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Help! I do not know where I am going wrong. On rows 3 and 4, I have an extra stitch. On row 5, I am 2 stitches short. What am I doing wrong?


Jennifer, I don't know if Lucy has replied, but I had the same issue, until I realised I wasn't adding the stitches in the correct places at the beginning and end. Double check the above pics. I also check each time I get to a 'mountain' that the 1st V stitch goes into the left part of the V below and the second V goes into the right part of the below V, so the Vs are always centred correctly. A picture pattern would help if you can find one! Good luck :)

Jennifer Reynolds

Why do I end the second row with only two stitches left instead of four? The first row has the correct amount of stitches. This has happened four times now after restarting the blanket again - DESPERATE NOW !!!! Please help somebody !


Thank you Lucy! So excited with my newly started, first ever super ripple-y yummy blanket! And for any loose crocheters out there I just sized down to an F hook, problem solved. - Olga in the US


Great instructions! I'm advanced beginner and for such a seemingly simple pattern, I can never get it right! It gets so frustrating and trying to figure out where I went wrong just gets me even more angry! I might try it again following these directions, I might actually complete a ripple blanket!


Thank you so much for the time you took, trying to explain everything step by step! I hope to try it out soon! 😊


Very detailed, maybe a bit to much so for a very experienced crocheter. No where did you mention hook size, 4.00 m.m is approximately a 6 or G in US This is all I needed in the way of a pattern explanation,

Ripple Afghan
Pattern is a multiple of 14 chains with 3 chains for turning.
crochet hook 6 or G. (This pattern was with a 4.00m.m which isn't exactly comparable to US hooks.)

tr crochet in 4th chain from hook
tr in next 4 chains
2 tr2tog (will use the next 4 chains) Makes the valley
tr in the next 4 chains
2 tr in the next chain, twice (will have 4tr in in just 2 chains) Makes the mountain
tr in the next 4 chains
repeat until end of row. Turn and begin again


best. explanation. ever.

Betty Taylor

Thank you Lucy - I have the hang of it now thanks to your instructions. I'm about to make one for my son and daughter-in-law in several shades of silver grey. Aaaagh... hope no one thinks my blanket is a metaphor for THAT book... Fifty shades of.... Aaaaaagh


Thanks so much for your time and effort in making this amazing pattern so easy. Much appreciated

dot preston

The best website I have ever been explains in simple terms exactly what to do well done

Kathy Gibbons

Thank you for a ripple pattern that I can understand. It actually took me several tries to get it right but since I had a light stroke not quite 2 weeks ago, the math part of this was a bit tricky, finally I chained 14 at a time, keeping track on a calculator and when I had the size I wanted I made sure I was on the 14th chain and then added 3, it worked out great for me. I love the easy flow of the pattern.

kathleen vits

very clear now to try to save it for use

Jan Charles

Lucy, Thank you so much for your tutorial. I am a self-taught crochet person starting way back when the internet didn't exist. I learned from looking at pictures and reading definitions of crochet terms, etc. All of that to say, there were some small problems I ran into every time because I was unsure what the instructions meant. Then - I came across your tutorial. You have saved me from hours of frustration. Using your needle to point out exactly where to make a stitch is brilliant! Thank you. I look forward to reading your blog, watching your projects develop and learning new crochet patterns.


Thx for the great tutorial. I've enjoyed making several blankets. It's always fun to see different color combos! I am sorry I can't attach a photo. Lori


Thank you so much for THE BEST EVER TUTORIAL. I can knit, but learnt to crochet via YouTube. Great because I could pause the instructions from a lovely Southern American lady. However, I could never understand crochet patterns (probably still can't). I realize that some of my difficulty was that double crochet in English is triple crochet in US. However, your friendly descriptions are so easy to understand, your diagrams and photos are fabulous - first time I have ever followed a pattern and arrived at the correct stitches. Nothing is taken for granted. You are a brilliant tutor. You have now put me on the right path and I think you should write you own bookx


Thank you for sharing this pattern. A fantastic one to have learned.


How do we post pics???


Hello I just wanted to say thank you for sharing this awesome easy to follow pattern! I just finished an amazing beautiful blanket for my one year old nephew using been at super chunky yarn and this pattern!! Thanks again!


Hi I love your work and your site. Can you please mention regularly that in the UK a treble is a double, and a double is a single. It would save a lot of time before realising it. Many thanks

Diana Baker

I was lucky enough to receive your super kit and instructions as a birthday gift. I am struggling, although it began well, the hills no longer peak and the valleys.... using a 4mm hook, I wonder is it the tension? My original sample was perfect, but with the weight it soon began to, soften (?) The peaks and valleys. Love love your site!
Diana in Hampshire

Faye Faraldo

Hi Lucy, I am half way through one of your other blankets but I so want to try this one. Oh what to do? Perhaps I will have two blankets on the needle or maybe just think about it as I continue on with my first one. "Thank you for making it so easy to do, so dear friend across the pond Happy, healthy New Year.


I made a large size of this for my sister's Christmas present, big enough for a double bed.
It was a WIP for over 5 months but so worth it! She cried when she opened it.
It's the first 'proper' thing I've ever made, that was good enough to gift.
Such a fabulous pattern to follow.

I have a question for you, I have searched the site but can't find my answer (although it could be glaring at me!)

If I was to make some baby blankets using this pattern, do you object to them being sold via an Etsy shop?
I was planning to list in the sellers description that the blanket was made using a pattern by Attic24 and state that it's not my own design. Would this be satisfactory?
I ask as I've seen other crochet people state on their patterns that they are not happy for the finished goods to be sold etc - I don't want to get in trouble!

Thanks, Michelle


I. Learnt your pattern on our 3 hour flight to Australia and now I don't need to follow the pattern. Thank you. :) I made a slight alteration when making a baby caraway blanket: in the middle I made a hole for the seat belt to go through by stopping at the top of one 'mountain' and doing 14 chain and joining that to the next 'mountain' then, on the next row, I just crotched along the row of chain when I got to that point.

gillian singleton

Im absolutely amazed how easy this is. Once i got the hang of the pattern it was so easy.

Thanks so much

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