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March 17, 2008


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Lovely! I've just made onze with lime instead of lemon. Equally delicious!


I've made this cake a few times now, and it is delicious. I just made a batch of elderflower cordial and subbed that for the lemon syrup. It's quite a delicate flavoured cake, but yummy! I thought you might be interested, especially if you get the time to make your own cordial this year.


I wonder if there is any way to receive your news by email. I don't know how to use feeds and I really don't want to complicate my life.
I do not even find a way to contact you in your blog. There is a big lack of communications here!

Jane Eiferle

Hello Lucy I thank you so much for sharing your living space and town with all of us. I live in a city neighborhood in Sacramento California. our neighborhood is full of older homes but not quite the history of yours. Our home is 70 years old and many of the homes around us are even older. We have a small city yard and love the flowers and vegies we grow. I love yarn craft and I am currently working on a blanket for a dear friends birthday. Once again thanks for sharing. Jane E.

Valerie O'Hara

Just made the lemon drizzle cake and can hardly wait for it to cool down to put a knife into it. Smells yummy.

Pam Sheridan

Hi Lucy, your cake sounds divine. However, can you give the measurements again using teaspoon, tablespoon or cups. I live in Sarasota, FL and I cannot understand the English measuremens.

Thanks you. I love the your blog and follow it when I can.

Pam Sheridan

Ann Zahorik

Love your blog! My ancestors were English and much to my distress moved to the states. Love the English countryside and your lovely way of speaking. I am going to try your drzzle cake as soon as I make a few purchases. Keep up the wonderful blog! Please!

Sonja Kuvik

How delicious,I too used lemons on a regular basis,I have been looking for a lemon loaf just like the one you shared.perfect with tea and even ice tea as summer is a month away.
I truly enjoy your blog,Its full of wonderful things.


Hi Lucy - I'm a coeliac so made this with gluten free flour instead of the ordinary kind and it works really really well, moist and absolutely delicious! Thanks for the fab recipe.


In the States caster sugar is called bakers sugar.
It's sold in the same type of carton as orange juice and is on the baking shelf with regular sugar

Rhonda Mueller-Warrant

Since I don't have a scale, has anyone "translated the amounts to teaspoons, tablespoons, or cups? I am in the USA and not too clever at converting. I adore lemons and this sounds marvelous. Oh, and we don't have caster sugar. Can I just use granulated?Reply via email [email protected]


Lucy, this recipe is exactly what I have been searching for! How serendipitous that it showed up in my feed today. Thank you!

lütfiye kalfazade

I made your lemon -cake. for my children..They live an other city..and visit me..wonderfullllll...


Thank you so much Lucy for this excellent recipe !


I love lemon cake and this look delicious.


I made your cake this morning, and it worked very well (bit over-cooked, but that was because I was getting the children ready for a party at the same time and it stayed in a bit too long). Thank you! Your cake has hit the US and now South Africa... :)



Just made 2 of these - absolutely divine !!!! I didn't have enough caster sugar so I used normal sugar and it was fine :o)

Thank you so much for the recipe Lucy - I know this will be my new favourite 'go-to' cake recipe

Kelly - New Zealand

Rosanne USA

Just made the Drizzle Cake - I multiplied the weight in grams x 0.0353 to get ounces, they don't come out even but I have a postal scale that I used to come pretty close - I just put my ingredient in a thin plastic bag and weighed that way. Came pretty close because this cake looks delicious.

Caster Sugar - I have a small Braun coffee grinder, placed the sugar in there in small batches and it worked perfect to get it to a finer consistency (a bit less than confectioners sugar; still a bit grainy).

Hope this helps those in the US that are trying to make this cake. BTW - Thank you!!! Lucy....


I just made this, and it smells divine but I'm sad to report that it fell. Just a tip, if you live at high altitude, you NEED to change this recipe to ensure proper rise at the proper speed. Tasty still though! Thank you for sharing the recipe Lucy! I am also a big lemon lover! I'm also in the USA and happy I found a good recipe for lemon cake… thanks bunches from my family as well, they love it!


I followed your recipe and it was the best lemon drizzle cake I have had!! Another excellent find from your blog, I have made the bread 3 times as well :)) Crochet, baking & a marvelous blog that lifts my spirits every day as I work my way back through here making excellent discoveries of things to make & bake. You are such a delight Lucy, thank you for all the hard work you put into making everyone happy by seeing snippets of your life.


Hello Lucy! .... As I'm working my way though your blog I discovered your Lemon drizzle cake :-)) I have to tell you that it is the best one I have ever made, so simple and utterly delicious. It went down perfectly with a cuppa in the garden this sunny afternoon with more of your little hearts flying off the hook.
I'm so happy I discoverd you. Thank you so much ( plus I have made 2 loafs of your bread and made a ripple blanket. Your raindrops cushion next and possibly your little stat biscuits!! ) What a joy you are. x

Jeanette Green

This is the BEST cake i have had with lemons----FANTASTIC

Joey van Tonder

I love this cake, super!


Thanks for the easy recipe Lucy! I've just put mine in the oven. I made it gluten free so I can eat it too. Just what we need for a wet afternoon in NZ.

Marie Keyser

Love your blog.

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