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July 10, 2008


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Hi Lucy
I hope you are beginning to feel better now.
I was just wondering if you have a pattern or instructions for the basket lining please?

Many thanks

Jacqui 😊


Lucy, your posts give always joy to me! have a nice day!

Erica K

I LOVE your basket! You did such a good job with it! It's rather inspired me to transform a few baskets I have here at home... :)


I love it! Did you finish your basket case? I love the colors! Is there a certain pattern you have for it? I can't wait to peruse your site even more.


I am still loving the DEB in fact I painted a little shelf yesterday.

Your basket looks gorgeous.

Susan M Hickam

Love the basket and the bag-I would love to see the bag when you finish. I crochet also.


great transformation, love the colours of the wool, and the crochet is lovely - I wouldn't know where to start...


What a wonderful transformation of a plain wicker basket. I have a few lying around the house, but was afraid to paint them. You have motivated me to give it a try.


Hallo Lucy,
Your blog is very special to me, i've been reading it for quit a while now. I think you write in a fantastic way !! I thought now it's the time to write a comment :) You see i also have just been painting a basket, but i use it for magazines. At the moment i am not crotching but knitting !!
Want to wish you a great weekend and greetings from the Netherlands and thanks for a the lovely stories !

Alva Horton

oh my goodness! that basket couldn't be any cuter - I must start sewing some cutesy linings myself, maybe this weekend. Thanks so much for your hugs and words of encouragement earlier this week, they mean the world! Have a simply fantastic weekend darling!


Loving that basket! I did laugh about the reluctance to cut up the tea towel, my stash of vintage fabric causes me the same problems. Whenever I want to make something I pull it all out, stroke it lovingly and then put it back again!
Can't wait to see the finished crochet back, I'm so jealous that you can crochet!
Julia x

do you mind if i knit

What a lovely story.................. the transformation of the basket, and it looks fabulous!
And a very interesting crochet bag in progress.............. I may have to do some copying myself.............. very inspiring........... should I follow a specific pattern......... or is it something that is very simple to do? I imagine people will be clamouring to know exactly how you did it!
Your blog is going from strength to strength Lucy............. fantastic!


Hi I love your blog, it is the 1st one I check daily, I have starting to crochet again after seeing your hexagongs, love the look of your new bag are you using a pattern or just winging it? basket looks great.


We had to have a basket like that when we did Home Ec., in school, in fact I still have mine downstairs in the basement, what a neat makeover. I never use mine, but this might encourage me to bring it up.

Gill from Canada


Well done with the thrifty basket, and what a great make over!

I'm so excited that you're crocheting a bag. I can't wait to see it! You've inspired my latest post, hope you pop over and have a look, it's a little pictoral tour of some of my crochet bags, but with a difference!


Ciao Lucy, I love your basket, your picture, your Attic24 style!


what a fab basket, and beautiful crochet too- how on earth do you find the time to fit it all in?! The hexagons, cooking, gardening...phew!x


I love it, too! Thanks for sharing your latest projects with us :) Your new crocheted crochet bag is going to be lovely, I'm sure!


Wow, love the basket redo - great job!


Well I cant believe that....how funny! In that case the header for your post is perfect for both of us! Dont wish life just was like Postman Pats...lol....am I a bit wierd if I watch it on my own...my youngest one doesnt really watch it that much now....lol....claire xx


Hiya hun, I'm sooooo glad you liked your goodies!
Fab post again..... seeing the gorgeous creation of your basket makes me want to learn to knit ( I did learn with brownies many years ago but i'd have to start all over again) just so i can have a basket like yours to put it in......Claire xx


Hi Lucy, Love the basket..and the lining..I did laugh about the heebiejeebies!!! You have done a great job. I have tried to learn crochet (my mum can do it and she has tried to teach me but nope, can do!) so, can you recommend any books/website to help me learn...mum is too ill at the moment (Big C) and finds anything she has to concentrate on too exhausting poor love. Kathyx PS Is it groovy wellies or girlie flipflops today?! I think it is both here in Devon.


Lucy - I love your blog! It really is fantastic - funny, insightful, inspiring PLUS gorgeous photos to look at. Only problem is I'm NOT GETTING ANY WORK DONE as I'm too busy reading your blog
lots of love to you all

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