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April 17, 2008


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Thanks for sharing


Now I have come to know the way you got that arch :) So very well done by your father-in-law! Great job!:)


The pictures of your magazine clippings makes me think of Pinterest.com. I just found it recently and I'm totally addicted. What a nice feeling to hoard all these images without actually having to deal with piles of magazines and paper clutter!

Congrats on the progress made in the diningroom, it looks great! Very inspiring!

emily curnow

i love your bookshelves so much that tomorrow im having some built in my lounge. ive been saving for a year so its reaaalllyyy exciting. not sure what to use to paint them though; what did you use did you say??

whoo hoo, now an excuse to go book shopping (again)

lots of love


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jewelry making

I suggest you really need a cupboard for your things. Lol!


.....can I borrow your father in law...? ;)

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i love your collection of domestic books!!!


hi Lucy ,
how areyou doing.
i just love the cupboard makover ...
Excellent i can't think of anyways ,it could haev lookded better.
hats of your research behind the design and the skills og your FIL.
have a happy weekend
love from India

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Blogs are so informative where we get lots of information on any topic. Nice job keep it up!!


Love your blog!!!!!

custom cabinets

Yes even I took a lot of help from magazines to get to the final designs for the furniture of my new home.Adding a bit in there gets a wonderfully new solution to the need.This one looks gorgeous.


Your collection of domestic books is pure joy. I remember the titles. I saw them is library when I was in Birmingham. Love them!!!


I am not alone!, the room looks like my house!, I'm glad you posted the pic, as you say you imagine blogland to be neat and tidy and the author perfectly groomed. The shelf looks great, well done to your father-in-law.


You and I may be a world apart but we have very similar tastes. I don't have cut-outs from magazines though, I have a clip art folder on my computer filled with wall units I have googled, very similar to that which you have. I want the full wall thing, cupboards down the bottom, shelves above and some time trim to jaz it up.

I can't wait to see the two finished, this one looks wonderful.


I'm so enjoyng your blog, you're giving me lots of ideas and inspiration. The bookcase looks fabulous, lucky you having a Father-in-law at your service, he's worth his weight in gold tell him! He's done a brilliant job (and the painting looks pretty good too). I love books on show, houses without them are a bit empty...and I've got a few of your books on my bookshelf.


This look so nice, there are so many possibilities with this new unit!


Lovely units in your alcoves, I am insanely jealous of those, they look fabulous, and to have a father-in-law that does. My spare bedroom gets like your dining room, we have a serious lack of storage, and even though I thrive on being tidy, you have to put all the odds and ends somewhere? x


We have a similar house-living style.....lots of teeting piles of stuff, lots of books too. And our old home doesn't have much in the way of built in storage space either.
Your shelves turned out beautifully!


Ha! I have the same books!!!!!! Lovely coincidence don't you think............ and very nice bookshelves......... tell your Father-in-Law he's a genius and there's lots of us out there wishing our Father-in-Laws were just like him! Lucky, lucky you.........

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