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July 22, 2008


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Beatrice Norling

Kids who ride to school miss a lot. Walking to school is a bond among the people sharing the few moments. You're very lucky to live near the school to do this, but people who truly are motivated to walk can do it as well. It's the healthier choice. =D

Catherine/My Garden Travels

Your blog is so lovely. I've enjoyed seeing all your sites through your beautiful photographs.

Julie Alvarez

I gave you an award on your blog. Here it is!


What a lovely walk to school you have. I don't think I would mind walking it in any kind of weather.
Hope you have a good trip!


Hi there,

Love your photo's. the kids have been off school since the third week of June and don't go back until the first Tuesday in September!!!! They have around 7 weeks of summer vacation here, as much because some schools don't have air, and it gets so hot.

Gill from Canada


Lucy, if there was a walking to school competition I think you would win it! what a fabulous journey to make each day, come rain or shine i shouldn't doubt! Such beautiful photos.Thanks for sharing x


What a fab walk to school you have. Before I had my youngest I walked to our village school everyday for 14 years, come rain or shine and I miss it now.


How wonderfully evocative -- I feel as if I'd just taken a little vacation myself! It would be especially fun to spy on the boat breakfasters...

This makes me think we need a morning pre-school walk. We're home schoolers, so it'd have to be round-trip! But I agree with Julia's comment about the head-clearing benefits.

Have a fantastic holiday!!

French Knots

You have the best school run ever! What a lovely start to the day even in grotty weather.
My Dad has a narrowboat and it is such fun, a bit like living in a dolls house but even better as you can pootle along the canal and watch the world go by.


What a lovely school run - I have just done a post this morning about how much I love the school holidays (ours started on Friday) I will definitely be popping by regularly to see what you are up to (and hopefully to tell you that I've mastered crochet!) Have a great trip to Dorset - Love Natalie x

do you mind if i knit

What a great start to the day..............
Have a lovely time on your holiday.


what a lovely walk. your small people will have so many wonderful childhood memories, when grown.
have a wonderufl time in Dorset.I don't know what you look like but if i see anyone with that wonderful stipey bag I'll say hello. of course i could be setting myself up for some embarrasing situations, but you never know I may spot you. that's if you are taking your bag with you!!! have a great holiday.
jane in dorset


Slightly more picturesque than our school walk, yuo lucky thing.
I love our school walk every morning, it clears my head and sets me up for the day.
Have a lovely holiday
Julia x


Me AGAIN.....pop over to my blog as you have an award waiting for you....Claire x


The school walk is idyllic. I would like to have a peep inside those canal boats. The 'clippy' trees remind me of the heads of the Simpson's family! Now you can think that every time you walk past! Have a fantastic time in Dorset. I am looking forward to some Dorset pictures as I have never been there and would like to go there someday.


What a very lovely School run you have. My 'work run' is going to become a whole lot prettier in a few weeks and I think it will make me much happier at 8.30 in the morning! Hope you have a lovely summer holiday and especially your time in Dorset.


Your school run is so picturesque I'm very jealous!
Hope you have a lovely holiday and a fantastic summer hols with the kiddies!


Me again, when you get back from your hols, check out the Urchin website, they have the most fab crochet pouffet, as soon as I saw it I thought of you, it is sooooo you! Claire xx


What a gorgeous walk to school, I definatly have school walk envy.....lol.
Have a fab holiday, have lots of fun.......Claire xx


That is a beautiful school run you have.

Enjoy Dorset my lovely!

Clairey who is already on her summer hols! xx


Oh Luce I am so pleased your going to carry on blogging i need my fix hun! I for one will still be reading when in florida due to dh Iphone :-) Have a fantastic summer xx

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