingers crossed i will be back to college joining him for my 3rd year! Love the money tree and am looking forward to you telling us all about the little peoples excitment finding their own money.


This was a most magical post. I love the money tree. I am sure if I had a money tree near where I live it would have to have a CCTV hooked up nearby or it wouldn't be a money tree for long! I have never eaten a toasted marshmallow. It will be on my 'to do' list.


oh Lucy, I came to your blog this morning to read again about the bolton abbey/buffers cafe, and now I read this... I just need to tear my hubby away from the olympics - and convince him that yes it might rain, but there'll be a money tree, and trains!


OMG - you've got me in tears at my desk with the Money Tree making their wishes come true!!!
Sounds lovely - think we may take in the walk when we go camping in Yorkshire. The hills are looking wonderful with all that heather.


Absolutely delightful.


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