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May 09, 2008


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Woo hoo! I've made my first hexagon! Now, I'm a bit confused about the joining together as you go instructions. It seems like on the first corner join, I'm instructed to chain one and slipstitch once. But, on subsequent joins, I should chain none and slipstitch twice. Why is that? Am I reading that right? Thanks, Lucy!


Oh. My. Goodness. I can't keep up with you! First it was the ripple afghan, then crocheted hearts for my tree, then a mini granny square pillow, and now I am going to have to make one of these hexagon afghans. I can't wait to get started! Thanks for all the inspiration!


Oh I love this! Your colors are always so wonderful, they always make me smile. I hope as I progress further into your blog (I have started at the beginning!) I will find you did a tutorial for this. :)


Oh... what a discovery for me! I read the blog of the Moonstitches... so actually you are making these hexagons while joining them! That's a great idea!I must try it as well!


I just love Your hexagons! I too are hooked on hexagons. But I´ve just done the granny modell and fabric patchworks. Would You mind sharing Your pattern with me? I´m from Finland by the way! :-)

Tamara Erbacher

Hi Lucy, I was just over and flickr that led me to this post and smiled when I read you were going to start the babette....I was too until I saw your hexagon goodness...not sure why I had to share that thought with you but I have:) I think I am up to 68 hexagons now...hooking like mad I am...Tam xo


I love your blog. I discovered you a couple of months ago and look forward to checking in every day. Your hexagon blanket is beautiful and joyful and simply yummy! Would you be willing to share your pattern and yarn type? I looked at the rowan site but couldn't figure out which one you referenced. Is it 100% cotton or a cotton rayon mix? Either way, thanks for sharing your daily joy!


What a perfectly lovely blog to stumble upon this morning while enjoying a peaceful moment with my cup of coffee. :~) I love your crochet work and your color choices. I am just now getting into crochet and I am waiting for Jan Eaton's book to come back to the library so that I can begin a ripple blanket. I have fallen in love with your hexagons, and I would love to start making some now. I have looked at many hexagon patterns, but I really am drawn to yours. They remind me of little sunbursts, and the edges of color transition nicely into each other. Have you given a tutorial? I am enjoying reading your blog, thank you. :~)


oh my! Now this is something i have to do! Thank you for the inspiration, your colours are beautiful.


Wow, this truly looks amazing, and quite tempting! I love the colours you use, and can not wait to see more of it. As for the ripple, yours looks just lovely. I too enjoy rippling away on mine... and now that the weather has been so lovely, I sit on the deck a while (or two), drinking my tea and crocheting a row (or two). And it is growing surprisingly fast... even though I still have a fair bit to do. But I am already dreaming of new projects once the ripple is finished, and these hexagons really look tempting. Thanks for the inspiration!


Just love your blog!...and those hexagons are just beautiful...must add your link to my blog so I can come back to see all your pretty creations, so inspirational!


Your colour selection is amazing, I love them. Your hexagons are really beautiful, and once again the colours of this wool just make them look fantastic. Would you mind sending me the name and size of the wool you are using, pretty please? I've been on the Rowan Yarns web site but they have hundreds of colours and wools to select from and I'm a bit overwhelmed.

I just love the Babette blanket too, it's really funky and just my kinda thang :) Once I get some nice colours I will be doing one of those for sure.

I’m with you, the only way to get the ripple done is to set aside an hour a day or it just won't happen. And I can just see you up in the Attic in the window. All you need is a rocking chair!

Have a great weekend.


More gorgeous colour.......... you may well be the Queen of colour Lucy! I am printing out the joining technique as I write this........... I agree with you, the generosity of the blogging world is incredible........

Teresa Alber

I love it. Of course your color choices are fabulous. Keep hooking.


I'm totally in love with crochet too. A blanket is on my to-do list and now I can't decide whether it's to a ripple or a hexagon!
Do you think the cotton dk is easier to work with than wool dk? The colours are amazing.


The hexagons are looking good already! Can't wait to see it grow.


What can I say, yet another totally inspiring post. I would LOVE to be able to crochet, my mum tried to teach me a couple of weeks ago, mmmm, lets just say it so doesn't come naturally! Have a lovely weekend. Kathy


ooohhhh This looks wonderful!!! now I want a go!!! , but i still have a ripple and a granny square blanket to finish.DOH!!you are a wicked woman for tempting me with your pretty hexegons. It is going to be a wonderful blanket, and now you have inspired my next project.

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