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  • Hello! Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x


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Bridgette Gray

I just ordered your Coast Pack kit from Wool Warehouse to be shipped to Conway, Arkansas, USA! I can't wait to make this beautiful afghan for my grandson who is due to enter this world on June 22, 2016!!!


Last year I bought the cottage style colour pack but was a bit daunted by the prospect! I have made this my new year project and I am addicted! The ripples are growing and the colours look good together, Lucy always chooses well. I have to concentrate on the edge to keep it straight but it will be great not to have to join squares after all the hard work. Every spare moment will be used for crochet! It will take a while!


Thanks for the great instructions. So chuffed to have made my own ripple blanket. I've blogged all about it here: http://ohwedo.blogspot.co.uk/2016/01/crocheting.html


I realised why I am ending up with one side straight and the other side getting wider. Its the '2tr into the top chain of the 3 ch space'.... If I do it on every row I end up with the left side straight and the right side gets bigger and bigger. I knew I was doing it right! So its the pattern that needs adjusting (sorry Lucy). Once I omitted this extra treble on every other row it ends up straight and now keeps the exact no of stitches.


Hi lucy
I followed the ripple pattern and the left hand side is straight, but the right hand side is getting wider each row. I did check it and tried again three times. I did the two tr (UK) into the top of the chain 3 from previous row, but it is making it wider each time on one side. Please help. I hope you get time... Thanks so much


Hi I posted on here then realised I may have been wrong... it won't let me delete or edit it. Sorry


You say above that you are writing this in UK terms. Well what you're actually doing is not a treble in Uk... its'a double. Just thought I'd say. :) Thanks

myranda Witkamp

Hi Lucy,

Love this blanket very much and want to make it in between my harmony granny blanket.
I miss how you worked the colours, in wich order I mean. I know you use a systeem although it look random. I don't want not having enough yarn to complete the blanket.

Thank you for your time


Maggie Smith

Hi Lucy,
I have started the coastal ripple and have finally got to the end of the first row (took me days to do as getting into the right bit of the foundation chain I find really tricky. Anyhow, I have just realised that I have started the pattern with the "hill" not the "valley" so I've ended with a hill as well. Is this going to matter? Not sure whether it will make no difference or whether I am going to end up with the edges of the blanket going wrong.


Hi Lucy
I have bought the cosy pack and have been putting off starting as I do not know the order in which to use the colours. I have lost the pattern but believe that I can just use your excellent tutorial. Just want it to look as amazing as your blanket. Thanks


Thanks for the great instructions. Even better, you've clearly stated whether you are using UK or US terminology. I usually go buy the spellings used but recently got a pattern from a yarn company which had the words 'centre' and 'color' so I was totally confused as to which dc to use!


yea!! just finished my first ever ripple blanket! although it was only for a baby doll and is quite small, it is so beautiful!! thank you for the great tutorial...I can't wait to make a full size one!

Valerie Snell

Dear Lucy

Does this pattern come in baby blanket size please?

Thank you.

Valerie Snell


Hi Lucy
I lost the printed pattern hat came along with the wool pack for the cottage ripple blanket. Couleur you please send me a copy of it? Tank You so much!

Tank You also for the inspiration for making so lovely blankets. My family Lobes them especially now that winter is approaching.



Sara Morris-Arkle

Here's my first ever attempt at a ripple blanket http://crochet-per-se.squarespace.com/home - it's not perfect but it's pretty. Thanks for the inspiration.


Hello Lucy, I would like to learn to crochet, which would be the easiest blanket for a beginner?


Hi Lucy,
I didn't read ahead to know that I have to start and end in the same color and now I don't think I have enough of that color to go al the way around. I don't think I have enough time to order more of that same color because my friend's baby is due any minute now. Any thoughts on how I can do the edging with other colors??? Love the pattern btw


Thank you so much for all of your wonderful patterns. I am coming to the end of my first ripple blanket and your instructions make it so simple once you get going. Your packs from Wool Warehouse are also a godsend, it's so nice to know that you're ordering all of the wool you need for a project and to have the pattern handy as well. A big big thank you from a newbie crocheter! ☺️


Hello Lucy, I would like to learn to crochet, which would be the easiest blanket for a beginner and will The Wool Warehouse let you swap colours within a pack? Many thanks.


Thank you for sharing. I have made this coast blanket started 19e may and yesterday i
It was so relaxed doing this pattern
Cant wait to start something new.

Deborah Hill

You do such beautiful work and seem unafraid to play with colours, your work is gorgeous! I want to make a rainbow ripple blanket for a friends 50th next year. She's not overly fond of the 'hardness' (for want of a better word) of crochet compared to knitting. I was wondering about making the blanket in 16 ply rather than 8, and if that would make it softer? Also, how does that effect the yarn requirements? Thanks for,your time!


Hello Lucy,
I live in Australia and I intend to order a pack for the cottage blanket - can you please confirm there is a pattern included with the wool and I would also like to know the gauge - as some people crochet more loosely than others I am a bit nervous I will run out of yarn - if I know the gauge I can do a sample square first to make sure I am on the same page as you!

Thank you so much for your help

Spotty Teapot

Hi :) could I ask a few questions please? First, I'm always a bit confused about which side is the right side of a ripple blanket, is it the side where the ripple creates a raised ridge at the top and bottom of each ripple, or the side where the raised edge comes in the middle of each ripple. Second, I love your pattern, thank you so much - but you know how the increases and decreases which make the peaks and troughs leave a slight gap which looks like a straight line space ( which sort of join up all the way down the blanket?) - I've noticed that in your crochet these look nice and straight, whereas in mine they tilt slightly, which almost gives the optical illusion that my blanket is wonky (it's not)..do you have any idea what I might be doing wrong? Thanks ever so much for your help! X

Louisa Nodwell

Hi Lucy
Just finished my Coast blanket and waiting on the arrival of the Cosy pattern and wool from the Wool Warehouse. So proud of my make and can recommend to anyone as the pattern is really easy to follow. My family were surprised to see that I ended up with a blanket and not just another half finished project!
Lou Nodwell

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