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March 30, 2008


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What a lovely place, it's nice to craft with someone, I have a gf one evening a month and we stitch together :)


I really love your blog entries - and would love to join you ;-) I love cafés, and I like the one you described. Our cafés are so different (at least in Salzburg, I would except this style of cafés in "student towns" [towns where there is more diversity in cultural life]).
And I can imagine, that your handbags are usually quite "roomy" (or how do polly pockets and notepads, pens come along *bg*)

Teresa Alber

I love these kinds of places. It is so nice that your children enjoy them as well. Special memories you are making. Aren't you glad you joined in the knit group even though you are a crocheter? I am sure you will make wonderful friendships too.


What a perfect trip to the coffee shop. When I read "natter" once again I'm a little girl, my Mum sais "pop in for a natter" all the time.

I really love the idea of a coffee shop morning with lots of ladies doing their crafty things and chatting, I mean nattering way!


What a wonderful tradition you've started with your kids. I'm sure that will be a fond memory for them of their childhood.
And how great for you to have found such a cozy & friendly cafe. I would love to find a place like that around here- with knitting/crochet mornings too! Perfect!


Thank you so much for sharing your time in the cafe...I know exactly what you mean. I love having coffee out, I try to do it a couple of times a week (at least!!) Where i live we have River Cottage Canteen which is wonderful, the staff so friendly. However, no knitting mornings, no hearts and no Vanessa Arbuthnott hen tablecloths! My 2 boys also love the coffee "thing" too. In the summer, we have a little cafe called the Arts Cafe which has a wonderfully pretty courtyard garden and most mornings during the summer we are found there! Bliss. Kathy


Now that's the sort of cafe I'd like to own, the owner has great taste and clearly knows what we want! Gorgeous pictures, and what a lovely way to pass time during the school holidays.


I want to live in that cafe!


Love the updates on your Easter hols , my kidlings dont break up until Friday !! The cafe looks great fun and sooo pretty too !!!

I hope you dont mind me adding this bit but Vanessa of Just original and I are starting a blog for info , fun , northern craft gossip etc !! It would be great if you would join us !!

Sara x

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