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June 25, 2008


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Don't be too hard on yourself. You can't ever get everything done in the garden on time. I have a large garden and I really dislike the fact that it never looks just how I want it, to have it like this would mean I would have to be in the garden 24/7 and nothing else would get done. Whatever you get around to doing it will always be your little haven. x


I think you've struck a chord with several of your fellow bloggettes. Garden centres are heavenly aren't they? I usually get dragged through them quickly, so once in a while I make a solitary trip and enjoy meandering past the plants, brushing my hands through the herbs and inhaling the roses.Bliss.


More and more, I think you are my English sister (or at least cousin!) because of our similarities. I just recently threw out all the little dry, pot-bound seedlings of vegetables I started from seed. And that was one day AFTER I finally dug my garden and made my raised beds. In February I have SUCH good intentions...

Thankfully, a few of my flower beds look fantastic with a minimum of actual on-time work on my part. I think I'm an Autumn gardener. Yeah. That's it.


See you tomorrow, hopefully I'll be joining you with a slice of your banana bread
lisa x


would love to come tomorrow and look at all your 'goings on' but something else calls - maybe another day!? x


I am lucky enough to have a husband who enjoys gardening; I just enjoy buying plants and sitting in the said garden! Look forward to that cup of tea...


Sounds like a familiar story in my household. Luckily my other half has enough energy after work to water our beets and courgettes etc as I certainly don't and although I dragged him around our garden centre to buy a hydrangea (as I love hydrangeas) it is still sat in its pot ready to be planted in its chosen spot!
Oh and I get you with the garden centre thing - they now offer so much more than compost and weedkiller!
I too look forward to joining you tomorrow!


Sounds just like my gardening efforts. Last year I planted loads of new perennials, the garden looked quite good, but where are they this year?? The labels are there but the plants have mysteriously disappeared, how!!?? Has somebody sneaked in and nicked them or have I "weeded" them out in error. I'm confused!
At least we try!!
Julia x
ps. Have a Pimms, it'll give you the strength to get on with that potting.


I'll bring cake, just popping my coat on now!


Can't wait. See you for tea, tomorrow!


Fresh herbs in the garden? Nothing better! :D

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