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I'm having a bit of trouble with this and I was wondering whether you could enlighten me...
It seems that with every row I finish the blanket curls up. The edge is not straight, it widens with every row added like a v shape. The thing is, I don't seem to miss any chains, nor do I have any spare ones. I have checked the sequence of the stitches many times and I can't seem to find mistakes. Every row ends with two tr into the last chain. Still it turns out all curved up... I'm really frustrated because I want to finish this soon enough for my baby's birth in about a month. It's my first crochet project ever, apart for some really small ones... Can you imagine what my mistake is? I would really appreciate any help...


Hopefully you've sorted it out by now. It really is an easy pattern BUT you must get the first row dead on. It is really hard without seeing your work to tell what could be going on, however, if you are only counting to three before coming to your first set of tr2tog after your turn (second row) then something is off in the foundation row.

In your foundation row, after your last set of tr2tog twice, you should have 5 chains left. You would then do 1 tr in the next 4 chains and in the last chain you'd do 2 tr's. Then turn, chain 3 and do 1 tr in the same stitch, then you should be able to do 1 tr in the next 4 stitches and then the tr2tog twice to make your valley. It may make more sense if you scroll up to Lucy's sample with the labeling and check it against your work. Get that foundation row down and the rest is easy peasy!

Nancy Sawyer

Jo Collins I can not get my hills and valleys to match up either! I want to do the four stitches to the valley but the second row it only takes three stitches....wish I knew how to fix this.


I've not had my coffee yet! On the mantra, I believe it should be one, two, three, four, five, six, DOWN-DOWN and then one two three, four Up-Up. Hoping not to confuse anyone with the "ups and downs"'. Just follow the pattern and insert "up or down" in the appropriate space (smile). I used Lucy's Cottage Pack on the first one but am planning on making the second with the Harmony, but first have two Cosy's to make before Christmas, halfway done with one.


I had to tear out a few times as well. I sometimes suffer from DHS (distracted hooker syndrome). I finally used stitch markers in my foundation row so I knew the counts, peaks and valleys were correct. Then before turning and starting each new row I would count across the row making sure everything was correct...just an extra minute of time but well worth it. My new mantra went something like this....one, two, three, four, five, six, up-up, one, two, three, four, down-down, one, two, three, four, up-up, etc., across to the last six. Can't tell you how many times I had an increase with a decrease, three increases, three instead of four, etc. It really is an easy pattern and one I will use over and over again. Keep with it, it makes a beautiful blanket. Happy Hooking!

Kim hanslow

Hi please can someone tell me how to make this into a baby blanket
Thank you


Has anyone making this had to undo some rows... I've needed to undo 1... Which then turned into 3 as couldn't get it to a stage where I could get going again.. Now it's a complete mess and I fear I may have to start again :-(!!!!


You need to chain 213 for a twin sized blanket. Lucy has yarn packs thru woolwarehouse to make her ripple blankets (they can be shipped world wide). If you look at the directions under Ripple blanket know how (left side bar), Lucy tells you what yarn she uses and the amount, what sized hook, finished dimensions, how to increase for a larger blanket, etc. (15 colors, 100g dk or worsted weight). I'm currently making a single size using knitpicks wool of the andes.



Teresa Sewell

How many foundation chains should be done for a afghan for a twin size bed?


I love this pattern and excited to make the blanket for a house warming present for a friend who just bought her first house. I'm ready to buy the yarn I need, but I don't see anywhere in the pattern or on ravelry where it usually indicates about how much I yarn I should expect to buy. I'd like to make the blanket twin bed sized. Please help!

Kierre tustin

Hi, would you be able to tell me how I would go about making this blanket square rather than rectangular.. how would I know how many chains to do? It's for a sofa throw.. I have 18 x 100 grams of dk

Diana Connolly

I so love your blog and your instructions and colorful blankies. I live in Calif. and I fantasize about spending a week with you just crocheting together and eating cookies. [biscuits to you] I think you're pretty wonderful. Thanks for all that you do.


Beautiful and easy pattern,
thanks, Adele


Your instructions are perfect! I did smallers valleys (3 stc each), worked in multipled of 12 and my work is doing great.

Jo Collins

I love this but I cant master it. ?????? please help me I cant seem to get the hills n valleys to line up.

Nausheen Khan

Hello. This is definitely the best instructions that I have read so far. Thank you

M. Brad

Anyone know how many for the baby ripple blanket?

Esther  Braun

I cant wait to tr y q. this,, looks wonderful

Shirley Kinney

Can't wait to get started on it but hope I don't forget what I'm doing...lol


A friend recommended that I look on your blog - and I'm so glad I did! Yes, as others say, your instructions are so clear & not over complicated, and the photos are really helpful. I had just finished a blanket for a new little fella in the family and have 9 weeks to get one done for my sister's new baby. Her request was for bright, rainbow colours and a wavy pattern... I'm now on row 8 having done 185 to start - it's coming out at 44'' wide -ish. It's so easy to follow this pattern while we watch a movie at night. I'm really excited about this blanket & look forward to trying more of your patterns after this one. Thank you!


Hi, Having made the Granny Blanket and had great success. Now attempting this one as I love the shape. On row 5 now and all is going well. Your tutorial is excellent. I am new to crochet and
just love your site and your tutorials.


I too would like to know the number of chains for a double bed.

heather mills

Hi Lucy,
Heather from AUSTRALIA I have been looking for this pattern and looking for a reasonably easy one. So I will give your pattern a go and let you know how I went.
thankyou.heather mills


Hi Judy,
The tr2tog is the decrease or the "valley" portion of the blanket. In the US it can read as 2-dc dec or dc2tog. You will do this twice in each valley or: dc2tog (twice). In short, a UK tr is a US dc, and a UK dc is a US sc. Just follow the tutorial but remember you're doing US double crochets, not US trebles. I hope I have not confused you more.

What a wonderful thing you do to comfort those in hospice care. Having had a loved one in hospice care I can honestly say they, and their loved one's, are deeply appreciative of your kindness. Thank you!

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