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August 06, 2008


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Kelly Paquet

I enjoy your blog so much, Lucy! I discovered it only yesterday,and I love it! Your work is So colorful, and I enjoy reading your fun and helpful thoughts. You cheer me right up and make me want to crochet again! I lived in Wales, U.K., for a year and a half, many years ago, and spent some time in England, too,so your blog also brings back lots of good memories of the lovely women I met there. One of them was a particularly good crochet-er, too! T
hank you for sharing and teaching - I am grateful!

Penny Morrison

okay, so I am completely behind the times in commenting since I'm just now allowing myself to linger in your past blogs and enjoying it so much!! Tea towel quilt!! You are simply brilliant with your ideas! I thought I was the only person with tea towel love- -but now someone else who appreciates their beauty and fun! And a quilt- -ohhhhh, I must think of making one too!!


Fantastic post. Your post was that great, keep it up.

tea towels - Karen Phillips

What a lovely post. I love the images of bright and cheery tea towel piles! Very pretty.


I have a stool just like that. Bought at an antique/secondhand shop in the 19070's. It desperately needs a paint but it is so handy.


Have you started that quiilt-----would love to see it ---it will be fantastic South Australia Australia


I too love to collect tea towels but unfortunately I use them and display them


I agree- your teatowel collection is lovely and would make a beautiful quilt!


Everything is so lovely. You have just the prettiest things.

So happy I found you from Funkymonkey.

Will be looking over your blog with my cup of tea.

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy


Well what could this mysterious twig project be?? Im intrigued.
What a fab idea for your tea towels, I must say you have a gorgeous selection, mine are definatly kept out of pics...lol......your fish cake post made me so hungry but as we are moving Sat I'm running down the food so it was a choice between fish fingers or hot dogs, hmm not quite the same effect......Claire x


I found your blog today and I have lost about 4 fabulously enjoyable hours reading it from start to today :)!!!
Beautiful pictures - love everything :) I found myself nodding in agreement all the way thru - thats what I love about blogland - people who get you!!!
Thank You for sharing your life x


Love the teatowel's, love the idea of the quilt even more. My favourite item has to be the tin of pins, I've gotta a thing for tins.
Oh and just to let you know, we are going to visit West?Bay during the week so I'll throw a pebble for you.


I love the teatowels too. I can't say I own that many and the ones I have are certainly not pretty. I may take a leaf out of your book Lucy and start my own collection.
P.S. I will be trying your fishcakes next week. I too have a weekly menu and this is one that is definately going to be tried. Please keep your recipes coming as well as your glorious photos. Every morning when I sit down to my desk at work I take a look at your blog with my first cuppa of the day and it certainly brightens my day!


Yup, tea towels are definitely a Good Thing. And I think they can be filed under 'Household Essentials' or similar too..great quilty idea.
See you tomorrow!x


Ooh your teatowels are gorgeous. I definitely need some new ones! I love the sound of the teatowel patchwork and I'm very intrigued by the twig project.


Hell! It's scarey how much we have in common sometimes! I too have the CK tea towels and the pin tin. And one of my current projects is a patchwork quilt for my daughter. Nothing fancy, just squares, but its all planned, the fabrics photograghed and worked out on the computer. It's just on hold for the moment while I make a wedding garter for a friend. Love your blog Luce, I want to come and live next door, so we can compare projects!


Hi, Love the tea towel collection; gorgeous colours. You just can not beat a bit of Retail Therapy! I too have the lampshade and lanterns (Girls Own Store) and they hang in my studio. Thanks for the recipes; the fishcakes and cheese crumbley thingies will be made whilst we visit "Havana" the caravan next week...so sorry, but more rain then!! Kathy


At last a reason for my ever increasing tea towel stash - THANK YOU! Definitely a man thing, Mr Ragged Roses just shakes his head in despair most days too!


Think the quilt idea is GENIUS! 3 ways a winner as you say! Plus, the gorgeousness of the tea towel quilt will be out for all to admire!
Wanted to say thanks for posting so regularly during the hols - it's keeping me cheery at work whilst my little man is away at his Nana and Papa's.


You put my collection of tea-towels to shame! Such bright colours and you're right they'd make the perfect quilt :)
Your regular posting also puts me to shame, I've been extremely neglectful of my blog recently.Have a lovely day.


the quilt idea is GREAT! can't wait to see it! I love my CK teatowels but having seen your collection I might branch out into different patterns... :-) ver ver intrigued by the twig 'thing' :-)


Can't wait to see the twiggy project! I love all the tea towels and the groovy scouring pads. I must admit that I am with J on the rusty old biscuit tin! Looking forward to the ripple reveal tomorrow!

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