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June 23, 2008


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Lucy, since you linked back to this post in today's post (9/20/10), I just had to write about it. My own Little Lady turned six over the summer, and is now in first grade. Your description of what it's like to be mother to a daughter was so like my own feelings. We clash a bit, me and my girl, because we are both hot-headed Leo women, and we both KNOW our minds, and what we want. Not always the same thing, whether it's how to spend the afternoon, or what we'll be eating for lunch, etc. She is my buddy too, and I hope this will continue for some years to come, and that the years will not arrive TOO soon, when she sits in judgment upon me for not being perfect, or whatever she thinks a mother ought to be. It seems women can be harsher critics (silently or outspoken) their own mothers than anyone else (I am guilty of this myself - the silent kind, at least).

Anyway - I read you all the time but seldom comment. Since this was an older post without many comments yet, I thought I'd say HELLO. :-) Thanks, as always, for sharing with us.


Catherine Maudsley

What a lovely post - make the most of those few weeks left when you have little company. It flies so fast doesn't it - you had me remembering those days...........


your little lady is a star in the making. Or an Imelda Marcos...! Love the matching nail varnish too.x


Your post made me tear up because my youngest ones (twins) are turning 6 on Friday and heading to school this fall, and I've got the mixed feelings too. Yes, gone are the days of playgroups and library storytimes. But yes, summertime is still here and there are many wonderful days ahead.

You and I really do lead parallel lives!


You have a very 'grown up' little lady there. My boy started infant school a couple of weeks after his fourth birthday. He looked too tiny for school in his little uniform. I love your metallic toes by the way!


looks like a lovely day, perfect memories!


Enjoy those precious moments. There is nothing sweeter than sharing a cup of tea on the step.


I'll be an empty nester come September too. Odd, isn't it.

And good to know that the M&S exchange policy extends to undesirable parents too.


A little girl after my own old heart...love shoes too! My boys are 8 and 10 and wow those years speed by. I would do anything just to have a few of those tiny pre-school minutes back; to enjoy those moments. Enjoy whilst it lasts. Kathyx


That is such a lovely top. For a second there, I thought you had just bought a plain white top & sewn everything else on to it (did you? lol). Hmm, whenever it's just me & L going to the shops at weekends, she always makes me try on high heels -- "go on, Mummy, try this one..... pleeeease" -- and it's always the really shiny (gold/silver/colourful) high ones. I usually try on 4-5 shoes (luckily, I only have to try on that "one side" lol) and then I tell her that I've had enough lol (I don't wear heels either).


You've just summed up exactly how I feel about my baby going to school. After 8 years of pre-school activities and the freedom that entails I have very mixed emotions about my last little person going off into the big wide school world. More than anything I will really, really miss having her around to chat to on our own, and all the cuddles, hairbrushing and giggling we've done together. 4 years have really whizzed by so I'm trying to commit to memory all the special moments until September.
Julia x
ps. Love the heels. I never wear them either, always feel a bit like a man in drag because of the way I walk in them!


that little dress is so adorable! dressing girls must be a lot more fun than dressing boys...fights and all : )

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