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August 05, 2008


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Valerie Gindin

This looks really tasty and EASY.Even I might suceed inmaking them.

Imelda Maguire

Can't believe it! I have all the ingredients in my fridge! That's tomorrow's dinner plan made! Thank you.


Oooh, must give those a try! Trying to increase dear husband's intake of oily fish, and we tried smoked mackerel fishcakes quite successfully recently, made with regular old potatoes and some wholegrain mustard. But sweet potatoes are fab (and count as 1 of your 5 or 7 or 10 a day, which regular ones don't) so we'll try your version next!

Rhian McCarthy

I'm trying the no knead bread -it's proving over night and into oven tomorrow


Smoked mackerel makes lovely pate (sorry no accent over the 'e') too!


sounds delicious!

Catherine Wilcox

What a great idea, my kids too would love the idea of eating the meal with their fingers. Something has come over me this year, I know it is on the beginning ... but I hope to keep it up. I have made cottage pie out of the left over roast beef and tonight I made home made meat balls. I think I will have to plan your fishcakes in for next week.


Fantastic! Fishcakes are my eldest's favourite. We usually make them with tinned salmon and left over mash, but smoked mackerel is a great idea. Definitely going on our menu...


I'm thoroughly enjoying your kitchen adventures. We have made the bread recipe you shared on facebook a week ago twice now. You inspired me to overcome my fear of using yeast in a recipe, and now I don't even know what I was ever afraid of.

Ligia Seabra

Sounds delicious! I miss smoked mackerel so much, I love it. Thanks Lucy for sharing. :)


lovely meal and I will be trying the .... enjoy xx Love Joy xx


I love smoked mackerel and this does sound like a very tasty recipe ~ definitely one to try :O)x



well I tried to make them but tescos had run out of sweet potatoes so I used white potatoes. I also added cheese (grated cheddar) and a dollop of grain mustard. and I didn't have any bread for the breadcrumbs either, oh dear! but they were delicious and the mackerel was a really good choice for fishcakes Lucy, very nice indeed! The lemon and parsley were also wonderful. I erved mine with herb salad, roasted cherry toms and a creme fraiche thing with lime juice and pepper mixed in, yum! I recommend the addition of cheese!

Jen - smoked trout would be wonderful!

Love S x


Sounds and looks delicious.
I will be making this soon!


Lucy, your photos get better and better and I'm loving your recipes! BUT, what d'you think I should substitute for the mackerel since we don't have it (at least my supermarket doesn't) here in the states. Smoked trout maybe? I wish the "cheap" moniker was true here--smoked fish in general is pretty pricey. Anyhoo, I'm going to try these!


Helloo! Thank you for all your lovely comments and intense reading of my blog! Thanks for the mention in your blog - it was very kind. Life is tres busy at the moment so this is brief - love the fish cake recipe. Pasha was reading over my shoulder and has already said we have got to make them! I really loved your stripey bag by the way - very gorgeous. I cant blog for the next few days but hopefully will do a catch up at the weekend with some nice photos! Have a great week - boo to the weather but you sound like me in that it doesnt stop you going out! Lots of love Emma x


oh my GOD these sound delicious!!! I am going to try these very very soon. There is a nice butternut squash recipe on my blog that you might appreciate - it too has about 6 ingredients, is fast, tasty and a recipe all of my own device. and well done for getting your children to eat fish and a strong tasting one at that - most people I know struggle with this one!


Thanks for that Luce, you are really helping me build my repertoire of weekly dinner recipes! I have just printed that one off to add to the feta frittata thingummy.
What's tomorrow.....?x

French Knots

Can I come for tea please??


Thanks Lucy it sounds yummy and healthy too going to try this on my little people they loved your tarts!


i had to stop hiding for this one, and thought id post a reply to you!

mmmmmmm lucy, i LOVE your recipes!...am gonna make that this week!


Jennifer x


Thank you for this recipe Lucy - It sounds lovely, and I am a big fan of sweet potato. I will definitely be giving it a try - Natalie x


That looks and sounds tasty, must try that out with my lot. It's so hard to think of interesting and economical meals for the family that everyone will like, and preferbly that you enjoy cooking - not one of my favourite jobs i must say, i love the notion of been a great cook, but there it stops I'm afraid are any of you other readers like that or is it just me!!!


Those look extremely tasty. I have yet to get mackerel past the kids radar, but those look worthy of a try.


A glug of oil, dollopy dipping sauces - Jamie Oliver eat your heart out because you have competition! These sound like fun to make and easy too. I like the addition of sweet potato as it gives the dish a modern twist!

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