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Ivy Gilstrap

How come the stitch you are describing is a double crochet? A treble crochet requires you to YO your hook twice to start out. So am I doing a double or treble crochet.. I'm confused..


I also would like to know how many chains for a baby afghan...thanks.


Anyone know how many for a baby blanket?

Michelle Spencer

Hi Amanda,
I googled multiples of 14, picked a number and added 3 which made 325. I followed the pattern instructions to the letter and everything turned out great. I also used stitch markers to make sure my chain was correct. Don't give up, just follow the pics. If I can do it, you can too.
Fingers crossed for you.


Help?! I chained 143 to start, followed through the first row but when I get to the end of the last pattern repeat I have 3 chains left and my next stitch should be a tr2tog. Why?!

Michelle Spencer

Yay, I finally found you and your fandabidozi ripple pattern! And I can do it! Thank you so much. I'm gonna start a blanket straight away.

Elisabeth Jackson

Is there anyone that knows how to make a straight edge on this kind of pattern? If so please let me know


I just finished mine, in peacock colours. I posted it to your Facebook page, but it seems like everyone but you has seen it. ;) Is there a better way to share photos with you?


I'm only on the first row of my second stripe and I love this pattern already! It's so easy to follow and the effect that's created is lovely.
Thank you so much x

Matthew Perry


How can I make a blanket for a double bed size and how much extra yan would I need and how many extra chains would I need?

Tracy-Jayne Evans

Thank you so much Lucy, I have tried so many times to do a ripple blanket with no success, I look on your page/ website and low and behold I have just completed my 3rd row and I am so over the moon, you are amazing, Thank you x.

natalie hall

Hi I have never made a blanket and I wish to start out with this one is there a step by step process of starting this pattern and blanket ????


I meant to add: Please can you add a DK version? Lots of people want this too :) Thanks


That's a lovely pattern, and such nice colours too. I will be using DK yarn and a smaller hood because I find worsted weight too thick. I noticed all over the net they are always worsted weight patterns, which is odd because DK goes so much further and costs a lot less to buy.


Why do I bother searching for answers all over the web when you always, always have the perfect solution??? I needed a chevron pattern BUT without holes and.. tachan! here it is and beautifully explained as usual.
From Spain, muchas gracias! Many thanks always xx

Barbara Morelock

Hi, loved your help with this ripple blanket. I just have not been able to really catch onto the ripple but here you are with this wonderful combo of pictures and instructions. Do you have a list of the colors and their order? I really would like to make one just like this color combo. So bright and cheerful.
Thank you so much for you sharing your talent. B

Donna Peebles

I've made so many of these, including two coastals, and I would like to make one following your original color pattern. Have you written the color sequence for the original yet? Love your website, love your shop (I especially love the packaging for the yarn kits), and I am so grateful for your instructions which helped me with my crochet skills. I can now crochet this blanket in my sleep!

Elsie Pop

I love this pattern! It was my first ever crochet blanket! I've since made three, and passed the pattern on to a few people to make their own! :)


Thank you so much for this - a ripple blanket was next on my list of things to crochet!


I am going to give this a go tomorrow. I have tried a few other ripple patterns and always ended up with a stitch increase by the end of each row? Your instructions look fantastic, so fingers crossed this time it's works!!

Alda Bezuidenhout

I live in Cape Town South Africa and will try this immediately.it is absolutely beautiful.


This is a great tutorial!!
Thank you so much!!
You are making beautiful things and I am glad I re-found your blog which I am following now. I like what you write, the pictures and the recipes, too!
Best wishes!


Success!! I too would appreciate advice on edging, baggimary@gmail.com
In hope!


Oh my GOD! I've been given a pattern for a ripple blanket (the woman claims she wrote) and it keeps coming out crap! Thankyou for actually providing in depth instructions. Going to give this a go and see what happens!


Beautiful pattern. Thank you so much for your tutorial. Can't wait to start mine tomorrow.

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