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August 20, 2008


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Good pyjamas for the girls. The girls looks good in pyjamas. These pyjamas design is good to see. Thanks for sharing a wondeful photos of pyjamas here :)


Hi Lucy,

I found your blog through Cherry's forum. I hope you don't mind me commenting but the pjs drove me to it!

I thought I was the only person with a great love of pjs (nighties will never do). I managed to get a great bargain cardi from Jigsaw a few years ago. It's so soft and cosy it's now my comfy cardi to wear with pjs, perfect at the end of a long, tiring week.

I hope you've recovered from the shoe-buying. Your daughter must be feeling so grown up now. It really is such an exciting time.



you are so not alone in your love of PJ's - I can't get enough of them! If I could wear PJ's to work then I definitely would.



I also call them jarmies Kathy! and have many pairs...

I love jarmies. I have a pair that my now sadly departed mum un law bought me, they are mainly red but diferent colours with hearts woven into the pattern and I wear them every Christmas day like a ritual :-)

anyway, cycber hugs, I don't have children yet but I am sure when I do and the time comes for school I'll be blubbing in Clarks with the best of them - chin up sweetie!

Love Sx
I also have a pair of brushed cotton ones with stars on which my sis bought me after I had been rushed into hospital with stomach pains - so comfy and comforting.

I can never understand people who wear their normal clothes up until bedtime, it's just bizarre! don't they KNOW how comfy jarmies are?


Hi Lucy, sending you cyber-hugs from Sydney. I really understand about the shoe shopping - I have been there with my 2 boys - but thankfully at 6 and 10 years, we are over the tricky times now. This is the first time I've written and I also wanted to thank you and Cathleen for sharing the fabulous chocolate chip cookie recipe. I baked the cookies yesterday afternoon and they were a big hit. We even took some back up to school to my son's trombone teacher and he loved them! (I figured he could do with some sustenance after 4 lessons in a row!) I enjoy reading your blog and wish you a more relaxing day tomorrow.


Oh I wish my pjs were as lovely, they're so pretty! That wind down time is so precious isn't it. For me it's a quick change into comfy, slouchy trousers, a gaze down on the garden and a bit of a think. Sorry to hear of the shoe buying trauma. We've recently discovered a lovely children's shoe shop in town with toys, tiny chairs and the gentlest staff. My boys love to go now and we usually come away with the first pair we try. A total joy, hope somewhere like that opens near you soon. Hope you got to have a long sit down tonight.

Rachael Rabbit

I have a little ritual where I take a hot hot bath or shower every evening and then slip into my pj's - also a fantastic array of mismatched tops and bottoms. Pj's make me feel very happy and cosy!


had to have a giggle at you posting pics of your pj's but i know what you mean, i love a comfy wind down in the evenings!

and i love the nighttime view from your attic window, so lovely! x


Lucy, sweet one, I am sending you a hug. I understand. They do grow quite fast. Love your assortment of PJ's. I adore my PJ's too. In the winter I usually take my shower in the morning and put another pair right back on. SSSsshhhh...don't tell anyone I said that.


This is my first visit and I had a delightful time browsing through past posts and reading all about your weekend away. You have the most charming places to visit in England. I love the crocheted garland. It is precious. You are a girl who loves color, just like me! I love the bright colors in your afghan squares too.
I'll be back again to visit.


In my PJs too... we did the school shoes thing. My size 9-er just seemed all wrong in them. Not sure my baby can be permitted to go to school. I predict tears over the name tapes before I am done.


oh - we haven't managed to get shoes yet - it's my worst nightmare...
love the pj's! my idea of heaven is to stay in pj's all day, we usually have a pj day in the christmas hols, where no-one has to get dressed if they don't want to.
ps loved your comment on Alice C's blog about taking photos of the childrens feet, I found myself doing that last week.......


Instead of a wardrobe full of clothes I have one full of PJ's there's nothing more cosy than getting into a pair of cotton pj's after a hard day.I've been having a few of them lately.
My youngest starts school in September and I keep putting off buying his unifrom. Enjoy the rest of their holiday.


Oh yes, I understand both tricksy days AND bonkers streaks. They tend to happen simultaneously and with regularity around here. Hope today has been much, much better!


Lucy, I'm glad you found my blog again and it made you smile! I too spend alot of the day waiting for that "Ahhh...bliss" moment when I can climb into them. That's the best part when the nights draw in, the fact that I can put them on at 4.30pm!!..
Thanks for brightening up the school holidays letting us peep into your life..
Jane. x


The first bit of this post made me smile, it's all warm and cosy, and I couldn't help wondering what your hubby would have to say about you blogging about your pjs!! The second part made me feel grateful I've never had to go shoe shopping with little ones! Hope you're feeling more balanced, and sending a hug.


Cyberhugs coming your way :)

I'm totally with you on the pj's!! As soon as my boys are in bed I change into them. I just hope noone comes knocking on my door at 7.30pm!!

I've not been shoe shopping yet...... trying to put it off - my boys are 5 and 7 so it can be a bit of an ordeal (and an expense!!) :)


Hello Lucy, I love your collection of pjs (although I call them jarmies!!)and need to get to Tesco fast; as love your new ones! I am feeling very down and sore.. I had both my legs operated on yesterday so am feeling very sore and old ladyish...I think I need some new jarmies to cheer me up! I did the school shoe thing last week - £76 for two pairs! And apparently there is not VAT on shoes hmmmm....My boys have very large feet the 10 yr old has 5 and a half and the 9 year old 3 and a half! Now I really feel old! Kathyx


Sending you huge hugs across the Pennines! Glad you got the school shoes sorted - I had a night of putting name labels into uniform last night, which I HATE.


Hi Lucy, We got the shoes this week, most of the books last week and as my youngest is starting secondary school next week, we got her uniform much to her relief - she was worried they would be sold out in her size - poor crater. And to cap it off my son has his first Debs to attend to this week, got the suit last week, talk about panic Monday morning to get a black shirt, we live in a small town, 3 shops sell black shirts, first two waiting for more to come in, luck would have it we managed to get one in the third shop and i now have a very happy son, can't wait to see him dressed all in his finery. All these jobs seem like nothing to men, it is just in a day's work for us woman folk - but boy can it be stressful, trying to keep everyone happy and helping them to make the right choice - your choice. Does eveyone else feel the same?


hi, been reading your blog everyday through the summer hols, it's lovely to read about your life of crochet, baking, little people etc. My son is 7 and I returned to work part time when he started school so when it came to buying those first shoes it was traumatic for many reasons and I did sob in the shop - but then I figured that Clarks have probably seen it so many times before - I knew that was the case when the assistant pointed to a box of tissues of the checkout counter.... As I am lucky enough to not work during the school holidays I spend them doing all the things I love so much - the crochet hook comes out the wool gets bought, the cookbooks are followed - its great fun. Keep blogging please it 's great to read about like minded families.



we did the school shoe thing yesterday but were only half sucessful. off again today with a 10 year old with slim size 3 and a half feet and an interest in design - wish me luck!
are you working for a pyjama manufacturer as your description of pyjama glad cosy crafting has made me want to go out and buy some?
big cyber hug coming your way.


I know what you mean about pjs! I love mine and have loads of different pairs. Nothing beats getting settled in and cosy wearing your jamies after a long day! x


Enjoy you little ones while you can. They will grow so quickly you will wonder where it went - especially if you ever have to buy great big mens size 11 boots for school!!!!!


I love to settle into my pj's at the end of a busy day. Especially ones with an elasticated waist! Buying school shoes is not a good thing to have to do, especially if it is for the first time.

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