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August 04, 2008


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cheesy crumbles look great! I loved looking at your pretty cups, plates etc - gorgeous!


Yum, and that's my reaction to the flowers AND the cheesy crumbles. What a quick idea, I bet my boys would love them in their lunch box.


what beautiful photos you take


what beautiful photos you take


oh i LOVE your flowers, too! i just wish i knew what they were. i want to plant some outside my door too!

i found your blog via the hexagon love yahoo group and have been devouring your blog ever since. love your crochet work, love your cooking posts and love your flower shots.

Forgjengelige ting

I really like your colorful blog!! Lovely bunch of flowers!!


glad you too were inspired by Kims lovely idea! Your tea party sounds great fun. I love the look of those cheesy biscuits too, yum! May have to try some of those...!x


I was asked the other day if you could do anything for a w/end what would you do and I said live with my friend Luce she bakes and its all so yummy. Your little ones are very lucky people. Will have a make of those cheesy crumbles yum ! Flowers look lovely hun xxx


It all looks beautiful. Glad you had a good weekend


I love afternoon tea and am hosting it myself this afternoon for my lovely best friend's birthday.

Luce, I LOVE your milk jug!

Regarding your comment on my blog - I too am impressed that Matt dared arrange china!!!

Clairey xx


My tummy is rumbling so loudly looking at those lovely cheese crumbles! I must tempt my boys with the tea party idea, I'm sure they'd love it. Thanks for the link to my blog, you're very kind. And I love your flowers so much. Garden posies are just the prettiest aren't they, the WI stall at our market sell beautiful ones for just £1 but flowers from your own garden are the most special of all. Have a smashing week.


Hi Luce
The garden flowers look absolutely beautiful. I have been putting the yellow flowers from our sprouting broccoli in a jug with some lavender - they look great! And my mum's sweet peas are a treat too. The tea party sounded fab -am definitely going to try those cheesy crumbles - yum!
S xx


I love the fruit jelly pig buns. I'd be a little piggy and scoff the lot myself! The cheesy crumbles look very moreish and I love the banana bread (I've made it myself a few times now). The garden posy sets the scene for a wonderful tea party!

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