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June 27, 2008


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It made me laugh when I read J researches before HE desides which camera to buy. My man does always ExaCtly the same. When I need something new, like a camera, he does research for days, reading all the test websites and compares all cameras. No way I can go to a shop and say: "Ow, that pink one looks nice, I'll have that one."



I am doing research as I got a gift card with a fat amouint to spend in a electric supplies store and I instantly thought "A new camera". So I read about your camera as I think you take great photos. And I saw that colorful happy cardigan on the door knob! Did you make that? It is lovely. Would love to make one for my Baby girl. Do you have any link to a pattern or info on where to find it? ALl teh best and hope Bump24 is doing good now when CHristmas is around teh corner.

Carolina Elizabeth

I wish I would have kept reading. THank you so much!!!!!


I'm so glad I stumbled on your blog and others like yourself. I'm a garden blogger, but it's so refreshing to read about something other than yet another flower. I've enjoyed your photographs and stories.
Thank you,


What is that clock in the picture with the sweater? I love that! Details, please!


I have the Canon Ixusi which sadly does not appear to have V setting. It really does appear to make a huge differance. I agree with you about the flash distorting colour and try to get a natural light shot when ever I can.

Love the colour blast on Flickr.


I love your patio/yard/courtyard/place!!! I would go for the fence - how about some trellis - you can get fancy curved pieces, curving up and down they would look nice with plants climbing up them as well. I have gone from the corner of a cul de sac house with noone behind to being surrounded by houses and gardens. Its certainly different! I love your idea for the bed etc that gets my vote


Thank you for the lesson on the canon...I too use a canon and never bothered to learn what the tulip was for...now I know! Love your colorful crochet sweater, just beautiful!


I agree with the other comments - I love the colour in your home. I have not long been in my home either - just over a year and as it is me and my boyfriend's first home together we have a lot of stuff to buy and a lot of decorating planned! Each room at a time though or else it is just too overwhelming. Our house is quite 'bland' at the moment and definitely needs some colour. Maybe I should start a blog to show the transformation!! Anyhow I find your blog very inspirational! Keep the photos coming....please.

French Knots

I wish I had a vivid button on my camera - I used to have a polarising filter on my SLR which did a similar thing I think. That explains why your pictures are so punchy and saturated with colour!


sorry........meant scrumptious weekend!
Julia x


Well you know my opinion on colours, the more the better, just chuck 'em all in together and hope for the best. Thanks for the camera tips.
Reading your last post made me giggle, our houses are another similarity between us. We too live in a tall victorian terrace with attic rooms. I am a true Northern lass and love having people either side to chat to, although when Ian and I are having one of our "discussions" in the garden or the children are being a pain in the a*** I sometimes wish our neighbours weren't quite so close.
We had the problem of being overlooked on both sides but one of my lovely neighbours planted a passion flower two years ago and it's now amazing, particularly on our side!
Have a truly scrumtious weeken, fingers crossed for sun!
Julia x


So much colour...it's a delight.No chance of feeling the blues in your house!!


I like the fact that you also wash and bath with colours!!!


I also enjoy your photographs. This is an area I need to work on. Thanks for the inspiration.


I love all the bright colours in your house. Don't worry about your house not being the way you want it yet. I've been in mine so long I'm waiting to have it all done again.


How I wish I had a "vivid" setting on my camera -- that's the BEST! Of course, it would also help not to live in a cave-like house. That's why I take so many pictures of my garden! Thanks for all of this cheery colo(u)r!!

Ruth Letourneau

Love all the summer colors
I've tagged you to find aour more


Love all the bags...and love the peek through the door to the kitchen. Your photography is great; it certainly comes across that you adore colour. Last night I made your frittata...and I have posted about it! It was very, very successful so thank you..it will become a firm favourite. Have a lovely weekend. Kathy


Your home looks incredibly inviting, I love your old pine doors and bag collection! Thanks for the camera tips- my photos are generally appalling but we are due a camera upgrade soon!x

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