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July 15, 2008


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Sweet pea or beautiful plant.
I have growth some from seed and there are now growing tall just waiting for the flower and hopefully some lovely sunny weather.

Shauna Chapman

Remember to PICK your sweatpeas as the more you pick, the more flowers will come! Promise!


I love the smell of sweet peas around the house, and they look so pretty. I have a bunch of sea holly which I cut from the garden, have you smelt them, not very nice! But they look very effective. x


Sweet peas are a joy aren't they. My little boy planted our very first ones in a huge half barrel and I must say they're doing pretty well which is a bit of surpirse as I did the same as you and left them 'til they looked a bit sorry for themselves in the tray! We did give them a fed them a liquid feed a couple of times and now they're huge.

I feel torn in two aswell about cutting them though, its a struggle to decide to have them in the house or have a big but not very colourful bush outside!

I do love visiting your very colourful blog, such a cheer on a yet another grim summer's day. Thank you!


Luckily my Father-in-law grows prize winning sweet peas so I always have a plentiful supply throughout the summer. Don't they smell gorgeous?


my dad brought me a bunch today from his garden, the smell in our family room is great..



ok so how come I live in cold grey wet north yorkshire too, and my sweet peas are no where near flowering - not fair. xx


Lovely sweet peas- the nearset i have is my two blue eyed peas in a pod over here in Wales!! They're 7 and 4 and shooting up every day, thirsty and hungry, blossoming all the time and so much fun and joy! They loved your lemon cake I made today yum yum in our tums.:D Have a great lemon muffin recipe like that you'd like. Been making felt beads today your colourful site has inspired me to make some to match your crochet flowers. I'm a Northener living in Wales, it rains, but boy does that make your garden grow!!! here's to attics, wee ones, flowers and blogging cheers ( sips tea and munches yummy lemon cake) love clairexx


How lucky you are to be able to pick lovely posies of sweet peas from your back garden. They look so pretty and am sure the scent is heavenly (no matter what your beloved says). I will still have to wait quite a while before I can start picking sweet peas from my cutting garden. I did sow a few seeds in May, but they will probably not flower before August. Maybe next year I too should buy small seedlings.

I have not been around in blogland for quite a while but have now enjoyed all your lovely entries since my last visit. Do keep up the good work.


Ooh, I can almost smell them from here-they don't look straggly to me! But then my poor attempt at sewing sweetpeas from seed ended in one pitiful flower. Pffft.
Lovely mug/jug type thing!x


The closeup of the sweetpeas should be on a greeting card. Lovely Pic.


I'm living vicariously through you -- I have sweet pea plants, but still no blooms. I need to acknowledge that my climate is too hot, and move on! But I'd love to experience that famous scent...Also, love the combo with the Lady's Mantle!!


I love sweetpeas for their wonderful colours and their shape BUT I can never seem to grow them - yours are lovely!


aah! sweet peas, my favourite...and they look good in the Andrew Lloyd mug!


Your sweetpeas are lovely and cheery. I love growing things but maintainance isn't usually one of my strengths. This year however I am paying a lot of attention to feeding, watering and deadheading my plants and am being rewarded with lots of lovely blooms. I have never had much success with sweetpeas but I think I might keep a look out for some as I do love their scent.

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