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March 28, 2008


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LOVE THEM!!!!! Easy to make.....delicious to eat!!!!!


Hello Lucy

I'm not sure if you will even see my comment as the blog post is quite old but I wanted to say thank you for this recipe it turned out amazing and the best part was that it was a "chuck it all in and blend" defo my kind of recipe!

Anyway thanks again, I discovered your blog when looking on google for a pattern for crochet flowers and I'm soooooo glad I did, I've been reading through your older posts and relate to a lot of the stuff you say about kiddies, family etc and of course have learnt loads about crochet too, your blog brightens up my day!


Sharan xx


As usual reading your blog all over again
what are those decorations called?
dont you add baking powder to your recipe?


They must be delicious, I wrote the recipe I'll try as soon as possible! Thank you!

Kathy Byrd

Just recently discoverved blogs and can't get enough of the beautiful and creative ones. You're my favorite!
As a diabetic and with my 7 children grown and out of the house, I can't bake your lovely cakes, so very much enjoy your telling of it in your home.
But I can crochet and am making one of your hexagon afghans with many colors. It's fabulous! Looks like a blanket of jewels :)
Thanks so much for your sharing.


Funny that you just have 6 comments in this post when now you get hundreds!!!
Nice Recipe... I'll try it!


I've been sitting here googling and trying to figure up how many cups is 70 grams. Then I realized that my scale will measure metric! We will have your cutesy buns for dessert! We call them cupcakes here in Texas.I love your blog. It's better than a magazine. ,


I like the fact that you whizz and dollop!


Yummy cakes, you can't beat a home-made cake and no problem with eating them on the day they're baked in this house!


yummy, its not our easter holiday yet in sussex they are off next week for 2 weeks....i think im looking foward to the 1st week but by week 2 i think i may cry!
and you have made me want to bake!


Can I come and live in your house!! It looks so fun...lol! Your welcome for the award, i love taking a peak at your blog!
Just realised I have you down as Attic 27 instead of 24...sorry....claire x


Is it wrong that I now want cake for breakfast? They look so yummy - loving the little sugar flowers.

I too am a baking fiend especially now I have a decent kitchen!

Clairey xxx

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