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August 15, 2008


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Beautiful photos! Makes me want to be there even more! You've totally made my son's day as well. As I was reading, he caught a glimpse of the trains over my shoulder and threw down his markers to come see! He loves trains :) and I love your blog!

Nina (UK)

Hello, I have only recently discovered your blog but wanted to let you know how enjoyable it is to read. Also, your pictures are great.

Nina. xx


So Beautiful!!! O what a lovely way to spend your day :)


What a lovely place. Better than theme parks and noisy indoor play areas.
It sounds like something out of a children's book.


What a beautiful village, my boys would go nuts for those trains.


What a fab time you all had. I love to discover new places to keep the kiddiewinkles entertained. I'd love to have seen your 'little people' when returning to the car, wet, covered in mud, exhausted but with a smile on their faces!!

Kali @ poppy lane

I'm a bit miffed, I missed out too!
What a fab sounding place, and the scenery spectacular. A definite hit all around by the sounds of it.
xo K


What a great place! I love discovering hidden gems like that.


What an exciting day out that was.....it shows that these little and sometimes "simple" things can also be great instead of big and busy family-fun-parks. Who bothers about the weather then..... :)


I LOVE it when you find such places more or less under your nose, and it looks great! I was quite taken by the geraniums as well. They always look great when the weather is rubbish don't they?


thankyou for sharing, what a wonderful place to visit, bet it was a lovely suprise.


What a perfect sounding day. I'm an owner of those offspring requiring daily exercise too and it can get tricky in bad weather, but looks like you managed it with bells on!


Haha -- I chuckled knowingly about boisterous kids who need to be exercised. I only wish I had such idyllic spots in which to exercise mine!


Wonderful photos and an enjoyable read. I shall enjoy coming back.


You have such a vivid way of describing things I feel I was there with you! Lucky you to have found a Firm Friend, it's wonderful when you connect with someone and just know they'll be friends for life.


England has such lovely, green, lush, countryside. Wish I could venture out into this beauty. I can't even imagine the visions you get to experience every day. Lucky, lucky you and your children for having such a memorable day and thank you for sharing these photos.


Sometimes I really wish you and I could trade places and I could live in England! You just can't take "the ruins of an abbey" OR a sweet old fashioned cafe on an old farm in the middle of nowhere her in the US.

Oh well... just keep allowing me to live there vicariously through your wonderful blog...


How nice to find a cosy little cafe with vintage treasures, sounds a little gem!


What a lovely place, the type of thing for lovely childhood memories.
lisa x

Rachel L

That sounds like such a fantastic day out! And you tell your stories so beautifully. :)


Wow what a fantastic day, to be taken somewhere you didn't know ever exsited and to be such a pleasent place. The river beach looks like great fun for the little people. Who needs summer weather (well may be a little bit of dry weather would be nice) not us brits hey.


How good of your friend to introduce you to 'Buffers' in the back o' beyond! And what a wonderful albeit drisly day. I bet you all slept well after your day exposed to the elements!


What a lovely day out with your friend. It looks like a wonderful place to visit.

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