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July 31, 2008


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I keep coming back to look at your view from your childhood bedroom window. I go to sleep at night thinking of views such as this....you are so lucky to have this breathtakingly beautiful memory. It must have been almost dreamlike to live so close to the sea at one time in your life. I bet you have some wonderful stories to tell of those days, Lucy. No wonder you love the sea so much...it's coded into your DNA!


Just been catching up on about a month's worth of your posts and have spent a wonderful few minutes enjoying the sea views. I'd forgotten your previous Dorset posts and knew I recognised the coastline.

You've made me realise I'm not taking any time off and must really go down to Burton Bradstock and smell the sea. Now we live the closest to the sea we've ever lived (45 mins from West Bay) this is the longest time I've not visited. I don't think I've walked along a beach for 2 years and I'm absolutely horrified to realise it.

Thanks for the wake-up call!!



Ah, Golden Cap. I've made that walk many a time myself too. Stunning. In fact one year we decided to backpack part of the Cornish part of the South West Way for an entire week! Must have been mad!! Up and down all those incredibly steep cliffs with 40lbs on my back!


what a fantastic holiday, it looks like a fantastic place to visit, and I just love that photo with the picnic blanket!


Thank you for sharing your Dorset Jollies with us, what lovely pictures and made me want to be there too! Always nice to come home too of course :)


Your photos make me long for a trip to your side of the pond. My kind of vacation--casual, relaxed. Love it.

And I can't believe that the buttercu/butter thing is so ubiquitous. I'm from Pennsylvania, USA and you're in England, doing the same thing. Cool!


your photos are so dreamy, they remind of Santa Barbara!


I, too, so enjoyed your account of your trip, from the spectacular natural scenery to the charms of perfect little shops. Your capacity for deriving joy from the little pleasures as well as the big ones inspires me tremendously. Obviously that mindfulness practice you mentioned a while back is paying off hugely!


Have really enjoyed your Dorset Holiday's, and i must say what beautiful countryside, it must be so hard to leave, but wonderful to get back into your own familiar surroundings, that you now call home!


What a fantastic jolly! Sounds perfect!
We're looking at a campsite on Golden Cap for later this summer - just concerned about the wind, that it may blow us away!


What a beautiful view you had from your bedroom window when you were little - It certainly looks like a gorgeous part of the country to visit, and lovely photos too as usual - Natalie x P.S - Have you finished the ripple since you got back home? - I think you will need it this winter what with gas prices going up so astronomically!


Thanks for sharing your Dorset holidays!
I never have been there, so I read every post and follow your trip as I was there with you and your wonderful family. You describe everything wonderfully!


Visually stunning photo's as usual. My Mum used to do the buttercup thing to me when I was a child. I could never figure out how come everyone liked butter! The view from your childhood window is idyllic as is the view from your attic! I feel sad that my Dorset Jollies are over but thank you for giving us a taste of your trip. Where next? I can't wait.

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