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@Jaime Schechter:
Yarning over once at the start is called a double crochet in the US, but in the UK (& elsewhere?) it's called a treble crochet. Also:
US single = UK double
US half double = UK half treble, etc.

I used this pattern but re-wrote it for myself, replacing all the trebles with doubles.


Someone commented that they can't get the count correct, no matter how careful they are.
I have the same problem.
Learnt from a good teacher, years ago, to make the required number of chain THEN ADD A FEW MORE.
You will always have enough chain then for your base row. You may or may not have a couple of extra chain dangling as a result.
When you have completed a few rows, go back and undo the start chains that weren't needed. Tie off securely.
I am very good at maths but I invariably have a problem with my counting of starting chain.
Try it to see if this works for you.

Jaime Schechter

I guess I am a newbie to crochet. I haven't worked at it for about 10 years and my grandma taught me how before that. She didn't teach me how to read a pattern or guide, just how to do some stitches. I am confused on the treble crochet. Your explanation sounds to me like the stitch I call a double crochet. Yarn over, insert hook into stitch, yarn over and pull through 1, yarn over and pull through 2, and yarn over and pull through 2.

I thought a treble was a double yarn over at the start. I'm confused from the beginning. Can you help!?

Sara Hawkins

Hi Lucy

Your instructions are perfect! I just have one question though. You say to "turn the work round to join in a new colour" but the way you have knotted the old and new colours in the pictures looks like the work wasn't turned so I just want to check?

Thank you in advance!


Hi Lucy just a simple question on which I am not quite clear. Do you turn your work after every row even when adding the new colour. Help !!!!


So glad I found your tutorial! I had tried and failed with numerous videos, but after following your pattern, it all fell into place. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain so clearly.

GD Thompson

Love it! Love it! Love it! Just finished my first Rippple Blanket...success! Thank you for all your detail!


That was just the best and easiest tutorial to follow. Now I know how to do ripple stitch and I'm just a beginner. I'm off now to make a blanket from my stash of leftovers! Thank you.

Melanie  Seago

Hi Lucy. Your directions and pictures are perfect. Even experienced crocheters can benefit from your tips. Just wondering if you can tell me how to put a border on this beautiful ripple?

Melanie  Seago

9110 NW Lovett Rd


I don't know what I am doing wrong. I have started the 31 stitch sample about 10 times and CANNOT seem to get 4 tr and then a stitch left at the end of the row to do 2 tr in. What is the matter with me?


Thanks Lucy for the wonderfully clear instructions for the wave blanket....and they work...so I did my sample piece as you suggested but wanted to k now 2 things...I want to make a baby's blanket so how many chains should I start with? The 31 chain piece is 15-16 cm or how do I judge what size the 14 multiples will end up as....I was going to use baby Marino DK ....and then how much wool will I need if I have 5 colours. Will I 50g ball of each be enough ?
Also just to add ...as I've been recovering from a knee opp which has meant sitting with my legs up in ice packs, I also made a load of plain sqs again your instructions were really good..thanks

Rose Guevin

16 Cliff Cres


Love the look of this afghan. I'm new at crocheting and am having some difficulty on which stitches to crochet when I'm at the decrease stitches once I turn it around. this is where the two stitches become one. Need Help

Mary Doukakis

Lucy, thanks so much for an excellent tutorial! Your instructions are so clear & concise...this is definitely going on my (growing) to-do list :)
Happy hooking,
Mary aka yayamama

Suzanne H

This is a great well written pattern. I have tried ripples in the past and failed, but this time, by George, I got it! Thanks for your detailed descriptions (with pictures!). I started small as you suggested and have what will be a dish cloth. Thanks, Lucy!

Ann Sarner

Thank you very much for the helpful pattern and "know how". I guess you have seen hundreds of finished ripple projects now, but this one is maybe a little different.


Denise Weekes

Recently finished the cottage ripple. Love it. Very clear instructions. Thanks Lucy. Starting one for a work colleague now


I think I finally have it!


Help! I do not know where I am going wrong. On rows 3 and 4, I have an extra stitch. On row 5, I am 2 stitches short. What am I doing wrong?


Jennifer, I don't know if Lucy has replied, but I had the same issue, until I realised I wasn't adding the stitches in the correct places at the beginning and end. Double check the above pics. I also check each time I get to a 'mountain' that the 1st V stitch goes into the left part of the V below and the second V goes into the right part of the below V, so the Vs are always centred correctly. A picture pattern would help if you can find one! Good luck :)

Jennifer Reynolds

Why do I end the second row with only two stitches left instead of four? The first row has the correct amount of stitches. This has happened four times now after restarting the blanket again - DESPERATE NOW !!!! Please help somebody !


Thank you Lucy! So excited with my newly started, first ever super ripple-y yummy blanket! And for any loose crocheters out there I just sized down to an F hook, problem solved. - Olga in the US


Great instructions! I'm advanced beginner and for such a seemingly simple pattern, I can never get it right! It gets so frustrating and trying to figure out where I went wrong just gets me even more angry! I might try it again following these directions, I might actually complete a ripple blanket!


Thank you so much for the time you took, trying to explain everything step by step! I hope to try it out soon! 😊

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