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August 13, 2008


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Is there a pattern available for this? I would love to make one for my daughter's room.

Elizabeth Blank

This is gorgeous! I'd love to make one for my Mum who has dementia, it would brighten her room. Or smaller ones to go on my fidget quilts and cushions. X


Congratulations for 100 posts! Your works are beautiful! Knitting is my first love,but just now I try to crochet some flowers for a belt.
I am a very young blogger, and you are an inspiration, that the great feeling of crocheting can be put in words.


Do you have any instruction for this?
I would love to make this for a friend of mine!! =D
Best Wishes,
[email protected]


Is the tutorial for the garland around somewhere? Am desperate to make this and my one attempt by myself doesn't look so fabulous...


I would love to try my hand at making one of these! Such an incredibly clever idea! I know this was an old post, but I'm hoping a tutorial is available (oh, please say "yes", please say "yes") Ü

Tracey Todhunter

Your version of the garland is lovely. So nice to see how different people have interpreted the pattern. Congratulations on reaching "100".

רופאי שיניים

It's lovely. I have thread that it was left to wave, but fortunately call this an official stash. I like it so much.


What a wonderful flower army you have made :)


A friend made your striped crochet bag and I was so inspired I made a variation of it. I had not crocheted in years so I made a sample before I bought yarn to make a nice one. It turned out OK and I learned what I was doing wrong, so now I'm ready to make "the good one". Your pics and instructions are excellent. Thank you.

Dianna from Missouri, USA

P.S. Not sure how to post a pic of it.


Congratulations on exceeding 100 posts! I really love the crocheted garland. x


So Beautiful. Cant wait for the tutorial !


Oh my goodness!!! That's soooo cute!


those are really cute......

Gill in Canada


Happy one hundred Luce, you still don't look a day over 15...!!
Very VERY lovely flowery bunting, I could quite happily string some of that up somewhere special myself-congrats to Sally!x


Your garland is lovely, really lovely. I would wear it as a scarf cum necklace (if there is such a thing - I'm sure you know what I mean though). With a plain back top, the colours would really stand out. Maybe you could make a few more as scarves? Just a thought.



Congratulations on your 100th wonderful post, they are always a joy to read and the photos divine. I LOVE the garland and i agree the idea with the two greens in the stem is great, you are just so clever. I am thrilled that you will put the pattern up, as my friends mum is going to teach me to crotchet, I had problems trying to understand the book! So at long last i may be able to make a bag like yours or a garland, a granny blanket or that much desired ripple rug, Yahoo! Keep up with your wonderful blogs Lucy here's to another 100!!!


Congrats on your 100th post! I've loved every one I've read. I think I'm nearing my 100th, but I don't have any real crafty talents (yet) to offer in a celebratory giveaway. Pity I can't gift someone with a bouquet from my garden, or a massage. Or maybe one of my children?


Does Sally have a blog? If she so akin to you, Lucy, I'm sure I'd love hers too!


Woo hoo!!!! Thank you so much Luce....I would say more but I'm cartwheeling round my living room at the mo :)
S xxxx


I enjoy your blog and really like your garland, perfect project for middle school students. I'm looking forward to your tutorial for the flowers as well as your crochet bag!!!
Congrats on your 100.


So looking forward to this tutorial. Love it. Well done.


That garland is so pretty and colorful, like you! Happy 104th post! I hope you do something cozy and wonderful today. Enjoy!


Where do you get all your ideas from teh garland is lovely.....I am thinking of making a christmas garland, so ,knowing my crochet pace better start now xx

kali @ poppy lane

p.s. I am so looking forward to the tutorial :)
xo Kali

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