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July 07, 2008


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Psst... Hi Lucy!

Yes, I know, I'm all the way back here in your past. See, I've been following and enjoying your blog for nigh on two years, but I suddenly wanted to the The Beginning of your blogging life so I've been working my way through, day by day. and may I say, I am loving it! Seriously, to the extent that I keep being late to things because I start having a little read while I feed my little one and before I know it half an hour has passed and I have't left for weaning class/doctors appointment/baby group! Whoops! I also kept calling out to partner (another Attic24 addict) in amazement - "oh my gosh! Little Lady has only just turned four! She was so little!" And "wow! Look! This was when her lovely shelves were built!" And "she's just invented her own flower design... For the first time! It's all still to come!"

I felt the need to comment on this particular post because I too adore DMM's and try to be mindful myself. And now I think I've found my next big crochet project too-hexagons. I've never tried that shape before! Love that all the centres are yellow. Hmm... I need a yarn shopping trip!

So thank you for always being inspiring, and providing me with so many hours of happy reading, oohing and aahing. In fact, many of my DMM's this week have occurred while reading this! I'm so enjoying seeing your house and crocheting develop.

Jen (still blissfully reading at 4:48am when really I should put my wee man back in his cot and get some more shut-eye... But feeling compelled to pad downstairs in my pj's and put the second coat on my newly colourful cutlery drawer!)


you should read the power of now by eckhart tolle. because, after al, now is all we have, so why spend your life in the past or the future?


mindfulness is a good thing indeed. I think we tend to be so busy rushing around that we sometimes just need to stand back or sit a while and breath it all in really. Lovely hexagons, the pictures of them in all their bright glory always make me smile. Sigh. I do love your blog.x


It's looking great, and it's spreading happiness around the world! Great job.


I'm not even sure if I have commented on your blog yet or not but oh do I love it! I do look forward to your new posts!

I also love your crocheting projects especially the hexagon one you are working on. Is there a pattern for the one you are using somewhere online?


I love how you tell about your attic getaways and sitting on the window seat looking out. Love that!

Much love from across the pond!

xoxo Cat


That was a lovely post. Mindfulness. It's a good thing.


Hi there,just a few days ago found your blog, love coming to see you in your world.Best wishes to you up there in Yorkshire, Annie x


that blanket is lovely, I wish I could crochet, even knit....its one of those things I just can't do...never mind.

Gill from Canada


The blanket looks amazing! All of the colors are so cheerful it makes me want to snuggle right up in it. (never mind that it is currently 102 degrees right now)


Talking of lifes small pleasures - I have just made your banana bread that Periwinkle has blogged about. It was light and delicious and I am making another one tomorrow! The hexagon blanket is coming on great. I love the sunshiney yellow centres.


There's nothing on earth like the combination of fresh-brewed coffee, nowhere to rush to, and the children having a blast together (safely) without one's intervention/supervision. I live for those moments! (Your hexagons are positively delicious.)

French Knots

We get it! The warm happy feeling of a DMM.
Love your hexagons, such perfect colour combinations. By the winter you'll be able to wrap yourself in a rainbow.


Oh, I love that blanket, I want one soooo badly but I just don't have the time at the moment to start one. I'll just have to keep getting my hexagon fix on your blog. Keep up the good work!


Hello! I don't know if you know me, but I am Lad One, Lynn's son. I really like your blog. That blanket looks gorgeous! I crochet, too. It's kind of funny, because my brother and I like to make up games in our living room!

carole rennison

How funny - i know what you mean about mindfulness! i do try to practice that too but not always successfully! x

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